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Samsung has a cure for iPhone 4 users with antenna problems: A free Galaxy S

Steve Jobs may be giving out some bits of plastic to help iPhone users make calls with their phones, but Samsung has come up with a better plan for at least some of the troubled iPhone users in the UK.

Earlier this week Samsung UK Mobile began reaching out to select individuals tweeting about their problems with the iPhone 4 or their difficulties deciding on their next phone and sending them a free Samsung Galaxy S. So for those of you that feel like you are screaming into the void when you are whining about something on Twitter, just remember sometimes it can pay off.

Samsung isn’t a complete white knight in this situation as the individuals that have been selected have for the most part been involved in marketing or publishing thus guaranteeing fairly significant visibility for the campaign, but you have to give Samsung credit for a clever PR move.

One of the most recent tweets suggested that they will still be giving a few more phones away so if you are in the UK and in need of a Samsung Galaxy S it can’t hurt to give tweeting your sob story a shot.

Via: Wired UK

Source: @samsungukmobile

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  • http://Website ari-free

    Well, it is easier for Samsung to find the most visible tweeters.

  • http://alangerow.com Alan Gerow

    And now the complaining of the iPhone 4 on Twitter will spike. I think it’s more a ploy to amplify customer complaints against the iPhone 4 in the Twittersphere. Get more people complaining, and then people who were considering an iPhone 4 will see all these tweets of people posting their issues with the iPhone 4. I think that’s the real sly marketing ploy here.

    A couple hundred Galaxy S phones from Samsung at-cost to generate thousands of additional tweets highlighting iPhone 4 issues. And then secondary, hopefully some of those who got free phones really like them and then become Galaxy S advocates.

    It’s simply brilliant: a one-two punch of marketing.

  • http://Website ari-free

    it would be even better if all the other OEM’s did this.

  • http://Website Wade

    Too bad the Galaxy S completely drops it’s signal when you hold it the same way. I’ve missed 2 calls now when I was holding the phone using the browser, because the signal completely dropped. You can watch it go from 5 bars down to zero in about 2 seconds when you hold it near the bottom hump.

    This is going to be an interesting little PR nightmare, I suspect…

    • http://Website Wade

      Wow, love all the down votes. Apparently you can’t stand some honest feedback from an actual owner of a Galaxy S phone. Why don’t you spend a few minutes on an android related forum like XDA and see how many issues people are having with these phones, primarily with the GPS, Compass, and “Death Grip” signal loss.

      • kwonyu80

        Too bad you don’t understand what is difference between Gorilla grip and Death grip. You cannot make the Samsung device lose its signal with only one finger. If you wanna do that, you have to hold it in very awkward way.

      • http://Website watbetch

        The comment was downranked because it is NONSENSE! I have a Galaxy S phone and the bars are OVERLY conservative.. I still have calls/data coming through with no bars. It’s something that needs to be re-optimized for better network service representation but there are only a couple reasons why it would go from four to none.

        1/ You don’t have a 4 bar signal to begin with, and when you pick up the phone your weak coverage is accurately reflected but too dramatically so (once again, the bars are not bashful). This happens with all phones.

        2/ You’re dealing with a defective phone.

        • http://Website Wade

          It’s not nonsense, because it’s happening to a lot of people. The easiest way to reproduce is to hold the phone with your left hand wrapped around the hump at the bottom. If you’ve seen a teardown of the phone, the hump is where the antenna is located. If I do this while in the phone status screen the signal starts at -81dbm and quickly goes down to 0dbm. This equates to 4 bars down to none.

          • http://Website Havoc

            To me its really a non issue. There is a big difference between the signal attenuation with this phone vs the Iphone.

            and for XDA those forums are not riddled with vibrant issues like you say. The GPS yes but no one is jumping off a cliff over this.

            I jumped from the N1 and this is truly a great phone.


