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Snaptic expands the Move Your App! developer challenge

Are you a developer looking for your next great app idea? Planning what you’re going to build once you get invited to Google’s App Inventor? Snaptic, creators of 3banana, AK Notepad, and Compass Android applications, has recently announced a new segment of theirĀ Move your App! developer challenge focused on improving the health of the Android community.

I would be amiss to mention Snaptic’s challenge without mentioning Snaptic’s inspiration, the Health 2.0 challenge. The Health 2.0 challenge is sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services, and challenges health care organizations and app development professionals to come up with and build applications aimed at solving healthcare’s large challenges. As a healthcare professional, I’m excited by and am already thinking of ways to get involved in this challenge.

Building off the Health 2.0 challenge, Snaptic has announced a similar challenge with a slightly different aim. Snaptic’s Move your App! challenge challenges developers to build applications to answer the question “What can you build to inspire movement?” The application should both track and inspire physical movement on behalf of the app user.

Need an incentive to participate? Snaptic is giving away an Android phone (undefined model), a Macbook Pro, and an opportunity to speak at the Health 2.0 conference.

All the information that you could ever hope to learn about the challenge can be found at snaptic’s website. Applications are due on September 15, 2010, so get moving! (Pun definitely intended).

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