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Samsung looks to upgrade their Android reputation with Galaxy S updates this summer

Samsung doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to upgrading their Android smartphones with the latest version of the operating system. Customers who purchased the T-Mobile Behold II are stuck with Android 1.6, Sprint users with the Moment will not see updates past Android 2.1, and many people with the international version of the first Galaxy never saw any updates and were stranded with Android 1.5.

The Korean handset maker is looking to turn that around with their new Galaxy S lineup of phones and Android 2.2 will be their first test. Samsung made it clear during their recent Galaxy S launch party that Android 2.2 was a priority and they were working hard with their carrier partners to get the updates out in a timely manner.

So how long will it take Samsung to release their Android 2.2 updates?

Current rumors and speculation suggest that will happen in September, but several test builds of the Android 2.2 firmware have leaked out and it could happen sooner.

Members of the open source development community have already flashed these test builds on their Galaxy S phones and it sounds like most of the new features in Android 2.2 have been implemented and the final firmware is nearing completion.

Even if Samsung does hit the September target for Android 2.2 updates, it is likely to be behind their closest competitors. HTC and Motorola already have Android 2.2 builds in the hands of testers and we expect to see some over the air updates in the next couple of weeks.

Samsung still hopes to pass HTC in smartphone market share and I believe the Galaxy S could be the device to push them over the top. However, they still need to execute this software update and prove they will stand by their phones and continue to support them after release. Other handset makers have experienced growing pains during these massive Android rollouts, so hopefully Samsung has been taking notes.

I have a feeling Samsung is awake now and finally taking Android serious, but I’m curious to see what our readers (and disgruntled Behold II owners) have to say. Do you think Samsung can pull off a successful rollout of Android 2.2 in a timely manner?

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Source: Samsung-Firmwares

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  • Bulgaro

    In my opinion this is just CYA on Samsung’s part, all I hear from this company is PR BS. And for the record I did not own neither of their phones, but have friends that did, and they are left having to upgrade, with no help from either T-Mobile or Samsung.

  • http://Website @dhsteeler

    After the behold 2 debacle(my wife was a victim and went back to blackberry because of it), I was a bit nervous about buying the vibrant(loving it so far!) If they blow this one, I believe their future sales will take a big hit.

  • http://Website Jonathan p

    For my captivates sake, lets hope so. Although I already have other roms possible for install.

  • http://Website William Furr

    If I lose my root access, I’ll wait for CM6 instead of using the OTA update.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Oh man, I would love to see the Droix X vs. Galaxy S benchmarks once both phones are on 2.2.

    If Samsung pulls this off, I’d actually be willing to consider them again in the future. I avoided the Behold 2 after my wife got the Behold 1 (which she actually liked as a phone, but as a smartphone it was pathetic, and I have no idea why I paid for data every month).

  • http://www.sil3ncer7.com Josh

    Samsung might not be able to roll it out in a timely manner, but Cyanogen never lets us down :D

    • http://Website sinanovski

      amen to that

  • http://Website Brian

    Samsung has a major advantage with Technology and they did drop the ball with previous Android phones. I’m sure they have learned their lesson and are more than willing to show their commitment to Android. I hope they have, for their sake.

  • Prince77

    I was a victim of the Behold 2. I was never more disgusted with a phone before. After I left tmobile and got jump back to Sprints (Evo), I never been more happy.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Give it a rest Bobbay, this isn’t the Behold II. Did you completely miss the video above your post?

  • http://Website ZappedC64

    Wait a minute… did you all see the VIDEO call? It starts at time index 2:23. I thought the Galaxy S didn’t have a front facing camera?


    • http://Website Ryan

      The Galaxy S (international version not gimped by US carriers) does have a front facing camera. Only the US versions got screwed.

  • http://Website Ryan

    I am also a former BH2 owner. I went out on a limb and trusted they’d learn from their past mistakes and purchased the Vibrant. Loving the phone so far (no GPS problems of any kind), but if they make the same mistake again, it will be the end of Samsung for me.

  • http://Website Derek

    Just fix the damn GPS Samsung!

  • http://Website dubdroid

    Have you guys considered maybe it was tmobile not Samsung caused the updating problems I mean look at tmobile not one thier Android phones have good update track record from HTC MOTO or Samsung so who’s to blame the moment went from 1.5 to 2.1 not one tmo Android made it past 1.6 n by than mostly evryone 2.1 so u never know. So far Verizon n Sprint have been better with updates

    • Nick Gray

      Don’t go pointing the finger at T-Mobile here. Yes, they are responsible for rolling out the updates, but the manufacturers are the ones that need to build them. Motorola still has not rolled out an update to any of their first generation phones running MotoBLUR and T-Mobile has mentioned that Android 2.1 is coming to the myTouch, I just wish we knew when.

      • http://Website Chris

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was the carrier’s fault. The vendors might create the main build, but the carriers put the crapware and branding on. Branded phones in the UK always get updates months later than generic ones, if they ever get them at all. I can’t imagine it’s that much different in the States, if anything there seems to be more carrier-specific crap on the phones than there is here.

    • http://Website matt L

      Sprint has always been good with updates. I had WinMo, and it got updated every time.

