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T-Mobile moves Samsung Vibrant up one week to July 15th

Multiple T-Mobile retail locations are reporting that the Samsung Vibrant will now launch on July 15th, instead of the original date of July 21st. New customers can grab the high-end smartphone for $199 with a 2-year contract and the full price off-contract is $449.99.

If July 15th sounds familiar, that is also the same day Verizon is launching the Droid X for the same price. The Droid X has a larger 4.3 inch display and a higher 8 megapixel camera with flash, but the Vibrant has the best display technology (Super AMOLED) and the fastest graphics processor found in an Android phone. T-Mobile customers also have the added benefit of 4G-like speeds, thanks to T-Mobile’s upgrade to HSPA+.

The Vibrant is the first high-end 1 GHz Android phone to land on T-Mobile, so it might attract a bunch of customers who have been waiting to upgrade their handset. Of course there is always something faster around the corner, but the Vibrant’s beautiful display and super-fast GPU might make this the sweet spot to jump in.

So what’s it going to be T-Mobile fans? Is anyone lining up for the Vibrant or would you rather wait a couple more months and hold off for the rumored HTC Project Emerald?

Via: TmoNews

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  • http://ckcin.blogspot.com nick

    not sure if I’m ready to make the switch to a keyboardless device. I think I’ll hold off for Emerald… Slide looks nice, but I’m trying to be patient. and waiting for Emerald to make me happy.

    • http://Website Danny

      I’ve been waiting too long and been disappointed by too many false or delayed rumors to hold out any real hope for Project Emerald. This is the first Android phone to hit T-Mobile that’s worth upgrading to from my G1. T-Mobile finally has a high-end Android phone that I can really get excited about, and I’m going to get mine on the 15th.

      • http://Website Doughboy

        I feel the same way and now I’m glad i did.

  • http://Website Brian

    I’m upgrading from a mytouch 3g. I have been waiting for this phone since I saw it several months ago. If only t-mobile would have left the flash.

  • http://Website Mark

    I am jumping from T-Mobile for Sprint and the Epic. I just figured out that I can actually (with admitted lack of super-cable speed) save myself about 80 a month using the hotspot service with Sprint. Yes, Yes, I know I could just root and get the hotspot app via appmarket. But unlimited 4G vs 5gb cap on t-mo? Nah, its worth the extra fees and knowledge that the carrier won’t donk on my speeds when they realize I am tethering two laptops, my Wii/Netflix, all while uploading 720p videos to facebook.

    • z0phi3l

      T-Mo’s cap isn’t 5gb, was reading someone got throttled at 10gb

    • http://Website Tyler

      The cap on T-Mobile is 10gb, and its a softcap, they drop you to EDGE once you cross it.

      • http://Website Mark

        Oh, thats not too bad. Still, they have come down pretty hard on the idea of tethering, have they not? I love the service I get from T-Mobile, but I guess in the end I can’t justify the cable/internet bill anymore and if I can swing it with just the tethering, I end up happy.

        • http://Website Ryan McKay

          good luck with 2 laptops, wii/netflix, AND uploading hidef video from the hotspot card…

          • http://Website Mark

            One can dream right?

    • http://Website Usman

      T-mo caps at 10GB., then throttles you to Edge after that. No extra fee or penalty like the other three carriers.

  • http://Website David

    First 1ghz phone on T-Mobile? What about the Nexus One?

    • z0phi3l

      People don’t count the N1 because it wasn’t sold at a T-Mo store so it doesn’t exist

    • ayocuz

      The nexus one wasn’t released to tmob it just runs on the same type of network, that’s why you can’t get it from a tmobile store

      • http://Website nate

        Well it was kinda released on tmo because you could get it on contract with them just not in one of their stores

        • http://Website Danny

          Most T-Mobile customers don’t qualify for the upgrade price, which is still $100 more than the 2-year new contract price, and that’s only with a certain type of contract. Plus there’s the simple fact that you’re buying the phone from Google instead of T-Mobile, so there’s no financing option like there is with T-Mobile phones. That means most T-Mobile customers wanting to buy the Nexus One have to pay full price up front to Google with T-Mobile nowhere in the picture for the transaction.

