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Samsung Vibrant gets off to a slow start at T-Mobile stores

The Samsung Vibrant (a Galaxy S phone) has finally launched in the United States.  T-Mobile is the first carrier to release a Galaxy S phone and will most likely look to take advantage of their early launch to get a few steps ahead of their competition.  The Samsung Vibrant is without a doubt the most advanced Android powered phone on T-Mobile’s network.  The handset features a 4 inch capacitive Super AMOLED Display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 1500mAh lithium ion battery, 5MP camera with 720p video recording, 2GB microSD card preloaded with the movie Avatar, the new SIMS game from EA, all running on Android 2.1.

T-Mobile is selling the Samsung Vibrant for $199 after instant discounts and a $50 mail-in rebate card.  Customers taking advantage of T-Mobile’s Even More Plus plans will have to pony up $499 in order to get their hands on the Samsung Vibrant.  If you are looking to save a little bit of cash, keep in mind that you can pick up the Samsung Vibrant from our online store for as little as $149 without needing to hassle with the rebate.

Even though the Samsung Vibrant could give the DROID X (which is also launching today) a run for its money, T-Mobile doesn’t seem at all interested in hyping up the launch of the Samsung Vibrant.  I made my way to two different T-Mobile stores today to see if there are any customers lined up to make their purchase of the new smartphone.  Both stores were pretty desolate and neither of them had any display units or promotional materials out for their customers to see.  I had to ask a sales rep about the phone.  He returned with a new Vibrant a few minutes later and casually mentioned “I guess we should get this display unit set up.”

My fear is that the lackluster launch at T-Mobile could also be repeated at the other carriers since the Galaxy S is technically not an exclusive phone for any other them even though they all have their own names and subtle features differences.  The only phone that truly stands out in the mix is the Samsung Epic 4G which is heading to Sprint.  So… how many of you picked up the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant today and was your experience at the T-Mobile store any different than mine?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

    I think the lackluster launch is more characteristic of T-Mobile than anything else.

    • http://Website pax

      They can only as many as their network can support.

      • http://Website kelyon

        Since it was still called the Galaxy S. I’ve been waiting for this. Samsung Vibrant Updates

        Hopefully, T-mobile is in for this vibrant ride.

    • http://Website pax

      I meant…sell

  • http://Website JG

    Personally I think Samsung has the biggest responsibility of getting the word out. Don’t leave it up to the silly carriers; take responsibility for your own product Samsung.

    I’m getting the Captivate off contract..

    • http://deanhatescoffee.com Dean

      I think I’m gonna do the same; I just hope there are enough in stock to go around.

    • http://Website gw0n

      The T Mobile rep i talked to said he had 10. So I don’t think they are selling out quick. The phone looks great. i think I am going to get it. I just want to hear some customer reviews before I pull the trigger.
      Watching Avatar on this thing was amazing…

  • http://Website Brian

    Anthony is totally correct. You can never trust the weather, but you can always trust T-mobile to shoot themselves in the foot.

    They have a true super-phone to sell in their stores but the employees have no idea. I bet if I went in and asked for the new Samsung phone they bring me a 6 month old slide out with no camera.

    Way to help yourselves T-mobile. Can you try a little harder to stay at the bottom?

    - Angry mytouch 3g owner.

    • http://Website gw0n

      I’m pretty sure when I leave the store all the employees high five each other and shout ‘ we own the bottom’. To have a super phone like this and with no big event I do not get.

    • http://Website Brian

      Just went on to cellstores linked above and ordered me two Vibrants. Im very happy Im gonna save $200 and with free shipping it will be at my door Monday afternoon. Can’t wait.

    • http://Website JSG

      Yea its painful being in the TMo tent sometimes…Sheesh.
      the two company stores I visited had ZERO promotional stuff.
      I had to SEARCH one store.
      I hope its due to the early roll out and start tomorrow (21st) we see some serious cardboard up front of the store….

  • http://Website Trace Anderson

    Yeah, I went to AT&T a few days ago and started talking about the phone because I was returning my iPhone 4 and all the employees were down on the phone and at first they didn’t even know what phone I was talking about or when it was launching.

    The manager had 3 iPhones and couldn’t figure out why I would want to get rid of mine. Nevertheless, I played with the Captivate and was quite happy with it.

