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T-Mobile pulls the HTC G1 from their Android lineup

Today marks the end of an era for Android.  The HTC made T-Mobile G1 is no longer available from T-Mobile’s online store.  Compared to today’s lineup for Android phones, the G1’s 528 MHz processor, 3.2 inch display, and Android 1.6 OS seem outdated and obsolete.  With new phones like the HTC G1 Blaze set to replace the original, it was only a matter of time before T-Mobile decided to pull the plug on the G1.  But let’s not forget that the G1 is the phone responsible for kicking off the Android revolution and lighting a spark in the hearts on the Android modding community.

The G1 was the first smartphone to actually rival the iPhone’s functionality, giving customers the option of an open OS.  Nearly two years later, the G1 has proven to the world that an open OS is what the public really wants.

We’re pretty sure that most of you have owned a G1 at some point or another.  Many of you have called it “the little phone that could” while others have complained about the phones low memory and abysmal performance.  Feel free to share your thoughts, complaints, or favorite memories about your G1.

Source: AndroidGuys

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  • http://Website @neidlinger.

    I like you guys forgot to mention /care of Cyanogen(mod) the phone is running Android 2.1/stable or 2.2/experimental, and can be over-clocked to keep up with the bigger phones.

    *rolls eyes*.

    • http://Website Jimmy13

      I doubt that. They have already written stories about cyanogenmod and the G1 before including the 2.1/2.2 they are just stating facts here.

      *rolls eyes*

    • http://pokejungle.net Paul

      I AM running Cyanogen and it is still slow as hell (6.0.0 RC2 btw) and throughout its life my G1 has always had trouble even making it to the end of the day if I wanted to do more than keep it in my pocket for texts and calls.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com/ Aaron

        I know it’s off-topic, but you’ll want to do a few things to get 2.2 RC2 running quick on your G1 (mine is configured like this and it BLAZES *rimshot*):

        1) Disable dithering (Settings->CyanogenMod Settings->Performance Tweaks)
        2) Enable compcache (Settings->CyanogenMod Settings->Performance Tweaks)
        3) Keep launcher persistent in memory (Settings->ADWLauncher->System Preferences)
        4) Use SetCPU to overclock your phone to 245-576 MHz, with “Set on Boot” enabled

        If you’re having battery life issues, it might be worth doing a full battery calibration by performing a full factory reset, clearing all caches, etc., such that your phone’s software is “brand new”, then draining the battery until it turns itself off (I turn on all power control stuff and start a flashlight app at full brightness to drain it quickly), then charge it to full capacity (i.e., overnight when you go to bed) before turning it back on. I’ve done this and my battery is now recalibrated and lasts much longer – I don’t know if it’s a direct result of the recalibration, 2.1/2.2 being more power-efficient than 1.6, or both. Failing that, you could always buy a new battery. They’re not too expensive.

  • Killa

    I remember wanting one so bad when I would see the commercials even though I had no idea that it was running Android or even what Android was. I just wanted it because it looked cool and it was a “Google phone”, which sounded interesting. :)

  • Vineares

    :( had to happen eventually

    G1 for life.

  • http://Website Chancy

    The best Android phone EVER made! **sniff** **sniff** Goodbye!

  • http://Lessons G-Unit

    I skipped over the G1 to the N1. Much love for the Android OS and all the hard work to those who started on the O.G. aka G1.

    G-Unit Out!

  • xray49er

    I have two g1′s. I gave 1 to my son and the other i just experiment on. The g1 has been my absolute favorite phone. And it turned me on to the mod community, which i cant get enough of. R.I.P. G!

  • http://Website Chancy

    Will there ever be a “G2″?

    • http://scottkellum.com Scott Kellum

      Will there ever be a Nexus2?

      They never really follow through with these phone names.

    • http://Website Daniel

      T-Mo released the HTC Hero was released as the G2 Touch in Europe.

      In fact, I’m puzzled as to why the US never saw the GSM Hero, and was so late with the CDMA versions. It was, to me, the first Android phone that didn’t suck. I really liked its looks, slightly improved hardware, Sense UI (a big improvement back in the 1.5 days) and tethering support. And it was announced right after I got my G1. Aw, I felt sad for a while…

    • http://Website Kenny

      Look up HTC Vision and you will see the “G2″ my friend at t-mobile confirmed 1 GHz processor, and it will be HSPA+ capable. This will probably be the flag-ship phone for t-mobile… (I’ve heard that they are getting the new Iphone too – BLEH!!!) We all knew this day would come but as a G1 owner I’m really not that bummed. XDA will keep the phone up-to-date and there will be new stuff to Android on the G1 first. Think about it G1 was the original Dev Phone. I’ll keep mine for that simple fact and I may take the plunge and flash Linux on it. I did hear that Gingerbread is might have a minium 1 GHz req maybe this is why her ship has sailed… oh well its been a great run.

