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Sprint reports first customer gains in 3 years, wishes they had more EVOs to sell

Sprint reported their Q2 results today and beat analysts expectations when they revealed their first total net wireless subscriber growth in three years and its best postpaid churn result ever. For the quarter Sprint gained 111,000 subscribers, which is their first subscriber growth since 2007.

Android took central stage during the earnings call as Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, praised the HTC EVO 4G. Hesse said, “So far, the HTC EVO 4G has exceeded our expectations, whether it’d be press or analyst reviews, sales demand or for its historic low return level. We wish we could get more devices and it’s an issue of HTC is working on.”

Dan Hesse admitted to being in constant contact with HTC CEO Peter Chou about the component shortages and said they were working on the issue, but the supply of handsets will still be constrained over the next couple of months.

Even though the EVO 4G launch helped Sprint pick up new customers, the carrier claims they could have still reported gains without the device. Sprint reports they have made foundational improvements across the board and that resulted in a better customer experience.

Sprint announced they have no plans to change their current data plans, but left the door open to future adjustments. When asked about tiered data plans Hesse responded, “With respect to tiering, right now, we have no plans go to tiered data pricing. That doesn’t mean we won’t.”

The mandatory $10 4G fee was also defended saying the “take rate is fantastic” and customers understood they were paying for a premium experience.

Next quarter look for Sprint to continue their momentum as they expand their 4G footprint and launch their second 4G handset, the Samsung Epic.

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website lee

    Mannn without the evo sprint would be nothing and with tmobile upcoming phones sept 9 and nov ontop of verizon release of the droid x and in a few months the droid 2 sprint will ounce again fall back. Being hot only last for a quick sec in the android community..so many phones it comes down to service and tmobile new android phones will have a faster service being sprints 4g will not be even close to tmobile new untitled 4g network…

    • http://Website MnM

      I think I just became dumber reading this…..
      T-Mobile doesn’t have 4G
      And EVO is comparable to the Droid X
      While the Epic is comparable to the Droid 2

      • http://Website Jacob

        Today’s math lesson:
        HSPA+ > 4G
        I believe he meant that T Mobile’s network is 4G in all but name due to it’s high speeds.
        And I do not see how the Droid 2 is at all comparable to the Epic aside from the Droid’s inferior keyboard.
        Granted, Sprint is my network so I may be biased, but I believed their unlimited data plans will continue to attract customers.

        • http://Website Gee

          Um, no.

          WiMax (144 Mbps) > HSPA+ (56Mps)

          In it’s current state, T-Mobile has more HSPA+ coverage than Sprint has WiMax coverage but this will change quickly. T-Mobile already has spotty 3G coverage compared to Sprint, and HSPA+ is dependent on their 3G coverage since it’s just an upgrade over that existing hardware. Combine that with the fact that Sprint also has a massive amount of spectrum for WiMax and that WiMax transfer speeds are dependent on coverage area (you have to tune the WiMax towers to either coverage area or speeds, hence the current poor coverage that prioritizes connection area but with only 3-6Mbps and 10Mbps bursts), and you have a recipe for Sprint WiMax eventually trumping T-Mobile HSPA+.

          T-Mobile will run out of moves after upgrading their entire 3G network to HSPA+. Sprint will continue to outgrow their 3G network with WiMax and once fully saturated, will begin to lower the coverage area of the WiMax towers and up the transfer caps.

  • http://scottkellum.com Scott Kellum

    It takes money to make money. Sprint and Verizon have been selling a lot of Android phones like crazy this year, fronting a lot of that cost. Losses are probably a sign of good news for both companies.

  • Prince77

    I used to be on tmobile, I left because the Behold 2 was straight garbage. After that I said I will never get another Samsung phone again, and I am sticking to that. The best and only thing tmobile has issued it’s plans. Sprints any mobile anytime plan is good but not great. The Evo is the phone now, everyone getting the Droids will be on tiered data plans and come out alot more money than with Sprint or tmobile.

  • http://twitter.com/PoloBrett PoloMane912

    I been with Sprint for 7 years…I was going to verizon but the EVO change that lol…but Sprint plans are way better…

  • http://Website jon

    what a total 180

    from starting off as absolute critics of android (because it wasn’t good enough for their network?) to becoming one of the biggest fans…