  • http://Website Nammy

    2.2 is all but assured, I’m just holding my breath that my Captivate will one day get 3.0

  • http://Website Quentin

    Sammy will pull this off just fine. They are a good company and they are aware of what they must do to be a winner. They learned a thing or two from the Omnia line.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      “They are a good company” ???? are you serious? Do you have any idea how much people got screwed with android samsung phones until now?… Samsung HAS NOT learned anything… the big american mobile companies Tmobile, ATT… are forcing the hand of Samsung to make new better software. If it was up to samsung they would still to the same crap as before.

  • http://Website Mystery2U

    As the proud owner of a Vibrant (got mine on launch day), I’m more than willing to give Samsung some time to make sure their 2.2 release is stable on the Vibrant. This phone wows every tech-savvy person I show it to. Last night I showed it to an iPhone using friend of mine and if the store wasn’t closed at the time he would have bought one then! He travels extensively for his job and his smartphone is a necessary tool.

    I know many on the forums prefer stock Android, I’m not one of them and I do know what the differences are. I actually like the TouchWiz interface. Before this phone was announced, I was seriously considering an N1. I’m extremely happy I waited for the Vibrant, and it got a little painful at the end of the wait as my old phone was on it’s deathbed.

    I’m very glad Samsung didn’t rush an unready 2.2 release onto this phone for launch. As sleek and sexy as this phone is, buggy software would be a royal pain.


  • http://Website Romedroid

    I HIGHLY doubt that with this phone being an international device that they will drop the ball on this one. If they did, it would be their demise in the mobile industry. I think the behold 2 was to stick their tours in the Android water and see what happened. The response was huge! So why bother wasting resources on a single carrier phone when you could go worldwide! (sorry bh2 victims) but that’s business unfortunately.

    • http://Website Romedroid

      Tours=toes #swypefail

  • http://Website Ivan

    Oh I hope I just got the galaxy s vibrant and I’m exited for this update!

  • http://Website Ronnie

    Alright so I’ve been the biggest skeptic of the Galaxy for the longest time. I have an original Droid and quite proud of my little phone that could. So one day out of the blue my mother, who doesn’t know what a smart phone is, brings home a Galaxy S under the Vibrant name plate and holy shit my mind is blown. I’ve been tinkering with it for about an hour and I can honestly say that it blows my phone, the very one I’m writing this comment with, way way out of the water. I am impressed. Can’t wait to see what Froyo does to it and my phone for that matter.

  • http://Website RellikZephyr

    i would love samsung to come to the table with android, but as a ex galaxy owner. i doubt it very much, i will believe it when i see it.

    i have a Samsung DLNA tv and it would be over a year old now, they still haven’t got the streaming working properly on it.

    Samsung makes excellent hardware but their software and support is the joke of the tech community


  • http://Website eizyark

    I know there are alot of disheartened people coming from the Behold 2, although I never used it (or seen it physically for that matter, since i live in the UAE) i’m pretty sure samsung learned from their mistakes.

    As a previous owner of the Samsung Galaxy Spica (i think this is only made for EU/Asia), I was surprised that Samsung updated the phone to Eclair after reading all the comments about how Samsung doesn’t update their other phones. At least Samsung is finally learning from their mistakes.

    I know that Samsung is finally serious with updating their phones since this is Samsung’s Flagship for Android. And now as a very happy owner of the Samsung Galaxy S, i seriously can not wait for Froyo!

  • http://st.thomsen-jones.co.uk Steven Jones

    Unless they offer those of use who all got stung with their previous handsets a really good trade in deal to get a Galaxy S.. then my Samsung buying days are over. Will be looking elsewhere for my next TV also.

  • chattymango

    can anyone please confirm the offical Android 2.2 update date for Samsung i9000 Galaxy S ???

    Thank You..

  • http://Website motomad

    Just ordered this phone I had a motorola cliq that still runs 1.5 android Motorola dropped the ball on that and a bunch of other phones a couple of times. If your phone isn’t a droid don’t hold you breath for an update. Hopefully I won’t get caught with another company to drop the ball.

  • http://Website lolcopter

    samsung lives or dies by the galaxy s, IMO

    don’t blow it

  • ODIN

    I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S in my possession for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with it. It is my first Android phone and I love it. Doesn’t feel like cheap plastic in my hand, as most reviews I’ve seen have stated and the battery life is better than I expected from a mobile with such a large touch screen.

  • http://Website erherherhrhe

    current owner of Samsung Galaxy Spica. I hope there will be an update in the near future….

  • Mocha K

    Well it is near the end of summer, but still no word on the update. hmm?

  • http://Website Jim G


    I’m a Samsung owner and the phone has not improved with the JI6 update.


    How about fixing the problems with your Galaxy S phones? I own a Vibrant, GPS has “been fixed” but it still shows an accuracy of 1900 meters (This is COMMON for Galaxy S owners). I’m the IT consultant to many, family, friends and customers (of my own business) – I can NOT nor will I recommend your phone because of your inability to support your products. I’ve already recommended to 4 people to go with Motorola products instead.

    And to further add insult to injury, you’re advertising Flash 10.1 on Galaxy tab?!?!?! How about providing Android 2.2 to the people that already own your phones? You know; those of us that were told we would get the update months ago!!!

  • http://Website Samsung Galaxy S Owner

    Come on Samsung, we want the upgrade to 2.2…
    I just need freakin flash 10.1