  • Sinanovski

    This phone launched the Android revolution in my house. Bought black and white for me and the wife. The reason I bought it was just because I wanted a phone where I could install apps, but didn’t want to buy iPhone because I’m a hatter. So this was like a Godsend. Wife bought it because I told her so. :D

    Did many things to it. I sell my old phones, but this one will be kept.

  • http://Website Gone

    Never liked or wanted the phone. I always thought it was very ugly with that awful chin. The best part about this phone was the android software, the design was a total FAIL!!! HTC has definitely step up their game in phone design.

  • Nick Gray

    I’d say that the G1 has been one of the best phones I have ever owned. Because of this phone, I was able to convince my entire family to switch over to Android. None of them really liked by G1′s industrial design, but in the end it’s just a shell to show off what Android can really do.

    I’ve modder, hacked, and themed my G1 and will most likely keep it when I finally decide to get myself a new phone.

    • http://Website Nick

      just to give you an idea of how much I love my little G1, i recently purchased a brand new battery for it. The stock battery was only lasting me about six hours, but with the new one I can actually make it though an entire day without having to plug it into my compter while at work.

      I’m sure I’ll be getting a new phone within the next few months, but I’ll probably still tinker with my G1 as long as the modding community stays with it.

  • http://Website Sad (ex) G1 user

    This made me really sad, the G1 never let me down. When I bought it, I bought it because of the keyboard and touchscreen, I had no idea what Android was. I rooted it because I wanted multitouch, then I found Chris Chavez’s “Cheesy youtube with reviews and stuff” and I decided to start hacking my phone. That was the best decision of my (android) life, and I never looked back. The challenges, of bricking my phone temporarily and then fixing it were awesome, and I was a flashaholic for a few months. After a while, I decided my poor G1 couldn’t keep up anymore, and I flashed Cyanogenmod, always staying on the bleeding-edge nightlies while I looked for a replacement. I found that replacement in the Galaxy S, and I’m waiting for the ROMs to start pouring in! I still have my G1, and I think its going to be a collector’s item when android rules the world. Android4Life!

  • http://Website EX G1 User from day one! then cliq…………now Vibrant

    Im pretty sad to hear this. Of course it had its flaws but who or what doesn’t. It was a great phone, started a revolution, and if it was a solider it would be buried with every badge and honor possible.

    R.I.P G1

  • http://Website Stella

    I will always have good memories of my G1 in white. It was my second smart phone and HTC. I love the Android OS, dev community, and open source appeal. Even through I moved on a Samsung Vibrant, I will keep my G1.

    R.I.P. G1

  • mmitchum

    I never had a G1 as i’ve been a Sprint customer since Genesis, but I definitely give props to the phone that started it all.

    Job well done, G1. Take your leave and rest. You’ve earned it…

    • http://Website chris

      I agree I was on AT&T used one for about a month on EDGE I had to move on to the BackFlip then with in 3 Weeks the AT&T 3G Nexus came out my Att contact was up with in 4 months sold that and switched to Sprint and got the HTC EVO 4G I will never go back to iPhone farewell G1 u did us All Proud we will never forget what u did

  • http://Website Brandon

    Lol, well that sucks. I can’t wait to see the new one the article refers to … I have a black (used) G1 for sale if anyone wants to buy it. Email me, thanks!

  • http://Website Brandon

    To add to what I already said, the G1 is classic! I was the first in my family & group of close friends to get the G1 (in white) that started it all! Android is awesome, I will never get another type of phone, this is unbeatable! I upgraded to the Samsung Vibrant but will always remember my good ol’ G1!

    R.I.P. To the first Google Phone, your mission was a success!!

  • http://Website Hans

    May you R.I.P., G1.

  • juanito

    G1 user since June 09 – other than the Palm PRE, there wasn’t a phone that had the features I wanted. Glad I went with the G1 over the PRE. As a long time Linux user, it had appeal to me.

    It’s slow. Not enough memory. Battery life is awful (I’ve got the humpback whale battery & cover that makes it even heavier, but it lasts DAYS).

    But the keyboard. FIVE rows. Perfect.

    I’ll be waiting for a five row replacement.

    Gentle Rest, G1.

  • http://Website Lucky

    What? Obsolete? My G1 is sitting here right now, rocking froyo with Cyanogen 6.0 RC2. It’s a fast playa, it plays my tunes, my videos, it’s got my “e” books in in there, yo, and email from three accounts, including exchange for work, meebo (3 kinds of im for my peeps), twitter to keep up with peeps I might meet and linpak score over 2.5, sucka! I got no needs now, bro, just sayin’.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    I remember waking up super early on launch day ot wait in front of my T-mobile store ot make sure I got one. I was a bit surprised when only one other person showed up to wait with me. It’s brought me a lot of joy and frustration over the past two years. I’m sure I’ve lost a few friends simply becasue I wouldn’t stop talkign about my G1 when I was with them.

