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Several Droid X orders arrive early

Several lucky Verizon customers came home to a nice surprise today when they discovered FedEx had delivered their shiny new Motorola Droid X ahead of the official release date of July 15th.

Verizon has not started taking pre-orders for the phone, but a tipster from El Paso, TX informed Droid-life that he place his order with a Verizon rep over the phone. It appears more than one phone has leaked out early because a Verizon call center rep in Huntsville, AL also confirmed that multiple customers had called in trying to activate Droid X devices.

Some speculated the early shipments were related to the @DroidLanding scavenger hunt, but those reports have not been verified. The account had tweeted earlier in the day that a Droid X phone had landed in TX, but that device turned out to be hidden somewhere in Houston.

Best Buy started taking pre-orders for the Droid X last month before freezing the campaign to inform new customers they could not “guarantee a phone on launch day”. If you missed out on the first round of pre-orders, then be prepared to get in line early at your local Verizon retail outlet.

Those who prefer to skip the lines (and mail in rebates) should also keep an eye on our Android phone store, where the Droid X will go on sale at 12:00 AM EST July 15th.

Source: Droid-life

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