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Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup – which one will you buy?

If you haven’t heard, Samsung is making a run for HTC’s spot in smartphone sales and is poised to make a huge splash with the Samsung Galaxy S. The phone is already available in markets across Europe and Asia and the U.S. is expected to see the Galaxy S hit store shelves by mid July.

While other manufacturers have tied up their cutting edge Android phone with exclusive deals at different carriers (Verizon has the DROID X and Sprint has the EVO 4G), Samsung is taking a slightly different approach.  Rather than going with only one carrier and hoping the phone is enticing enough to make people switch their service provider, Samsung will be releasing different variants on all four major carriers and a few regional carriers as well.

Every time a new top of the line Android phone comes out, we get a sense that a lot of you are willing to jump carriers in order to get your hands on the latest and greatest hardware.  This time around, things should be a lot simpler.  If you’re happy with your rate plan and service, just walk into your carrier’s local store and get the phone you want.

Granted, there’s are a few differences between the different variations of the Galaxy S, but we’re pretty confident that they are not significant enough to jump ship and look at another carrier. Feel free to let us know if the Galaxy S is the right phone for you and which one (AT&T Samsung Captivate, Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant, Verizon Samsung Fascinate) you’ll be picking up on launch day.

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  • http://Website Phillip

    Going with the Vibrant.
    I have AT&T but the way they lock down the Android systems is a big enough difference to make me switch when combined with their overloaded/shitty network and constant dropped calls.

    • http://Website Danix180

      I’m in the same ATT boat.

      I’ll go with Captivate … unless…. ATT does Apple bidding and cripple it. I bet that’s what happened with the missing Front camera and Back light. It’s on of ATT’s shenanigans.

      If they do that I’ll switch to Verizon in no time. My contract with ATT is expired

  • dzitran

    I’m going to hop on the Samsung Epic 4G assuming there are no more Android phones coming out between now and when my contract ends (Nov). I think thats a poor assumption to make though.

  • http://Website AndroidKing

    Epic 4G on verizon – the unnecessary keyboard.
    If you have a 4 Inch screen and NEED a keyboard, you should not exist.
    I am sacred the think about how Humongous the thing will be.

    • Time Pilot AKA

      The keyboarded Epic is on Sprint, not Verizon. I doubt any G1 users (like myself) who have been waiting for a decent spec’d keyboard phone really care about size (small screen but the thickness makes that thing a brick in your pocket). I like the Droid 2…but I’d much prefer the bigger screen of the Epic.

      • http://Website jay555

        I think he meant to say “epic 4G on verizon minus the unnecessary keyboard”. Minus the 4G as well which is fine since almost no one in America can get 4G anyways. But also minus the unnecessary BS “premium” fee too.

        For anyone who demands a physical KB though, I say try the onscreen KB first before you start whining. A well implemented virtual one is just as good if not better than a real on IMO.

        • http://Website Sin City

          @jay555: I’m going to make a mental note, and see if you’re going to be the people who thinks the $10 premium fee is BS, yet praises Verizon’s Tiered Data plan, or the guy who bitches about Verizon’s Tiered Data plan, and wishes Verizon would charge a unlimited 4G plan.

  • http://Website Seriously

    I will be picking up the Epic 4G from Sprint on release day….Any idea when that may be? …I will be paying my ETF at T-Mobile but its not because I dislike T-Mobile, its because my bill will drop from $94.50/month to $30/month (thats including the $10/month charge for 4G speeds) by jumping onto my sisters family plan ….I’m struggling in this economy right now and if I can have an amazing phone like the Epic 4G and save $65/month its a no brainer for me….I still think people will be willing to jump ship to Sprint for the Epic 4G though….I think you guys have underestimated the power of having a full qwerty keyboard and Android….Only a few of them exist (G1, Cliq, Moment, MT3GS) and none of them are backed by the sheer power and beautiful screen of the SGS…..The Epic 4G will help Sprint not only retain customers but bring in a good amount of Android power users that have been searching for their holy grail (The elusive 5-row qwerty)…I know more powerful phones are already being rumored to arrive later this year but lets be real….We know that technology moves faster than we do and as much as we all love having the latest and greatest phones its a battle that none of us can win if we are not wealthy enough to buy them all…..So stop waiting for the next great phone because you will miss out on other great phones….Every phone will be surpassed by a better one within 6 months of its release….Thats where the industry is at and there is nothing we can do but make the most informed buying decisions and hopefully be happy for 2 years….I still think we need 1 year contracts instead of 2…I would pay slightly more money per month so I could have a new phone each year (Sprint premier only allows a yearly upgrade on the main line and not the additional lines like I will have)….You guys think it will ever go to that? Sure hope so! ! !