    Can’t wait to pick one up.

  • Alan Reboli

    T-mo hasn’t put out a commerical for the Vibrant, I. Only knew of the device thanks to the internet… but they had a commerical for the garminfone? Lol

    • http://Website Garret

      T-Mobile seems to do most of their marketing for phones post-launch. I’ve only seen ads for the Garminfone the past week or so – well after it’s launch.

    • http://Website R0b

      We call this a soft launch. No advertiising. Just people that know about the phone from visits to store locations and reps hyping them up or for geeks like us that are about the Android movement. We have a waiting list of about 60 people who are pickin it up today. So far the response is great for this deviice. TMO cussys are proud to be part of this smartphones legacy. The offiicial launch is July 21st. A full robust campaign is at hand here for this epiic deviice. Yes its in my hand riight now…ima faint* hahaha

      • http://Website J

        What hyping can the store reps do if they don’t even know the phone is out?

      • Alan Reboli

        The last thing that T-mo needs is another “soft” rollout. They need a hard, fire lit under it’s ass, roll out. They need to start branding just like Verizon did with Droid. Get it together Tmobile Marketing.

        • http://Website The_Omega_Man

          It sounds like that is coming on the 21st.

          My guess is that t-mobile did not want to loose any customers to Verizon, with the release of the Droid X today, so they had to offer a comparable product, at the same time, ahead of it’s original launch date.

  • http://Website dj

    i perched my phone this morning also. i got their a half hour early they had 4people waiting on the store to open. once in they had a phone but it wasn’t set up as a display yet they just passed around the store and let you play with it in front of a tmo rep. all the tmo reps were really excited about the phone. a few days i ran into a Samsung rep and he told me that the 15 was a “soft launch” (a launch without any real advertising or promoting). im not clear why they would do this but im just pleased to get the phone. im really enjoying it so far.

    • http://deanhatescoffee.com Dean

      What phone did you have before the Vibrant? I’m thinking of switching from an iPhone to the Captivate. If you had an iPhone, is there anything you miss from it that you aren’t getting with the Vibrant?

      • http://Website Vibrant Addict

        I came from a BB and iPhone. iPhone UI is a lot more simple and more easy to use compared to Android. It takes a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but the same happened when I had my iPhone. After a couple days I’ll be 100% accustomed to it. You can give it a try for 15? days and see if you like it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I prefer having that little extra, rather than getting a simplified version of something.

  • http://Website Sinan

    So does t-mobile allow the purchase of vibrant straight out without any modification to my current plan w them? Also, $499 is the full price of the product?

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Yup, T-Mobile will let you walk out the store with a new Vibrant for $499, no questions asked. I have purchased phones from them i nthe past, If you pay full retail, they barely ask you for your contact information.

      • http://Website Justin

        Actually I went to a store today and they refused to sell it to me straight up with no upgrade or contract. They said I had to wait till the 2st to do that. I ended up upgrading but was surprised they refused to just sell me the phone.

  • dzitran

    This is upsetting. The myTouch gets a nice hefty marketting purse but theres no love for the Vibrant. I’m not sure whose at fault here, but the damage is definitely being done.

  • http://Website Phillip

    A soft launch could actually be a really good idea if they can do it right. All the die-hard fans get theirs early since they already know about it and they’re able to re-stock and do a advertising push a while later like it’s just coming out. Though it might be harder to get the hype/press support at that point.

  • http://Website MyDixieWrecked

    I was at my local T-Mobile store at 9am this morning to purchase my Vibrant. Like you… the store had no displays, and no ads of any sorts for the phone. The worst part is… when I asked the sales person that I would like to pick up the Vibrant, he said and I kid you not “What’s that?” Are you F’ing kidding me? The guy had no clue about the phone, and the excuse I got was that he was out the last 2 days.

    For a company that’s at the bottom, this really didn’t look good at all. As for the phone.. I freaking love it!

  • http://scronk.net Dan

    I’m on T-Mobile with the G1 and have been waiting for a worthy replacement, but I don’t know if this is it. Why would they get rid of the LED flash and front facing camera? Makes no sense to me.

  • Prince77

    That is exactly why I left T-Mo and why I also will not buy another Samsung phone. I left and went to Sprint and got the Evo, which I am very happy with.