    G1, you will be missed.

  • http://Website Simon

    The G1 will always be remembered and will have a special place in our hearts for us early adopters!
    I’m not as fortunate as you guys are which such a wide choice of android phones that you can pick from, here in sydney, we are so behind that they just released the Milestone when you guys are release Droid2. though we do have the Galaxy S

  • http://Website matt

    The G1 was the first smartphone i ever had.
    The hardware was amazing and at the time was unbeatable.
    As soon as i got the G1 i realized how much the iphone sucked.
    Now i may have gotten a new phone (desire) the G1 will live on in
    my memory forever. May you reside in phone heaven dear G1.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Long Live The G1!!!

  • http://Website darkjuan

    I’ve been a G1 user from the getgo. I absolutely love my little “Googley Phone” as my wife calls it. I got it for the full keyboard and the touchscreen, and all the applications I’ve used over the years have been amazing. I first rooted my phone about a year and a half ago and have never looked back. Also rooted the wifes phone because she was jealous of the X splash screen, so I rooted hers as well. An unfortunate mistake on my part bricked her phone after a few months, so she now has a MT3GS and loves it. I will be waiting for either the (G1 replacement) G1 Blaze, or the Sidekick Twist. One of those will be the fabled “Project Emerald” and I’m really looking forward to November.
    It will be a sad day to retire such as awesome phone, but it really has been kind of left in the dust of all the other super phones out there.

    G1=AWESOME may you rest in pieces (after I disassemble my wife’s old phone) ;)

  • http://Website thaghost

    I came from a super corny blackjack with windows mobile to the VERY GAME G-1. yes it has issues but it was the pioneer of this android movement way b4 droid, which gets all da headlines now. i just put 2.1 on my g-1 and it now has new life. so until t-mobile brings out its new android fleet this fall and winter, ill be rocking my G-1.


  • http://Website Oplok72

    G1 was one of my best phone. Keeping it as collection since I am now using the vibrant!

  • http://Website Oscar

    I remember almost dropping my G1 in a fire pit, and the time I used it to hammer in a nail. It was a well made phone for its time. R.I.P. G1….we had some good times.

  • http://Website Ivan

    I’m selling mine. Contact me if you are interested.

  • http://Website revs

    r.i.p. G1 ..had two of them
    greatest phone ever imo and heres why
    its like yeah the new ones are more powerful and blah blah
    but youle never get that initial shock of “oh shit: “”your phone does what” like you had when you first turned on your g1 ..all theyre doing is upgrading it ..it made me realize how much iphones where trash
    people need to show this phone more respect ..sold one of my two g1s looking for the other one now
    i know have mt3gs

  • http://Website Johnathan Bemis

    I love my G1. Runs cyan 6.0 rc2. Sure it’s a little slow at times. But no one has come out with a phone that has a 5 row qwerty. I haven’t upgraded cause I don’t like any of the touch keyboards. Plus my phone started a revolution, I mean how cool is that we started something. Yeah they have a the DroidX and the Droid Incredible and the Samsung vibrante which all make the G1 look like a stick with a sticker on it. But they all came second or third or even 10th in the Android lineup.

  • http://Website DapperDan

    I am still using my G1 today. I’m going to wait to upgrade. I want to see what the HSPA+ phone is going to be like.


    Its a sad day for all G1 users but by this point if not everyone should have Rooted their G1′s. Trust me I have a G1 which everyone says it sucks and what not but I have a better android software running on it. How many phones do you know are running 10.1 Flash Player ? Im currently using CM6 RC2 which is working great on my phone. But until the G1Blaze comes out ill be definetly keeping my G1.

  • http://Website lovo

    i remeber when i first got my g1 it was my first smart phone -sighs- i still have it and im currently using it the min i found out it would never recive 2.2 i was mad i had been waiting on this update since i got the phone and itll never get it since that day i started looking for a replacement and i havent found any suitable ones there was never a release of a g2 in the states =/ and the slide may be better than the g1 but i just feel it isnt good enough… the droid altho good is no looking dull compared to the newer models in the end i decided i can adjust to life without the convinence of a keyboard and since the nexus is no longer being sold im jumping ship and goign to verizon im going to get a droid X

  • http://Website johnnnyg

    i still have my g1 and bought it a week after it came out. last week i just finished a full cyanogenmod 6 rc3 flash, overclocking at 576 MHz with ubuntu running behind android and it still runs fast with no overheating. they stopped an awesome phone.

  • http://Website KWEEN_v-v_KOBRA

    Still rockin my G1. Had it since the beginning (Oct 2008). TMobile took long to make its sequel perfect. The G2 has arrived now I can finally get a new phone.