    • http://Website russ

      when project emerald rolls around later this year and you’re still stuck on 2.1 because you chose a samsung device, you’ll be kicking yourself for jumping

      • http://Website casey

        Samsung said that all of these phones are getting 2.2.

        • http://Website jibberjabber

          Ask Samsung users what else Samsung has said but not delivered. Do not expect these phones to be upgraded.

          • http://Website William Furr

            In other news, Samsung has posted the source code to their build of Android and their drivers on their open source site. The phone has also been rooted. Everything an aspiring rom-cooker needs to do some custom ROMs for a great phone.

  • Time Pilot AKA

    If I had a choice I’d go with the Galaxy S Pro, (1ghz TI, keyboard, awesome screen = WIN) but I can’t switch to Sprint, so no love there.
    I also wasn’t wholly impressed with the reviews I’ve read on the Galaxy S, software wise. The laggy TouchWiz and buggy camera software seems to wreak havok on the overall experience. The Galaxy S lineup looks great on paper but…well…we’ll see what I pick once I actually hold all these Androids in my hand this December.

    Also, (and my comment rating is going to plummet with this last bit:) I’m not 100% sure I even want to stick it out with Android. I might jump camps when Windows Phone 7 comes out, but I will wait to see what Microsoft brings to the table.

    • http://Website Anon

      The Galaxy S doesn’t have a TI processor.

  • http://Website 138

    Picking up a Vibrant! Been waiting for T-Mobile to get a high end Android phone. I hope Samsung hold up to their end of the bargain with the 2.2 update.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      good luck with that.

  • http://Website watbetch

    Samsung Vibrant – HSPA is a beautiful thing. Aside from Sprint’s ok coverage, REVA won’t keep up with HSPA+ and WiMAX coverage is beyond spotty.

    • http://Website Sin City

      Show me a phone that has HSPA+ right now, so I could go in the store and buy it. After you complete that question , show me a HSPA+ phone with real life numbers and not the Peak numbers , then your comment would make sense to me. Current WiMax is being upgraded to WiMax 802.16e Enhanced by the end of the year. Look it up.

      • http://Website watbetch

        I said HSPA, the network in my city is HSPA+ but the Vibrant is obviously only HSPA. I can get 5 megs regularly on plain ole’ HSPA

  • http://Website plainbrad

    Which one has the QWERTY again?

    • Time Pilot AKA

      The Epic 4G (aka Galaxy S Pro) on Sprint.

  • http://Captivate Phil Kulak

    I was all set to run off to Verizon and pick up the Fascinate, but then I noticed that they stripped all the Google off a Google phone! People complain about AT&T locking down their phones, but at least it’s still a Google phone!

  • http://www.bobfortner.com Bob

    Was considering Fascinate on Verizon, until I saw that Bing is the default search and maps. Does anyone know if this phone can be set up to use Google as the default?

    • http://Website Nick

      I’m not sure about Google Search, but you should still be able to downlaod Google Maps with Navigation from the Android Market. If more and more carriers are looking to swap out Google’s search bar with other search providers, Google should really start thinking about adding Google Search and the widget into the market.

  • http://Website B2L

    i wanted this phone but none of them have a front facing camera anymore, or a trackpad. If I could buy the original phone on tmobile I would but this in a heartbeat.

  • http://Website deeb215

    epic and the rest should of been scrapped

  • http://Website Devaspark

    Epic 4g, it has what I want.

  • http://Website J.C.

    Vibrant 4 me! Besides, if it is $330 out right to buy. Then, I’ll just buy it and then wait for TMO’s super-phone (Project Emerald) to do a two year contract; if all things go well with the wife. : p

  • krazytrixxxsta

    im going with none of the above…. im desperately waiting for moto, htc, or possibly dell to deliver a high end, bad a$$ android phone on tmo. (fingers cross)

    • http://Website Nick

      I’m with you on that one. HTC should have something pretty sweet in store for us sometime this fall. As appealing as all these Samsung phones are, I think a lot of customers who already own Android phones will be looking for something from HTC since they have already proven themselves in the Android category time and time again.

    • http://Website Sin City

      I’m not with T-Mobile but I would love to see that happen so I could be wrong. All of Motorola High Spec phones are with Verizon, US wise, while the rest have bullshit. Either a beautiful deal has been made, or I’m imagining things.