    • Haulngas

      I got the Vibrant this morning at 9am and the phone is awesome. You may have jumped ship too early but in either case we both have GREAT phones.

    • http://Website anthony

      MOTOROLA SUCKS, SAMSUNG SUCKS, LG SUCKS they should stick on making other products than smartphones.


      • http://Website The_Omega_Man


        Evo 4G = 30fps video and unexpected screen lift + relativity Poor 3D Video performance on a 16bit color screen?

  • http://Website JP

    I’m not surprised it’s not selling. It has no front camera.

    • Haulngas

      Big deal! Oh wait can you see me now?

  • http://Website James

    Picked up my Vibrant at Radio Shack today at about 10:00AM. No line, no visible merchandising…nada. Happy I got mine though, this bad boy ROCKS!

  • http://Website MeatRocket

    My local T-Mobile “didn’t have them” when I called this morning at opening. I just got off the phone with them and they said they had them in, but no display phone. I asked if I could look at one and they said they couldn’t open one since they couldn’t sell it as new thereafter.

    They said they wouldn’t have a store display phone for a week since the release got bumped up but someone dropped the ball and didn’t bump up the shipping of the store displays. GREAT GOING T-MO! :D

    • http://deanhatescoffee.com Dean

      Go to an AT&T store and ask to play with the Captivate. They (should) all have a store demo for training.

  • http://www.molotovbliss.com/ B00MER

    Got mine, previous G1 owner. Hardly anyone at the store. Store Rep. did have some knowledge of it and the day before they had a fresh one on display to play with. Front facing camera and no flash part I can get over – I don’t plan on using any kid of video chat. The Flash is kind of a bummer but so far I’ve zero other complaints about the phone. It’s night and day in comparison to the G1 imho.

  • http://Website 138

    Ordered mine online, went by the store on my lunch break expacting there to be a display phone out ,and there was none. Hoped to check it out. I do trust the Android and Me reviews and they have yet to steer me wrong. As far as FFC goes, that is a teeny bopper toy. Flash would have been nice but I do not intend to take any realy high quality pic with my phone. I own a camera for that.

  • http://Website Max

    Just picked mine up. I was the only one in the store, and the 7th purchaser of the phone.

    They did have the phone on display. To be honest, I was expecting to see it as soon as I walked in. But, the MyTouh 3G Slide was front and center, and the Vibrant was off to the side, next to their USB 3G Cards.

    The reps were fully aware of the phone, and its capabilities. They said they got it in a couple of days earlier, and played with it nonstop.

    Overall, I’m extremely happy w/ my purchase (coming from G1). Everything is just fast. No lag whatsoever.

  • http://Website R

    This is classic T-mobile. They didn’t advertise the Behold 2 either. The Garmin phone gets no airtime either. The Vibrant smokes the Slide and tmo but alot if money into an outdated in 2 months phone. More people learned about Android from Verizon then Tmo, Verizon advertised through their Droid advertising. That’s why tmo is going under, no marketing and as a result most highend phones pass on tmo. Internally at tmo there’s no excitement for this phone and its awesome.

  • http://Website shackk

    Ask yourself this, where else have you heard about this device outside of the blogosphere? Sure Samsung announced it but they did no more than that and the general public doesn’t bother to check each day to find out what their new offerings are. HTC on the other hand had a huge marketing campaign for the HD2, people who never had a smartphone were buying this up based on the features HTC showed. To this day people are still talking about it and supply has been limited in some stores near me. With the HD2 being purchased, probably for most on contract, they have no desire to purchase anything else that looks similar in the mainstream public eye. Samsung is just as much at fault as Tmobile for the lack of marketing a true powerhouse of an Android device to go up against the Evo, Droid X, etc.. but yet again they get left behind. Meanwhile Verizon has campaigns running devices, unreleased at the time, to gather public interest and demand. Sprint with the backing of HTC has Evo commercials running every hour and Tmobile can only push specific sales and bogo offers hoping they are selling to an uninformed customer and reduce the inventory of some of their crappier offerings. Samsung on the other hand got this device signed on to every major carrier so of course it will sell “well” for them with that much viability not just in the US but worldwide.

    Maybe I can’t blame Samsung at all.


