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Q2 Android sales surge in the UK, record 350% increase over Q1

You might have heard Google proclaim that they are activating over 160,000 new Android phones a day. While it’s nice of Google to share their numbers, it’s even better when independent sources are able to backup their claims of the success of their mobile OS.  A new report from GfK states that Android sales in the UK are on the rise.  In Q1 of 2010, Android sales only accounted for 3% of the mobile contract market.  Only three months later, that number jumped up to over 13%, nearly a 350% increase.

Overall, the UK mobile market is pretty healthy, with 66.7% of customers choosing handsets with advanced operating systems (an OS that can run independent compatible applications). The increase in Android adoption is most likely due to the  maturing OS and the vast array of handset selection by top service providers (T-Mobile and Vodafone each feature nine Android phones).  It’s clear that the Android revolution is here to stay.  We’re just wondering how long it will take for that 13% to get to 25 of even 50%

Source: GfK

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  • http://Website SJ

    Heh, nice to be part of that increase!

    N1 FTW!

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    I wonder how many people are actually buying that new X10 Mini/PRO. Both phones are free from Vodafone with plans starting at £20 a month, roughly $30. I’m not sure about you, but I’d imagine those phone would sell like hotcakes here in the states if carriers were handing them out for free on plans that cheap.

    I just hope that one day we’ll be able to get free Android phones when we sign up for contracts like they do in EU.

    • http://Website Vegard

      In Norway you can get the phones at 1NOK (.2$-ish) with a contract for $30 per month, and that usually includes free (up to a pretty decent limit) data connectivity too.

  • http://Website B

    #teamandroid (!)

  • http://Website dre360

    Bess, it’s great to be part of that percentage. Android all the way

  • SuperAndroid

    This was inevitable.