  • http://Website Perry the Platipus

    I’m getting the Captivate…. Why? Why else, because I’m on fucking AT&T… And I’m not ready to pay 175 $ just to switch carriers and break my bs contract… I’m fine though, because samsung did a very smart thing, and came out on everyones carrier. They realize we have expensive contracts to break. Plus, I hear that the captivate feels a lot nicer in hand and more upscale than those other black slabs of phone. Can i get a woot woot?

    • http://www.bossyman15.com bossyman15

      or just wait for contact to expire and go to different carrier.

  • http://Website Nick Nelson

    I’d be getting a Vibrant if no other decent phone comes to T-Mobile by the end of the year (when my contract is up), though I’m bummed that it won’t have a front-facing camera. Though I’m really hoping there will be more high-end options for T-Mobile, I can’t afford to switch carriers (and have been happier with TMo than other carriers I’ve been with for the most part), so I’ve been holding out with my now-ancient G1.

    • http://Website clocinnorcal

      Agreed, Tmo fits my budget just fine. Also when you call customer care its an actual English speaking American. So yeah, Vibrant will be my next phone. I cant wait for HTC and P.E.
      Already been waiting over a year for Tmo to get something decent now its here. Really wish they would have left the FFC and touch pad though and HSPA+. Hopefully this is a sign that Tmo is really trying to step it up with the rest of the competition.

  • z0phi3l

    The Wife wants a Vibrant to upgrade from a MT3G, she will get it :)

  • http://Website Woohah

    I’m getting the Vibrant for one reason – it’s ability to take advantage of the HSPA+ network in the DC area.

    • http://Website ronabong

      Is’t it just HSPA on the Vibrant? I swear I saw some where that it’s not HSPA+ on the specs. Someone correct me.

      • http://Website Woohah

        The Vibrant isn’t HSPA+… none of them are. The Vibrant, however, will be able to (theoretically) max out at the 7.2 mpbs at which the phone is constrained – not the network. The other phones will not be able to do this because the new networks are not backward compatible with the phones being released now. Perhaps I’m wrong?

  • http://www.droidgamers.com ExtremeT

    While I would love the Epic 4G even with the premium data plan, I’m on T-mobile and enjoy being with T-mobile.

    While all four phones are great phones and anyone getting one should be more then happy with it, unless something better comes out by the time I’m up for upgrade I’m at a toss up between the Epic 4G (yes that would mean I unfortunately switch carriers) or the T-Mobile Vibrant which is a great phone as well.

  • http://Website Counsel

    I’d love to see specs o the us cellular phone since it is supposed to keep the FCC. What bands does it use? What speeds are realistic? How about some regional carrier love?

  • http://Website bubbles

    I am getting the Vibrant. I wanna wait for T Mobile to pre order but I see Radio Shack is taking pre orders now so I will probably try Radio Shack.

  • http://www.austinpickett.com Austin

    If you didn’t see my reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/cl698/i_just_killed_my_beloved_g1_what_do_you_guys/

    I have just broke my G1 and am in need of an upgrade. Looking at the Galaxy S, but I hate sprint so bad right now for having the slide keyboard…

  • http://Website Rami98

    i have an original droid on verizon that i got from costco less than a month ago and the screen keeps clicking and ive replaced it 3 times for that im reall picky because im going to have this phone for 2 years so it might as well be good. im probably going to return it and cancel my contrat and use my old phone and then i will wait for the droid x, fascinate and compare them to the droid. i like the sharp corners of the att captivate rather than the other 3 but i love the droid and how it looks and everything and i think the droid x is way too big the evo is the largest i will go and i mean phone size not screen size.

  • http://Website Ban

    Do you guys think one of these with a keyboard will come to Europe?

  • http://Website adryan

    im might go with the Fascinate on verizon(since im on a 2 year contract). But i want like the captivate except i want the other phones to have the awsome video out feature just like it. i would have jumped ship for the evo if it had the mirroring hdmi out but i assume that might be because of the hdmi or maybe its just a hardware or software issue. either i might get it depending on what comes out from htc or moto since i really like both

  • http://Website Solrac924

    in one word: none!

    Samsung is way too slow to update Firmware so nah.

  • Reyland

    Since i’m on tmobile i guess the vibrant will be my next phone just because i’ve been waiting a lot of time for a nice phone to change my Mytouch3g and the M3g Slide sucks,so vibrant it is,the only thing i dont like is that the camera doesn’t have flash!

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