  • http://Website John L

    I just returned in a T-Mobile Store in downtown Manhattan. The store was packed and only One Vibrant was used for Demo purposes. I spent almost twenty minutes just waiting for someone to tell me there is only one, and to see the store clerk by the store entrance.

    Great screen and zippy response from the touchscreen. The Movie looked outstanding, with very crisp detail.

    On my way back to the office I stopped by a Verizon store which had a line to enter and they had droid X’s all over the place. Many on display and Verizon employees walking around asking people if they wanted to see the droid X.

    Verizon is pushing the phone very well. They had plenty in stock. I though it was very well done.

  • http://Website J.C.

    Hopefully on the twenty-first we’ll see the full launch. Anyway, I just ordered my Vibrant this morning through customer service. Therefore, all I care now is that I got mine and can’t wait to use it.

  • http://Website Paul

    I got mine a bit after the T-Mobile store opened this morning. No displays, ads, posters, nothing. the demo version was behind the counter plugged into a charger and they let people try it. 3 other people purchased it in the time I was there getting mine.

  • http://Website s15274n

    went to the store yesterday, they would not let me see one.. they did say they had 40 in stock though.

    went this morning when they opened. I was the only one there for the Galaxy. They did have a display out. The reps did have some pretty good knowledge of the phone. He mentioned they had a training party and that some of them actually got the phones for themselves.

    The phone is stunning. It has been fun to show peeps at work. The reception inside my office does not seem to be as good as my G1. I imagine they are going to have to update the radio… I can not get the signal to drop no matter how I hold the phone though.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    T-mobile doesn’t care about the Vibrant because all the other carriers get one too. Samsung doesn’t care about T-mobile not caring because the phone is going to all US carriers as well as carriers in other countries. The way I see it, T-mobile doesn’t know how to make money.

  • http://Website Earthrazer

    Using my T Mobile branded Galaxy S to post this now. Stood in line for an hour. But got hooked up with BOGO! Tmo customer service FTW :)

    • http://Website city

      What is Bogo? How can I get it when I try to get my phone? I love things I don’t understand.

  • http://Website Alex

    They aren’t advertising it, because its not exclusively theirs, they advertised the mytouch, hd2, e en the garminfone but its because they only have that phone every carrier is getting a version of the galaxy phones, so that’s probably why.

  • http://Website Derek

    My local T-mo corporate store wouldnt sell me a vibrant this morning. The girl said they had them in the back and they had been there for a couple of days. But they were not going on sale for 2-3 weeks. I told her that today was the day, she said they never sell phones on their first day, they always wait 2-3 weeks. I was blown away. And this is a corporate owned tmobile store. The only one in Columbia, SC. The radio shack three blocks away had 3 of them in stock and didnt even know what they were. But they were at least selling them.

  • http://Website Will

    I picked up mine at 10 this morning, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m working inside of a building in the suburban DC area, and I’m averaging 3.5 MB/s download and 1.3 MB/s upload. I saw the speedtest yield download results between 4.0 and 4.2 MB/s for several of the tests and simply couldn’t believe it. I realize T-Mobile might be horrible for some people, but if you’re the DC metro area, this thing should definitely be on your list if you are currently in the market for a smartphone.

    Also, Avatar looks absolutely amazing. Samsung nailed this one…

  • http://www.nitrogenlabs.com Nitrog7

    Cannot figure out why the T-Mobile and AT&T versions do not have an LED flash. This should have been a standard feature across the board.

    As for the Sprint, is is the best one but could have ditched the physical keyboard to save some thickness on it. I know some people cannot detach from it but would still sell more than the Evo with its AMOLED screen, I’m sorry… SUPER AMOLED screen.

    The Galaxy S hardware is superb but their interface looks too much like an iPhone. Unless they are trying to tempt iPhone users, but if that were the case, if I wanted a phone that looked like the iPhone, I would buy an iPhone. Could have at least gone stock to guarantee quick updates.

    And last, I know this is T-Mobile but since I am coming from AT&T, I have to tear them up a little. They have no Android support. When I told them I wanted to terminate my contract to get a Droid X, they told me they had some Android phones… AT&T does not have any good Android phones. Well now they have a gimped out Galaxy S with no LED flash and software restrictions.

