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Legacy versions of Android are beginning to diminish

The latest platform distribution numbers from Google show that legacy versions of Android are beginning to diminish, but they still make up a significant part of active devices (40%). Most of the recent phones to launch are now shipping with Android 2.1, but there are several older handsets that have yet to be upgraded to Android 2.x.

The main offending handsets in the U.S. to run outdated versions of Android are found on T-Mobile. The Motorola CLIQ is still on Android 1.5 while the G1 and myTouch 3G are currently running Android 1.6. Motorola expects to upgrade the CLIQ to Android 2.1 sometime in Q3 and the future of the G1 and myTouch 3G are still up in the air.

When I recently spoke with a head representative from T-Mobile (at the Galaxy S event), I asked him why his company was so slow to upgrade their handsets or at least make their upgrade plans public. He responded that software upgrades were still being planned, but T-Mobile didn’t want to announce any distribution schedule for fear they may miss the target date and upset customers (too late for that haha). I also asked about the “No phones left behind” pledge and he told me that only applied to the myTouch Slide.

Devices with Android 2.2 are now registering on the platform versions chart at 3.3%. Only the Nexus One has officially received Android 2.2, but many hacked devices have installed a custom ROM that is based off the latest firmware. For example, 18% of Android users that access our site are now running FroYo.

Historical platform version

Historical distribution of the platform versions.

Source: Android Developers

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  • http://Website Billl

    Not even a mention of the Behold II @ 1.6 and stuck.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Didn’t you hear? We kicked the Behold 2 out of the Android family.

      Yes, it is sad that the Behold 2 will go down as the worst Android phone evar.

      I’ll still mention Android version requirements for apps for all you BH2 users getting left behind. :(

      • http://Website Corinn

        Second worst Android phone ever.

        The Moto Backflip takes the dubious honor of “Worst Android Phone Ever.”

  • http://Website Jon

    How can “No phones left behind” apply to ONE phone? That’s ridiculous.

  • http://Website pik

    why nobody remembers about samsung galaxy i7500 (still on 1.5 btw)? it’s not that bad phone

  • http://Website linda

    Nice.. all phones left behind.. except one.

  • http://Website Rey

    No phone left behind only applies to the Slide ? I have the magazine where it says the Mytouch 3g will be upgraded to 2.2 “Coming soon, we plan to update existing myTouch3G phones -not just our new Slide- to the latest software version 2.2″

    • http://twitter.com/beautifulmartyr Tangi

      As do I. And I think I’m gonna take the CEO’s word for it for $500, Alex.

      That guy is an idiot. You can’t leave something like the Slide behind if it hadn’t even come out until after that magazine was delivered. Unless he actually knows and isn’t supposed to say anything. Give us more credit: we have Google phones, not iPhones. :)

      Here’s a photo of the magazine scan, if anyone has any doubt:

      As far as I can tell, BOTH the Fender/1.2 and original MyTouch 3Gs will be getting Froyo.

  • http://Website Seriously

    Now that the Epic 4G has passed FCC certification I will be bailing on T-Mobile in just a few weeks….Tired of the B.S. I’ve put up with for the past 9 months of being stuck on Android 1.5 on my Moto Cliq….Great customer service is not a good enough reason to stay with your carrier if you are a power user….Its all about the phones….Can’t wait for my Epic 4G….Its almost here! ! !

    • http://Website Corinn

      This is more Motorola’s fault than T-Mobile’s. The Devour hasn’t gotten much in the way of updates, either. That useless bloat Motoblur is what holds these otherwise decent phones back.

  • http://Website denise

    This should embarrass Tmobile. I mean, really. It’s proof positive that the slow upgrades are not the fault of manufacturers as TMO tries to imply. I’ve been with TMO since 2000 and if I were not a completely thrilled customer I would have bailed on them for selling me a Behold 2 and then backtracking on their promise of it’s upgrade to 2.00. As it is, the phone was free and my Andriod rookie teenager loves it. I’m not cluing him on what he’s missing.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    I am sorry but I have no sympathy for these people with old phones. Cellular technology is moving fast now (except for Apple that is) so either keep up or get left behind. I don’t want a compant to waste its time, money, and resources updating ancient phones when they can use those things to come up with newer better phones. Stop being cheap and pony up.

    • http://Website Mast3rShake

      *company not compant

      Also I posted at 12:07, why is this not EST?

    • http://Website N-Dog

      I can understand this if it were a few years ago when phones rarely if ever got updates. But many people bought Android devices with the thought that they will have essentially a new phone every 6 months or so because of updates. Android was supposed to be a platform that would get updated to meet future needs and it does but T-Mobile isn’t putting out the updates. Which doesn’t surprise me. I’m still waiting for my WM 6.1 update on my Wing.

      At this point I think I am forced to get a Nexus One, otherwise I will be stuck with an ugly UI and will never get updates.

    • http://Website Louiethe8th

      Even though I have a G1 I completely agree. The older android phones like the G1 and mytouch have become soooo easy to root and throw a 2.1 rom on there. If im Google I dont waste a second on a 2+ year old phone.

    • http://facebook.com/ipadguy gphoneguy

      iphones have been on the top, where u bin? lol my n1 cant keep up wit my iphone 4. but i’ll let u know if that change’s

  • http://Website Rob

    Why didn’t you ask him, when he told you that it only applied to the Slide, why the magazine article specifically contradicts this?

  • http://Website mikeyrocks

    Buy a phone for the OS and features it HAS when you buy it and you will never be disappointed. That is easy for me to say because I have an N1 but if I had to have the lasted OS and was on an older phone I would install a custom rom….that or buy a new phone if its that important to you.

  • http://Website mihavit

    im done with tmobile devices right now until they can amaze me with a better phone that will be receiving updates more frequent. plus i have the nexus one and happy i bought cuz at least i dont have to stress updates im the 1st to experience them. no more waiting for tmobile to send them out after 50 years of waiting with there half baked devices they release. t mobile should be ashamed that they was the 1st carrier to have a android device and is now behind all other carriers when it come specs, update and choice of phones. such a dam shame if i was the owner of t mobile i would fire the person picking these half baked device and start investing in some worthy phones.

  • http://Website keng

    Very good