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Samsung Fascinate still coming to Verizon, but not for awhile

Some U.S. carriers are launching their version of the Samsung Galaxy S this week, but Verizon customers will have to wait a little longer before they can get their hands on the device.

Verizon’s summer catalog leaked out yesterday and several people noticed that the Samsung Fascinate was mysteriously absent. We wondered if the phone might have been dropped (like the Nexus One) so we pinged Verizon to see if they could provide an update.

According to a Verizon spokesperson, the Fascinate is still coming but they have “not determined a date yet for the launch.” Verizon anticipates having the phone ready by “late summer or early fall,” but I have a feeling it will be the latter.

So what is the hold up? Most are speculating that Verizon is pushing the date back so it doesn’t directly compete with the big launch of the Droid X and Droid 2 this summer. The Fascinate is also the first Android phone to feature the new Microsoft Bing application, which we hear won’t be ready for another six weeks.

Hopefully we will get an official launch date soon, but I wouldn’t expect anything until after the Droid 2 hits stores (rumored for August 23rd).

We recently got to spend some brief time with the Fascinate at the Samsung Galaxy S launch party and captured a quick walkthrough of the phone.

[post image via Flickr]

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  • http://Website Bill Nye

    Looks like this is Verizon’s answer to the question I posed yesterday about why anyone in the dev community would get the Droid X instead of the much more open Fascinate. I guess you get the Droid X because they just put the Galaxy on the backburner for eternity…

    • http://Website Johnnylaw

      That’s just dumb. I was waiting to switch to Verizon because their were also going to launch galaxy S but I guess not. Guess I’ll just stick with T-Mobile. Dumb Verizon.

      • http://Website HPOOP

        Verizon anticipates having the phone ready by “late summer or early fall,” but I have a feeling it will be the latter. ????

        By that time, other carriers and manufactures will come out with phones with dual core or 1.5 ghz.
        Sort of dumb thing to do by Verizon.

        • http://Website effingms

          I blame microsoft. There’s probably a contract with sammy and vzw to get the bing app on and based on the crap that went down with the kin, i wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if redmond screwed the pooch on this one. sad really considering my contract is up in 2 weeks and the galaxy s was on the top of my list

      • http://Website kenny

        This phone has always been a fascination of mine, since it was called as the Galaxy S. Samsung Fascinate Latest Updates

    • http://Website Testata

      Isn’t Droid X completely locked from importing other roms?
      Looks like verizon is pushing phones that are locked so that people will be forced to upgrade to a newer phone when Google’s update stop fit into the ROM size of the phone.
      I know a lot of people who are still using and will be using G1 for while because of custom ROMs.

      • http://Website ari-free

        the simplest explanation is that Verizon already has a nice relationship with Motorola as Droid was such a big deal for them.

  • dzitran

    I wonder why the Samsung Fascinate isn’t marketted by Verizon as another Droid phone. The Droid branding doesn’t seem tied to only Motorola since HTC has the Droid Incredible. It would be crazy if Verizon would just flood their inventory with Droid phones (Droid Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Fascinate(?)).

    • http://Website Gee

      It’s probably due to Samsung, they are pushing the Galaxy S brand on TV right now.

      • dzitran

        Wasn’t aware of that. Thanks. I still vote for a Samsung Droid branding though. Not because it is better but just for the wow-factor of having a stampede of Droid phones rushing at you.

    • http://Website UnqiueNate88

      Droid phones are exclusive. So it wouldn’t be smart at all for the Galaxy S to be a Droid phone in Verizons line up. Notice no other carrier has a Droid phone. HTC just made the phone. They are not a carrier. Motorola makes most of them and I see why with the nice designs they have and the success of the Motorola Droid. HTC was just adding on with the Incredible.

      So the Galaxy S would not be a smart. That would mess up the marketing of that. Droids are exclusive to Verizon.

  • http://Website WAITING

    Let the waiting begin again, I was hoping for July. CURSE YOU VERIZON!!!!! I’ve been looking for new about a launch date like daily since they announced the phone, thanks for getting the word out Android&Me.

  • http://Website bennie

    I hope this doesn’t effect the epic 4G. Please release this phone this month!

  • http://Website Jim

    I too was looking for the release of the Fascinate this summer but looks like I will be waiting as well since THIS is the phone I want. The other Droid offerings are great and it it weren’t for the Fascinate, I would have jumped on the Droid X bandwagon.

  • http://Website addicuss

    so disapppointing.

  • Alan Reboli

    Wonder why Verizon was able to keep the flash. As a T-Mo customer, I am jealous.

  • chicojd

    Many are speculating that this has something to do with the locked down bootloader on the Droid X. While this may upset those that are tech-savvy enough to root and flash their devices with custom ROMs, the VAST majority of phone buyers are NOT hacking their devices, so the ability to flash a custom ROM to the device has nothing to do with Verizon’s release strategy. As the Droid X is being released tomorrow, it makes perfect sense for them to delay the release of Fascinate until they feel they’ve gotten all the traction out of X that they can. Then they’ll inundate us with all of the “Fascinate”ing info!

  • http://Website pax

    It is all sales strategy.

