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Sprint and HTC show others how Android updates are done

Sprint appears to have won the race to FroYo as they will reportedly begin rolling out the Android 2.2 update for the HTC EVO 4G to a test bed of customers tomorrow. The first batch of over the air updates are slated to start at 12:00 pm CST on July 30th and if everything goes well they will begin proactively pushing it to a broad audience on August 2nd.

Verizon was rumored to update their Droid line of phones next month, but Sprint has been hard at work with HTC on Android 2.2 for the EVO and beat them to the punch. In a leaked internal document posted at Engadget we can see that Sprint made Android 2.2 a “high priority for competitive reasons”.

This update is significant because this is the first time we have seen the carriers, handset makers, and Google work so closely together in order to push these updates out in a timely manner. Android 2.2 was announced at Google I/O in May, released to OEMs in June, and now test builds are in the hands of carriers.

HTC is mostly responsible for the quick turnaround by finishing the tweaks on their Sense UI to make sure it took full advantage of all the new features offered in Android 2.2. These custom skins have traditionally slowed updates down by as much as six months or longer (right, CLIQies?) so it’s a good sign for other Android fans that their wait might not be as long this time around.

It also sounds like HTC has completed Android 2.2 updates for most of their other new phones. The Nexus One received it already, the Desire is rolling out any day now, and the Incredible’s version is in testing. This now puts Motorola and Samsung on the clock who we expect will have Android 2.2 updates in August and September respectively.

If you have an EVO and want to upgrade to Android 2.2, we will be on the lookout to the official download link from Google’s servers. Check back soon for a manual upgrade guide.

EVO update

Sprint's update schedule for the EVO.

Source: Engadget

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  • todah09

    for all the hate sprint gets,this is awesome………i dont care what nobody say,sprint is tha TRUTH…AND IM OUT THIS B!TH!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website anon

      It seems that your lisp spewed out on the INTERNET.

  • http://Website mazzmoney

    if I unroot my evo can I install this

  • http://Website mikey chalupa

    FINALLY! Take that MOTO! EVO baby! And I’m out the b!t$h

    • http://Website ray

      Ya enjoy your “hd” video on your evo, you didn’t build the phone why are you proud? is this the only things that makes you feel like you have worth? Sorry yes be happy haha just messing

  • http://Website CJ

    Uh huh. Here we go again. Again!

  • http://Website ari-free

    now can they market these things to show flash and videochat over 3g?

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    I love it! All the talk from haters saying the Evo wouldn’t get 2.2 for another 6 months cuz of Sense UI…. IN YO FACE! :D

    I apologize for my excitement. THANK YOU SPRINT!

    • http://Website jdog

      I’ve been rockin Froyo for two months on my Nexus One so in yo face LOl.

      Well if HTC keeps this up then I won’t feel so bad giving up my Nexus (maybe) I still think they need an option to turn on or off Sense.

      • http://Website Yaril Moni

        Yeah but the Evo owns :)

      • http://Website Nithin Jino

        There has been custom ROMs of Fro-Yo Sense that works pretty good and almost everything if not everything working (so I heard)

        This is just the official update. Root users has been enjoying things weeks and even months before the official version comes out.

        • http://Website DROID Sam

          Months? Ummm….. the EVO hasn’t even been on sale for months. The first froyo builds for the Nexus One are less than 60 days old, so I highly doubt anyone’s been playing around with Froyo builds for the EVO for that long.

    • http://Website hiddengopher

      Awesome! I’m excited too, since I might be a future Evo owner or Sprint customer. :)

    • http://Website sturoids

      Haha, love your excitement but would hold those ‘in yo face’ comments till you actually have the official ota on your phone

  • http://Website nate

    Damn, I’ve looked Dow on sprint for quite a while now but their actions as of late have made me now consider them to be a solid carrier

  • http://Website Glenn

    Saw it on HowardForums and Engadget earlier… Certainly hope this is true. I only just got my Evo via FedEx and RadioShack yesterday, but it won’t be activated until Saturday. It would be nice to have an update to Froyo so soon after getting the phone. :D

  • http://Website jbn

    sprint haters really are idiots!! i love sprint : )

    • http://Website B

      Why are sprint haters idiots?

      • http://Website jdog

        Because pay $40 less per month for double the internet speeds is just idiotic.

        • http://Website PH3R

          i love paying less per month i am on my friends family plan on Sprint with 27% discount i play $45 for everything unlimited love it and my HTC EVO running Official Release of Android 2.2 w/ HTC Sense from Sprint

  • http://twitter.com/velazcod velazcod

    I love you guys, but the title sounds like it has already happened. Try not to jump the ship, remember what happened with the Droid updates, you wrote an article saying it was going to happen during that night and had to update the post a hundred times, then, it never happened. All I’m saying is, I hope it happens, but make the title be a little different and don’t be so sure that it will happen ;)

  • mac08wrx

    I’m glad to hear it’s gonna happen for the evo. This should show other carriers that they need to step it up.

  • http://Website Antoniofox

    Wow!…. Now this is what I am talking about. I nervously jumped from t-mobile (moto cliq) to Sprint for the Supersonic (EVO 4g) and it would seem my timid jump is paying off.

    I quite frankly am drooling with anticipation for all the yummy froyo goodness slathered generously on my EVO with jit compiler sprinkles… And lest we forget…. Flash!

    Proud owners of the Sexi Nexi 1 have had Froyo goodness for awhile now; Yet, it is outstanding to see HTC picking up the pace for their other phone models!

    At one point the EVO was code named “Supersonic” and I hope we continue to keep getting supersonically fast updates just like the EVO former namesake!

    The EVOlution just keeps on getting better!