    My recommendation is Verizon or Sprint. Sprint is really going in the right direction but it is too soon to tell. Before Android OS, they had horrible phones, then they got the Palm which tanked. Verizon is a little bit more stable and really knows how to pump out some hype with its marketing.

    Look guys… Remember its not just the phone, its all in the accessories. What iPhone has that none of the Android phones have are accessories. If HTC, Motorola, or Samsung can start getting some third party accessories, they will really start rolling. The iPhone has kept the same general form factor (at least where it docks) since it came out, allowing all versions of the device to be used in all the accessories. Now look at the Motorola, they Have the Droid, Droid X, and Droid 2. all different form factors.

    I know I was all over the place. Just on a rant… ;P

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    I had this phone pre-ordered at Radio Shack but ended up purchasing it at a T-Mobile retail store because Radio Shack would not let me purchase one unsubsidized. They required you to do a upgrade or new activation. I think that is complete bullshit trying to force someone into a 2 year contract. I will never pre-order anything at Radio Shack.

  • http://Website Mitch

    I went in to an AT&T store today and asked about the Captivate and they had no idea what I was talking about even though it launches in about 3 days. The pulled the manager over and even he didn’t know so I’m not so sure AT&T is gonna do much better then T-Mobile did.

  • http://Website Seth

    The moving up the date to the 15th was in no way part of T-Mobile’s plans. They decided to do it to be the first Galaxy S phone in the US, just ahead of the captivate. There were going to turn on HSPA+ is 19 more cities along with the launch of the vibrant on the 21st.

    So if we wanted to say they botched the moving up of the date or was dragging the launch date out too far when the phone was obviously ready to go, that’s fine, but they had a decent plan for the phone launch. Give them credit for moving the launch date up for us who were paying attention could get the phone earlier than our AT&T counterparts.

    If the 21st comes and goes without a hard marketing push, then all this bashing of T-Mobile and their marketing campaign for the Vibrant will be entirely justified.

    The 15th was Verizon’s date all along, so we’ll see how the Captivate does and if it’s gets off to a slow start we might be able to attribute this more to Samsung rather than the providers.

  • http://Website Steve A

    After going to my local T mobile store and asking why suck a lackluster launch, he explained to me that this is only a “soft launch” and that come “hard launch” time, they’re actually gonna market the phone. I assume this launch will be next week.

  • http://Website John monk

    I got mine and it is amazing truly I had the b2 and it was nothing like this… get it its worth it!!! Very awesome phone!!

  • McLovin

    There is no physical keyboard is why I wouldn’t buy this phone. I wouldn’t say that’s the cause of the lackluster launch. I’d blame that on T-Mobile marketing.

    Even though T-Mobile spear headed the first Android phone they now suffer from the very real perception that have slipped to a 2nd tier carrier of serious Android phones.

    • http://Website Brian

      Physical keyboards are for kids. Be a man, touch the screen.

      • http://Website F BOMB

        Dude, that is the DUMBEST shit I’ve ever heard…moron.

  • http://Website Mark

    my wife picked it up this morning with no line (but my store is out on the boondock side of Denver so I wouldn’t have expected one). No displays. I did go to a Tmobile Limited (franchise) last night and they would have let me walk with it, but I couldn’t get my wife’s phone for the price I wanted. So, i waited a night and I now have my dream phone. I have dl’d several standard apps (pandora, iheartradio, etc) and while I haven’t gotten an app for testing dl speeds, I was impressed with how quickly they were up and running on my brand new shiny (and smudged) Vibrant.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Just walked into T-Mobile to check it out. No displays, but the guy handed me a working model when I asked for it. For a second, I could have sworn he handed me an old iPhone. There really is no hiding where they got their inspiration.
    That being said, the phone was much lighter, and thinner than I expected. The screen is big and nice, but I didn’t get that wow feeling I got when I first saw the Evo (yea, different size, but also how it fills the device).
    I had mixed feelings about the TouchWiz interface. There isn’t much to it, but I didn’t like the changes they made to the basics. The icons looked dumb, it took me a minute to find the browser because they labled it ‘web’, and I found it to be somewhat unintuitive, coming from a stock Android. I did like the extra settings they included in the notification bar, but I use Quick Settings for that anyway. Swype looked different and was more functional, which was great. Also, there was 1.7 gigs of free storage for apps. Yay.
    There was a weird give to the body of the phone though, which made it feel a bit cheap.
    Overall, I left feeling a bit disappointed. I probably wasn’t going to buy it anyway, since I have a Nexus One, but I kind of expected something more…

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    @anakin78z…I actually loved what they did to TouchWiz. It’s also the least intrusive UI yet. As for you not liking the “Web” icon for the internet. That is not a TouchWiz thing. It’s a Android 2.1 thing. My wifes MyTouch Slide has the same icon.