          • http://Website Milos

            Do you know that 0 dbm means 100% signal quality – you are receiving signal in the same quality as BTS is transmitting = impossible. Signal strength is negative value in dbm, so bigger (negative) value means worse signal quality.

      • http://Website Sinanovski

        Wade is right here. Holding the vibrant normally reduces its signal by about three bars. Put it on a table by itself the bars come back.

        • http://Website Sinanovski

          …both of my vibrants do this, I should mention.

  • http://Website Titty!

    Wow, my name is Jose. Almost as if Samsung is calling me.
    Sadly, I’m not a samsung fan. Therefore, #SamsungFail on my behalf.

    iPhone⁴ looks so much better then an SGS on many wayss.

  • http://xperiaandroid.com Xperia Android User

    I prefer iPhone than SGS.. this issue has become hot spike compare than others.

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    anything is better than the stuff apple has to offer us.

  • http://Website Johnny

    Samsung may have a cure for iPhone 4 users but will they find a cure for their own sloppy firm ware issues? Namely GPS, camera, and lag due to excessive back ground processes slowing memory access? They’re currently building a reputation as a manufacturer who pushes unfinished products into the market and onto unsuspecting users.

    • http://Website Erianna

      Johnny, I have found one helpful solution to the background app situation, go to the android market and download Task Manager rhythm software (there are others besides the rhythm but that is the one that works for me). The problem is not Samsung it is a known glitch with android that they are constantly working on improving with updates but if you get the task manager it will constantly kill unused processes from running in the background and you can also open it periodically and see whats running and kill it manually. I have noticed a tremendous difference, its just like on a laptop or PC, when your CPU is on overload you have to kill a lot of processes from automatically launching at startup or it will slow things down, cause it to freeze up and limit its functioning. This fix will help the Galaxy phone function a lot better and actually help any android phone. As for the other defects/issues, I don’t know what the deal is, but so far my gps works fine, i have found it to be quicker if you enable WiFi but maybe its because i have blazing fast internet in my house, which wouldn’t help when you are out of town and need gps the most, but coming from having a Nokia N82 prior to this and being denied free navigation from Nokia on my phone model, having to pay instead and then having it freeze and brick the whole phone anyway, I am definately satisfied with my Samsung!!

  • http://Website joe

    all these FANBOYS ( APPLE CHEERLEADERS ) are giving Apple a bad image and making real mac users look stupid. if you look around and see these new apple customers ( FANBOYS ) they are drop outs, ghetto looking, thug like, rap listening, uneducated, idiots who know nothing about the products they are buying. they just want one cause everyone else has one or cause it is a FAD at the moment. and when did blacks and mexicans start buying Apple products anyway ???

    • http://Website Sinanovski (adopted white)

      Man that’s low. I cant wait for you to make fun of adopted ppl so I can chew you.

    • http://Website Tim (a mulatto)

      there’s so much wrong here, I just don’t know where to begin…

    • http://Website Scott Miller

      It started when Apple began marketing to people rather than stereotypes. What were they thinking? Different?

      And what are you thinking? Seems Fanboys and Trashers share the same emotional triggers and lack of critical thinking. Type first, think later… much later… or not.

      BTW, is my calendar wrong? What year is this? Even a blue eyed white boy like me was taken aback by your comments. If you can’t show some love, please at least show some restraint.

  • http://Website ian (jewish)

    dont forgot to make fun of jews. while i agree that fanboys are annoying, you are no better

  • http://Www.jouec.com Hjg

    Samnsung is crappy

    • http://Website Sinanovski

      So is your spelling. Lol. J/k…but it is though.

  • http://Website Aeron

    Well, its good strategy for Samsung

  • http://www.myfreenexus.co.uk David

    Nice idea by Samsung. I wonder how many will take them up on the offer and just sell them on, but then again, if you can afford to spend £500 + contract fees on a phone that has problems (yes all phones do have problems, but you don’t expect it from the iPhone), then you don’t need the extra money.

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