    • Prince77

      Hey bro, I was with tmobile too (Behold2), I knew the Evo was coming out and there was no nervousness with me because I wanted a good phone. Plus I love Sprint and wanted to go back that’s why I did it.

    • http://Website Glenn

      It’s just too bad that the Evo seems to eat through the battery at Supersonic speeds, as well. And it would have benefited from having a better processor. But other than that, it’s almost perfect.

  • http://Website deeb215

    I think I just shat myself! Go EVO its ur birthday!

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    This is awesome. And I thought I was going to have to root over the weekend. Hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky ones to get it. I may still root though lol. Love it Sprint . They kept quite while everyone else ran their mouth.

    Sprint this is one hell of a nut shot!!!!!!!!

  • lukas8

    This is a whole new aspect of phones that manufacturers are just starting to catch on to. Just having android on the phone isn’t enough, you also have to commit to keeping up with Google’s updates. Some have been slow to catch on, but I think most are starting to get it.

    Granted, Google doesn’t make it easy on them by releasing a major update every few months. One thing I would like to know more about is how difficult it is to adapt an update to a phone. Those with special UIs are probably more difficult, but I see cyanogenmod produce an updated version for several phones within a week or so of a release. There couldn’t be more than a handful of people working on that.

    I’m hoping tmobile hires cyanogenmod (for a ton of money). He obviously knows what he is doing and can produce results.

    • http://Website sturoids

      Cyanogen is awesome and his team does some great work and with that being said the roms released do still have quite a few bugs and someone like HTC wouldn’t dare released something to the public with as many bugs…..they might as well be selling iPhone 4s :p

  • EVO-AL

    Now, for an idiot’s like me I ill not need to Root it for 2.2 YEAH! Dorid in your Face!!!

  • http://Website Glenn

    It’s pretty much official. Check out Sprint’s blog: http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/sprintblogs/buzz-by-sprint/announcements/blog/2010/07/29/sprint-is-the-first-wireless-carrier-to-bring-android-22-to-customers-using-the-award-winning-htc-evo-4g-beginning-tuesday-aug-3

    “Sprint will begin sending update notifications to users in waves beginning Tuesday, Aug. 3″…

    “For those who just can’t wait to get Android 2.2, there will be an easy user initiated option to download the upgrade. Customers can access the software update through their HTC EVO 4G under the Settings Menu > System Updates > HTC Software Update.”

    I’m assuming… staring tomorrow, or Sunday, at the latest.

  • http://Website J

    Now we need commitment from Sprint and HTC that Gingerbread will come to the EVO. Start the pestering in 5 . . 4. . .

  • azpunk420

    Miracles do happen, I’m just glad us Evo owners can bag on all those Android 2.1 users on Tuesday :) Take that Droid X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website jay555

    your “premium” fee dollars at work folks…oh well, i guess it’s the least Sprint can do considering they’re charging you guys out the a$$ every month for that phone.

    • http://Website Gee

      Yeah, I know! I get unlimited mobile calls, 500 minutes for land line calls, free 7PM night time and weekends, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited data with consistent 4G speeds of 5-6.5 Mbps for $69.99 (EPRP $59.99 + $10 4G)! What a rip off! I should be paying at least $30 more at another carrier to be on par!

      • Prince77

        I was just about to say that but in less words Gee.

  • http://Website OGC

    Its about time that google have created good relations with HTC and the carriers. Finally Android is beginning to look like professionals with HUGE potential instead of a disorganised child throwing updates here and there!

  • http://www.runjimmyrun.com Jimmy @ Run, Jimmy, Run

    Another reason why I’m leaving AT&T for Sprint in three months. Well done Sprint!

  • Prince77

    Dude, don’t be mad at Sprint. You should have asked questions before you brought the phone if you had doubts. There isn’t any 4G in my area but I’m not complaining because the phone is faster and better than the one I had before (Behold2). Don’t knock the phone, knock yourself for deciding to get the phone. There aren’t any problems with it, just a lot of people complaining, some that have gotten the phone or some who don’t even have it.

    • EVO-AL

      REALLY. What about your 30 day Guarantee. You tell me you did not test it within that time frame. Bull S$$t. Stop Lying. Go get yourself an Iphone!!!! Stuck my ass. If you are and did not return it in that time frame then you are GAY.

  • http://Website Bobba

    this is really awesome. HTC stepping it up like this will only put pressure on Motorola and Samsung to really kick it in to gear for future updates .

  • http://Website YASMANN666

    Well there u go…for all those that stated evo will get it in 6 month or more..yeahh u heard it well …IN YA FACE!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Shimawn

    Congrats to all HTC owners and let me just say wow to motorola, thanks for making me think that i would b the first after nexus one owners to get FroYo on my Droid and then fail with the update yet again. Honestly, how can it take longer to update a vanilla android than a skinned build? So much for having it 6 months before everyone else lol but i should have expected that after the whole Eclair update fiasco.

  • http://Website manly man

    Another win for Evo and sprint!

  • http://Website kyle

    Got froyo runs great. Quick new Widgets are great. Flash player works great on kongregate. Thanks to xda I got the link

  • http://Website Dongl

    any chances that se is reading this ? my x10 is still 1.6 god damn it!!
    please htc, teach se how updates are done…

  • http://Website Jeff

    Sprint has posted the 2.2 update as of this evening.. easy download and seems to be souring!!

  • http://Website Richard

    I am here to tell you that yes Sprint rocks and the evo rules android 2.2 is worth everything they said and makes a device that was already the best on the market even better now. Cant wait for some ginger bread

  • http://www.myiphone4case.org.uk John @myiphone4case

    Very interesting article. I may say very nice site. You catch my attention to be in your site.

  • http://Website MotaDroid

    Cyn builds his ROMs from source so it won’t make a difference in his ROMs just because HTC, Motorola or whoever have their official build out.