    Things that TouchWiz improves over stock Android.

    1. Lock Screen

    2. Email client

    3. Contacts menu

    4 SMS client…..No more needing Handcent or Chomp

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      They renamed the browser to web. That’s not a 2.1 thing.
      The icon comment was separate. I just don’t like how they re-skinned a lot of the icons, but that’s a personal preference. I didn’t think it added anything, and made it harder for me to find things. Probably cause I’m used to the way it’s always been… Also, I hated the gradient on every list item in settings.

      The lock screen took me 3 tries to unlock, so I don’t think it’s as intuitive out of the box.

      But yea, my impression is only from using it for about 7 minutes at the store.

      • http://Website ObsceneJesster

        Oh, I thought you meant that Samsung changed the Browser Icon. My wifes icon on her MyTouch slide looks exactly the same. I know what you mean about the icons looking different but in case you didn’t know, they only look different in the app launcher. When you place them on your home screen they look exactly like they do on every other Android device.

  • Dominicandroid809

    grrr………bring me FFC and flash led. I am fucking deaf person costumer t-mobile I had old wing tmobile (thc) owner. I am waiting for next buy other new super phone with android 2.1 or 2.2 with HD video, hdmi, movie, gaming, to get my new upgrade. TMO you are piss me off. I am hardcore adult

  • http://Website Ryan

    Interesting experiences, but then again, not surprising for TMobile. I showed up 7 minutes after the store opening, and I was the 4th person to buy one. While I was in the process of purchasing and setting up, 3 more people came in to get it. So in the first 10 minutes, they had already sold 7 Vibrants.

    The people at my store were knowledgeable and excited about the phone, however, there were no displays. I would imagine TMobile will hype this up a little with some pressure from Samsung and opening day sales being fairly good, but they really need to take some lessons in marketing from Verizon.

    Anyways, I love this phone. This and the Droid X are the top dogs right now, hands down.

  • http://Website Bobba

    If they were smart, they would piggy back off of Verizon’s marketing push for the Droid X. They could just tell their customers it’s just like the Droid X but better.

  • http://Website T-Mobile Rep

    This was a soft launch. They moved it up from the 21st. Believe me we are super excited to sell this phone. My reps have been selling it like crazy today!

    • Nick Gray

      That’s what we like to hear. I just wish T-Mobile would do a few more hard launches for their Android phones and build up the hype a little. I can’t remember last time I saw a T-Mobile commercial and said to myself “I gotta go in to the store and check that out”

  • http://Website anon

    Being a T-Mobile employee it saddened me to see no display model or marketing collateral for the Vibrant. My particular store didn’t even have feature cards, however within 30 minutes of opening whad sold 7 units. Aside from that, being a Nexus owner I will be dropping my next check on this phone. Amazing and surprising weight-less device.

  • http://thetrendaholic.com The Trendaholic

    Look I hate to say this but it’s starting to look like T-Mo is just starting to procrastinate and not try as hard because maybe a Sprint takeover is a little more further along than we think unfortunately… smh

  • http://Website ihatefanboys

    i hate the comments from the brainless peanut gallery saying “it looks like an iphone”…honestly how many different shapes can a touchscreen phone come in…so if its rectangular it looks like an iphone ? its like saying that ford copied toyotas wheel idea, cuz a wheel can be so many different shapes..so they had to copy it….no one cares about the iphone or trying to cofuse people into thinking its an iphone….iphone 4 is subpar garbage compared to this and the evo and the droid X….

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      No, dude, have you picked one of these up? It’s looks completely like an iPhone 3g or 3gs on first glance. I bet you that upon seeing it in the wild on first glance you will think the same.