          In other words, the Nexus One is NOT a T-Mobile phone. It’s a Google phone, and Google partnered with T-Mobile to help bring it to a very small group of customers for a lower price.

  • http://Website Raul

    I’m still on a G1 and dont think I can wait any longer. I figure if the emerald is working it ill just give this phone to my sister who’s still using some windows mobile phone and call it a day.

  • http://Website dh

    Tough call. I’ll probably check it out in store and may wait for the rumored htc vanguard in September. Samsung makes me a little nervous, but with the galaxy going out to all 4 carriers my hope is that it will get the attention it deserves because of that.

  • http://Website Mike Wong

    Just confirmed with tmobile online chat. Samsung Vibrant will be release on July 15th instead of July 21st:

    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
    You have been connected to _Timothy F.
    _Timothy F: Welcome to T-Mobile Live Chat. My name is Timothy F and I will be glad to assist you. I will just need a moment to pull up your account and review your question.
    _Timothy F: I appreciate your patience. How can I help you today?
    Mike Wong: I just read an article that samsung Vibrant will be release on July 15th instead of July 21st, is that true?
    _Timothy F: All right, Mike. I can appreciate your interest in the Samsung Vibrant. Let me see what I can find out for you.
    Mike Wong: thanks Timothy
    _Timothy F: According to what I am seeing here, the Vibrant is set to be released on 07/15/2010.
    Mike Wong: so it is true… do you happen to know the retail price for vibrant? without contract?
    _Timothy F: Unfortunately, at this time, I do not have the full retail price for the Vibrant at this time. I can tell you that existing customers that upgrade will pay as much as $439.99 for this device. However, full retail is probably higher than that.
    Mike Wong: I see… I just hope it’s no higher than $500. But it’s nice to hear that Vibrant will be release next Thursday (July 15th).
    _Timothy F: My guess is that it will be around the $500 mark. But that is just a guess.
    _Timothy F: I am excited to see what this phone can do as well. I may be looking into one for myself.
    Mike Wong: I think this phone will be one of the best out there, despite that it doesn’t have FFC or camera flash.
    Mike Wong: well, Timothy, thank you a lot for this info. I really appreciate this.
    _Timothy F: You are most welcome, Mike. Are there any other questions that I can help answer today?
    Mike Wong: nope… thanks again.
    _Timothy F: All right. I want to thank you for contacting us through T-Mobile Chat. Have a great and wonderful night.

  • http://Website dh

    BTW, all u G1 owners (like me) check out your local Tmo store for insane price cuts on g1 accessories. I bought a body glove shell case, a hard plastic clear case which included a car charger, and 2 different battery covers(graphics) all for $1.99 each!

    May make the wait a little more bearable. I recently cracked my camera’s lens cover and was thrilled with the replacement backs.

    • http://Website DaveC

      Thanks for that tip. I still have a G1, a Wing, and a Sidekick active on my family account, and they can all use the same charger.

  • http://Website Alejandro

    I don’t know I think I’ll just upgrade to the vibrant from the MT3g, … I feel like the project emerald will be a flop. With the battery technology now days, I doubt it’ll be able to last all day trying to power a dual processor…

  • ayocuz

    I read today the emerald could be a new type of side kick hope its not true and I hope whatever it is it doesn’t have a stupid lame physical keyboard to make it all fat and ugly

    • http://Website DaveC

      It’s supposedly a Sidekick in name only; however, judging from the comments I’ve read the last few months, there are a whole lot of us G1 owners that are hoping in comes with a killer physical keyboard. There are plenty of screen-only options coming.

