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Samsung Galaxy S NYC event filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S

We finally made it back from New York and the Samsung Galaxy S event and we have some interesting findings to share. While we get our media uploaded, check out some of these other videos that came from the launch party.

Event filmed on a Samsung Galaxy S

First we have someone bright enough to take his international version of the Samsung Galaxy S and film the entire event with it. Make sure you head over to YouTube so you can watch this video in the full 720p resolution that it was captured in. Some Android phones have struggled to record video in low light situations, but the Galaxy S performs quite well.

Samsung Galaxy S keynote

Next we have a video from our friends at IntoMobile of the entire 15 minute keynote. There were a dozen professional camera crews there so I’m sure Samsung will get their HD version up soon, but here is a one to check out. Listen around the 5:30 mark for a shout out to the Android blog “Android-dot-com-and-me”.

Check back later this week for more hands on videos, carrier news, photo galleries, inside rumors, and GPU benchmarks.

Via: BrainLazy

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  • http://Website elijahblake

    whichever one is released on Cellular South

  • http://Website Jorge

    T-mobile, I would never use the ffc and flash sucks on all phones anyways.

    • http://Website Jorge

      Vote me down to oblivion but that’s my opinion, I’m all about new technology and features but I really don;’t see myself wanting to show my face to people I talk to on my phone, I do use web cams when I talk to friends and family in other countries but I think at this point it’s just going to drain my battery even faster (I use my phone heavily every day and can barely make it through the day on one charge) maybe once processors consume less power or batteries pack a heavier punch I’ll give in to using a ffc but for now live wallpapers are the only useless feature my phone needs that I want to show off, Mario live wall paper FTW!!!

      • http://sean-the-electrofreak.blogspot.com/ Sean the Electrofreak

        Aaacctually since the Galaxy S phones use a 45 nm processor and the display consumes less power, they use significantly less power than current smartphones.

        And, if you don’t want to use the front camera, then don’t! It’s an option, not a requirement.

        A live wallpaper will have a significantly larger impact on your battery life than the occasional video call.

  • http://Website coyotejbob

    People keep saying they would never use the front facing camera is kind of annoying. Some people love new in the U.S technology. Saying you don’t want it is pushing in the wrong direction of technology. I would personally try and use it. I am sure when texting fist came out a lot of people said they wouldn’t use it. Now look at it almost everyone uses it. Sorry just frusterated they stripped features for the U.S spec.

    • http://Website watbetch

      What wrong direction? We get it years after other CONTINENTS and you still consider it to be cutting edge?

      “Stripped down” means lacking one thing? Exaggerating much? I thought stripped down meant no features, not one option box unchecked.

  • http://Website Dee

    i must admit that looks damn fine.
    still dont trust samsung though…

  • http://www.austinpickett.com Austin

    Is there any spec comparison sheet?