      • Nick Gray

        OK, so maybe it does look a little like the iPhone, but who said that’s a bad thing? Apple’s design of the iPhone is admired by the masses. Why not take advantage of that and give people a better OS in a form factor that people already like.

  • http://Website William Furr

    Similar experience. I handled a unit fresh out of the box, with no battery. The store employees were talking about setting up a display unit. I got to lecture about how batteries work for a little while and they seemed impressed by the 2.5 days I get on the extended battery in my G1. Kind of a weird experience.

  • http://Website datarat

    Same thing at my local T-mo store, but it looks like the store managers are going for training this week.

  • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

    I went to two corporate stores today before ordering on line (much lower price for me).

    The first store had nothing on display. Nada, zilch. A few flyers were scattered about the store, but that almost looked like an accident. Their two MT3G slides were powered down – might as well have been dummy phones. Staff knew about phone and let me play with one (always nice to handle a phone without annoying tether).

    I took my wife to a second store this evening. They actually had one on display, nothing special, it was next to a Cliq. Yes, really. MT3GS was on a prominent display in this store too.

    This is two poor launches in a row (MT3G and Vibrant, Garminphone is teh suck, so I don’t count it…). I really thought twice, three times even, about staying with t-mo. But in the end I gave in to that awesome, delicious display.

  • http://Website MJ

    Yeah, I’ve been hyped about this phone for a little while as well and when I went into the store to check it out it was no where to be found :( . When I asked the rep about it he said yeah we have one and pulled it out from behind his little desk area, after having to ask him if I could see a demo phone. Anyway aside from all that DANG it was awesome. I just sold my 3gs in hopes of getting something better, and to think I was considering the htc hd2 – haha what a joke. This phone is awesome CANT WAIT to pick mine up this weekend.

    • http://Website Mark

      I love ignorant comments about phones. Listen people, the HD2 is a very impressive phone. I came from having an android phone for almost 2 years to the HD2.
      The only people that whine about an HD2 are:
      #1 Idiots who believe every blog comment they read
      #2 Idiots who own an HD2 but have no clue how to unlock it’s true capabilities.

      Windows Mobile 6.5 is a very powerful and customizable OS. It’s just the UI sucks, hence HTC Sense, which more than makes up for it.
      My HD2 is the only phone that I’ve owned for more than a couple of weeks without getting the urge to hack it because of its limitations. And yes, the HD2′s hardware is spec’d to handle 720p video just fine it’s the software that doesn’t take advantage of it.
      HD2 has a DUAL FLASH. Don’t give me the “that’s what I have a camera for” when trying to rationalize a high-end superphone like the Vibrant coming out with no flash…it’s inexcusable. Yes, we also have a nice digital camera, but for instance the last trip we took we forgot to pack it. My wife was very upset until she saw all the great pics we took on my HD2.
      You want to talk about the Vibrant, fine, go for it but don’t bash another phone just because you have no clue how to use it.
      HD2 ROCKS!!

      • http://Website Mark

        Incidentally, the lack of a flash is what made me choose the MT3G Slide for my wife instead of the Vibrant.

  • http://Website Johnmonk

    When I bought mine earlier today the tmobile store had a small paperinthe window about it they told me I was the first one to purchas it!! Btw I was one of the people upset and saying boycott samsung lol… Yeah yeah I sold out but you know what I got the best android phone out!! And its super amoled… Amazing!! im given samsung one more chance you should to its the best screen and processor out there.

  • http://Website RBRY

    Hi, I went to a Tmobile store at 9:58(opened at 10) and picked up two of these babies. I was replacing two HTC HD2s for my daughter and myself. First, the HTC HD2 was maybe the worst phone I have ever owned hands down. I think it was being used to even out a leg on an old table waiting for this to arrive, I was using my old G1. I am loving this phone so far. I feel that the real release date was and always has been the 21st and that they just early released this to sell against the driod for the “geeks” I would have to agree this was a “soft” release. Need to wait until next week to actually see where this goes. I also feel though that not having a flash and a front facing camera was a typical Tmobile bone head move and hence them always being 3rd.

    • http://Website Mark

      HD2 is a very good phone, if you know what you’re doing.

  • http://Website ASUDave

    I had the same experience at my T-Mobile store. No display. At least today one of the reps was carrying one around his neck for demo.