  • http://Website Joeskie

    You guys aren’t honestly surprised are you? To verizon the open handset alliance is nothing more than a way to make money.what these people who unlock phones ought to do is boycott verizon devices. Verizon will start losing customer base when people move to a carrier that doesn’t lock their phones down. The point of android is having a device that you can do what you want to with.the incredible had similar I issues incase anyone forgot. Verizon is garbage, move to a carrier that lets you use the phone you pay for (t-mobile or sprint, both of wich by the way have way faster networks at a better price than verizon specially tmo).by the way, I was a verizon customer for 5 years. I had the original droid (awesome phone) but now? Mainstream locked down garbage. Typical verizon.

    • http://Website Liquid Colors

      To bad Verizon still has the most extensive network and was the first carrier to market an Android phone in such an extreme, and successful, way.

  • http://Website Don

    This utterly blows ..

  • http://Website watbetch

    That screen looks amazing. This picture really gives you a good idea of the color depth..

  • http://Website AndroidKing

    Some of you need to do research before uttering stupidity.
    Original Galaxy S DOES NOT have a camera flash, Fascinate is, I believe, the only one with the camera flash. (EPIC 4G doesn’t count since it has the stupid keyboard and only people wanting the keyboard are those who have never used on-screen keyboard on a large phone with multitouch)

    • http://Website ari-free

      We want the keyboard so that we can use the entire screen while we type.
      Some games, especially emus and Flash games require a physical keyboard. And the FPS games that I like to play on the PC require almost every key on the keyboard and multi-button mouse. We could have cool games that would be impossible to have on the iPhone if devs took advantage of the keyboard.

  • http://Website Epell

    Verizon better not be locking down the phone while they make me wait.
    If I find out that Fascinate is locked, I’m moving to TMO.
    (Still pretty pissed that DX’s bootloader is locked and signed)

  • http://Website sigh

    @douchebag A.K.A. Androidking

    Its amazing to me how one idiot can ruin all of the fun for everyone….Stop acting like your opinion is the only one that matters….There are waaaaaaay more phones in the smartphone marketplace that have keyboards than those that do not…….You obviously don’t like to play games, especially amazing nes and snes emulators which are much more fun than any of these made for phones only games, you don’t have any friends so you don’t need to text faster or more efficiently than on a laggy on-screen keyboard, and you must be really fat since you need the extra room in your pants from having a thinner phone :) …….Oh, and you probably play WOW…….get a life and buy an iphone so we don’t have to hear your ramblings anymore….Moron.

  • http://Website whyvzw

    Vzw seriously? couldn’t they put both phones out and let the consumer choose? I know it’s marketing… oh wells i guess i shouldnt be surprise this is vzw if it wasn’t for their network i would leave. If they mess up on the fascinate, then i’m off to sprint and hello EPIC.

  • http://Website Adam

    VZ Navigator?? What on earth for?

  • http://Website Derek

    That screen is AMAZING!! I’m definitely getting the Captivate on Sunday. Can’t freaking wait!

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    So funny but true. It’s about capturing the market with as many sales as you possibly can within a period.

    *Why would Verizon want to screw up accounted for sales based on the repor thier customers have with the Droid.

    *Why would Verizon want to count on a manufacturer that they’ve never has above par sales with. They don’t have the best track record with Samsung to begin with.

    *It’s bad enough the Doid Incredible and Droid X will both be interupting the sale quo as it.

    I think from a marketing, buisness, and sales standpoint Verizon is making a fair descision. Yes the specs for the Fascinate out weight the X and Incredible, BUT that’s not how the machine works for Verizon. They have something that is already working,….well to a good degree. More than half the people out there have zero idea what thes new Samsung devices can actually do. The just know the screen “looks cool”. Some people bought the EVO because it had the largest screen for the moment. SOMETIMES WHEN YOU GIVE THE CUSTOMER TO MANY OPTIONS, IT CAN ACTUALLY HURT MORE THAN HELP. (unless they’re very educated on what the hardware and software differences are)

  • http://Website uly

    Dick move verizon! releasing the fascinate when Galaxy S has lost its momentum. It will be old news by then. I really wanted this phone. I cancelled my Droid X pre-order to get this phone. I am extremely jealous of my friend’s vibrant. Beautiful phone, more aesthetic appeal than the X. plus packs more graphic power and has a much more attractive UI skin.

    You really effed us this time Verizon!

  • http://Website Me

    Has anyone really thought Verizon doesn’t want another Droid Incredible fiasco? Isn’t it Samsung that provides the AMOLED screen before they switched to LCD? Maybe with all these Galaxy S phones Samsung is pushing around the world Verizon wants to make sure they can meet the demand for being the largest carrier in the USA.

  • http://Website LOLcat

    I’m seriously considering buying an unlocked vibrant and switching to tmobile. The motorola droid phones are meh and IMO making the droid X the flagship phone is retarded. It’s like trying to sell every PC user an alienware even though they just want to browse the net. Fail verizon, you are about to lose a customer.

  • http://droidforums.net Miami

    To answer the question asked earlier…the new fascinate will not be a Droid because it is powerd by bing and not goolge…..that’s it…that’s the reason….and I would be that early fall is more likely…what a sahme cause I would have bought one of these devices also

    • http://Website fascinated

      Is Bing just a search widget? Can I still use Google? I h8 microsoft….and I am dying to get the fascinate. Still h8 vzw IMMENSLY! they really messed up this time. I wish i could go to another carrier

  • http://Website Droidguy

    The fasciante is running android. The search was changed to bing unsure why but its still and android OS