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Rock’Em Sock’Em augmented reality bots on Android

Qualcomm recently introduced their Augmented Reality platform and SDK in order to enable the next generation of vision-based augmented reality applications for Android. The company is sponsoring a $200k developer challenge to encourage the use of their new platform and teamed with Mattel to demo the technology.

The team at the new Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio, established at Georgia Tech University, showed off a Rock’em Sock’em game that mixes both real-world and rendered visuals to create a unique gaming experience.

Players just point their phones at a printed arena map and the robot characters are displayed in full 3D. The technology uses the compass for location, so you can move around the play area and the 3D objects will turn with you.

Unity Technologies also announced they would be integrating Qualcomm’s AR platform into their upcoming Unity Pro for Android, which will allow developers to quickly and easily create augmented reality games for Android.

Via: Pocket-lint

Source: QDevNet

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  • http://Website Mocha K

    Looks laggy, but cool idea.

  • http://Website LOONEyRR

    DUDE, thats the future of gaming right here!!

    • http://Website MacDaddy

      Yep, and with Apple’s recent patent, it’s going to become reality and sell like crazy…..

  • http://Website John Gatewood

    THIS LOOKS AWESOME will it be in the market anytime soon?=]

  • http://Website George P. Burdell

    What is the “Georgia Tech University”? There’s a Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly known as Georgia Tech, but like Boston College and the US service academies, “University” is not in the name.

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    Hey guys,

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    You can see the hints moving in the screen and use GPS, compass, googlemaps, etc. to eventually find them.

    Calls itself Augmented Scavenger Hunt on the Android market or see http://tinyurl.com/Augmented-Scavenger-Hunt

  • http://omarrcantu.com Omarr Cantu

    VERY COOL! Does anyone know when this comes out? Will it be available for iPhone?! I love new stuff like this!

  • http://saket.me Saket

    Woot Awesome game for Android! Can’t wait to play with it.
    By the way, here are some more AR games you might be interested in –


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    this great reality applications for Android, and for the new next generation on Augmented Reality platform and SDK