    I made the comment that its a shame that Tmo didn’t make a bigger deal of this launch since the Vibrant is the best phone on their network, by far. They told me that T-Mobile plans to do a full launch on July 21st with Marketing, displays, etc. I have a feeling that the original plan was to wait until the 21st, but with the Droid X launching today and the Captivate launching Sunday, Tmo wanted to get in early.

  • http://Website kyle

    Same. Store was empty and I was camped out because I called the day before and they said they’d only have ten. The associate didn’t even know if she was allowed to sell the phone to me yet haha

  • http://Website Dismall

    I was at two t-mobile stores and both were just another day experience.

    Has not anybody learned how to market a phone? It seems Motorola hasn’t been a top seller for nothing? Take a look at the success of the Droid? not to mention their passed experience…. can any say Razor?

  • http://Website nate

    so i just purchased my vibrant over the phone on launch day for $500. i have even more plus. how much would it be if i bought it through the android and me store?

  • http://Website Sam

    The phone is great, my experience in store was steller as always. The phone is awesome no question about it.

  • geekster

    picked mine up on 16th and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I was coming from a stock N1 and while my first impression of the Vibrant was a little luke warm. The more I used it at my local store the more I liked it. I think that the lightness of the phone put me off. I really liked the metal body construction of my N1. Not that this is a bad thing just different. Overall very impressed with the phone and really look forward to using it with 2.2. (if that ever happens) (should)

  • mattaviles5

    I don’t understand why people are worrying so much about whether this phone gets advertised or not? Android has a large enough community that the real droid followers will know when any and every droid phone hits the market. Personally I think waiting for a provider to let you know about a device is lazy and you aren’t a true phone geek. Those ads are for the everyday person who doesn’t really know anything about phones IMO. And personally thats not the kind of person I want running around flaunting my device, knowing nothing about it when someone asks whats so great about it? I’ll leave that to ignorant iphone users. I think of it this way, the less people that know what my phone is, the more special it becomes to me because i get to awe even more people. This phone is the biggest step T-Mo has ever taken when it comes to smartphones, even though its unnoticeable yet to the public eye.

    • Nick Gray

      I understand your reasoning, to a point. Yes, we like to stand out from the crowd, but the only way that the platform can continue to grow and evolve is through manufacturers selling more phones. The iPhone itself is not what makes that platform a success, it’s the fact that the masses were aware of it and purchased it. The more people who buy Android phones, the more innovation we will see from manufactures to better help differentiate their phones.

  • http://Website Wesley

    After playing with my friends samsung vibrant, I called T-Mobile and told them I was tired of my blackberry bold 9700 and would like get the vibrant. Since I extended my contract 4 months ago to get the blackberry, I was faced with the $499 pricetag… Luckily for me, I asked them many questions regarding contract cancellation, not that I was planning to cancel but never the less they thought I was going to cancel and the nice guy on the other end gave me $150 off the phone instantly, no upgrade fee and threw in express shipping for free! It cost me $380 with taxes.

  • http://Website Maggie

    I was ready to switch to Sprint for the Evo, but the T-mobile rep on the phone convinced me to look into the Vibrant. I did, and even tho there were/are some things that I’m not crazy about (battery life, no flash for the camera) I stayed w/T-mobile to avoid the cancel fee. I love this phone, ordered through Loyalty Dept, but when I went into T-mobile stores to see about accessories, etc I had the same experience- no excitement, no displays, nothing! This is by far T-mobile’s best asset and the guy on the phone was more excited than anyone. Such a shame…

  • http://Website Scott

    Pretty much the same here, even 10 days after you. They had to get one out of the back to show me.

    Nice phone though.

  • http://Website Amy

    just picked up mine today! I played with it at the TMobile store this past weekend and was very impressed. It was all set up and had promotional material around it. They actually had two of the phoes side by side with one runnning continuous vidoe showing of highlights of the phone and the Avatar movie.

    Let’s hope more people will notice it now that htye are finally showing it off to the world.

    • Nick Gray

      Walked into my Tmo store last night and got one too. This phone’s amazing! The display unit was a little like you said, but my store had three phones out and they are all being played with my customers. While I was gettign mine, there are two people making their purchase as well. This phone’s gonna be hot!