  • http://Website sinanovski

    I’m def getting one within two months of its release. I thought the price would be around $550 and was fine with that, but seeing that it could cost $450 is even better. Time to retire the G1 or start doing stuff to it beyond rooting.

  • http://Website ripcitiboi

    no front camera, no flash, no can do. rather wait after seeing the beautiful iphone 4 in action. wan’t all my needs covered so i wont have any regrets nor temptations for another phone. i do admit that it is a very attractive phone both new ui and hardware wise!

    for now sticking to my (cracked screen) nexus one… if anyone knows has suggestions in fixing it please let me know, thanks!

    • http://Website Danny

      Front facing camera is more of a gimmick than anything else, and lack of flash is bearable if the rumors about the quality of the camera I’ve heard are true. Besides, if you’re that serious about taking pictures, bring an actual camera with you. The lack of led flash is disappointing, but hardly a deal-breaker, and the amazing screen and graphics and processor capabilities of this phone more than make up for it.

      • http://Website plainbrad

        It is a gimmick some of us really want. Does that mean it is still a gimmick?

  • ayocuz

    How in the hell did you crack the screen on a sexii nexii? Let us know so I’ll be sure not todo the same lol!

  • StabMasterArson

    I’ll be upgrading my BB Curve 8320 to the Vibrant. Tmo gave me a nice birthday present by moving the release up a week. I’m pretty happy to be getting my first Android phone.

  • mrmetoo

    YA same here stabmaster! i own a BB curve 8320 and very excited to upgrade my phone to the samsung vibrant and own my first android phone!

  • http://Website soboku

    I think the vibrant is a good phone but i’ll hold out for a hspa+ phone with an FFC and flash and no slide out keyboard with at lest 16gbs of onboard memery. My next phone will have to last a few years so why not wait till it has all the newest stuff. With the displays getting as big as they are I just don’t need a slide out keyboard and besides side out ones make the phone not as pretty and very hard to get a good case.

  • http://Website Bubbles

    I pre ordered from radio shack, i gonna call to see if they get on 15th,if not will cancel my pre ordrr and go with t mobile direct. I dont care that the ffc has been removed, I have a ffc on my n900 and barely use it. The ffc does work well over 3g but to me is not an important feature. I cant wait to get this device,just need to root it and will begood to go

  • http://Website jeremy

    Does anyone know if this will be the offical release date for Radio Shack pre-orders i retrned my evo 4g and pre ordered the vibrant so right know i have no phone

  • http://Website qverse

    Well as Most T-Mobile customer don’t
    get your hope up to high! They all want to suck you into that 2-year new contract price, and that’s only with a certain type of contract. Most T-mobile store are not going to let you buy the phone from T-Mobile off-contract, I have tried with the HTC HD2 ( and I glad I didn’t). I when to 6 different stores and no phone but if I would upgrade and did the financing option all of the sudden a phone they would have the phone. New customers can grab the high-end smartphone for $199 with a 2-year contract and the full price off-contract is $449.99. Thats BS. 2-year contract is the only thing keep them alive…And YES i have issue hahahaha.

  • http://Website Kevin

    For those of you that may actually qualify for a T-Mobile upgrade, you might be interested to know that the price may even lower than $200 if you buy it from t-mobile.com, and even cheaper through wirefly.com — though wirefly.com will not be able to extend you the cheaper pricing unless you are completely done with your current 2 year contract.

    T-mobile.com for my scenario offered to sell the phone to me for $164.99, which totalled $200.79 after taxes, shipping cost and an $18 upgrade fee.

    wirefly.com (last I checked) was running a $149.00 promotion with the final cost being the $149.00 + $18 + any changes required to your plan.

    I am going to see if the store will give me the same offer as the online store. If not, I guess I will have to order online and wait a few days for the phone to arrive.

  • http://google.com fee fee

    i am so ready for tht ohone i just think its sexy i wish i cn get it for free but we cnt but its sexy ahh im ready to take tht phone home with me