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T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant unboxing and first impressions

The Samsung Galaxy S is invading six carriers in the U.S. and we finally got our hands on the T-Mobile Vibrant. Unboxing videos might not be the most exciting thing, but I’m committed to filming one for each phone we receive. Check out the vid after the jump for a quick walk through of T-Mobile’s latest Android phone.

Our full review is coming later this week, so check out the early adopters report from everyone that already purchased this phone.

What’s inside the box:

  • Samsung Vibrant phone
  • Alternative battery cover
  • Battery & charger
  • USB Cable
  • SIM card
  • Stereo headset
  • Start guide
  • Terms & conditions
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  • http://Website Mark

    I love my unboxing experience. I actually had two, the first being the day before launch at a Tmo Limited where they were desperate to get me out the door a day early with the phone so they let me get my fingerprints all over the phone early. Love at first sight. Much better looking in person. the second unboxing came the next day when I got to hold my own one on my lunch break. It started right up (half the time of my Tmobile Dash, or so it seemed). Flashing through the apps for the first time, I experienced no lag, got to enjoy the slimness of this phone. I cannot fully endorse the amazingness of the processor yet since I have yet to really do anything but light browsing, pandora and avatar viewing. I don’t even really know what I can do until froyo comes out and I get the hotspot functionality to try out. that will probably be my first real test of this phone’s abilities.

  • http://Website pax

    I got mine two days ago and love it.
    Coming from Nexus 1 Android 2.2

    Sent from my Galaxy S – Vibrant

  • http://Website Joey

    I am currently on my 3rd Vibrant right now. Too many issues to talk about….. but now on the third try, this phone is sick. I really wish Tmo stepped up, bit they seem like they could care less. Now I am experiencing the speed and pop this phone has.

    • http://twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

      The hostility is not necessary.
      For all you know is he got a couple units with a bad screen(dead pixel, etc.) or just wouldn’t boot up. It happens. Not every phone/gadget/whatever that comes off the line gets caught by their QA department.

      • http://twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

        CORRECTION: Not every DEFECTIVE unit gets caught.

    • http://Website Shawn

      Proper grammer and spelling, buddy. It’s not hard to do.

      • http://Website erick

        its grammar. maybe you should check your spelling before you correct others?

        • http://Website Shawn

          Ha. Maybe I should. Thanks, tool.

    • http://Website Craig

      Morons, is all you all have to do in life is to search out grammar issues? Half of you probably couldn’t spell without spell check anyway,,, The bottome line is that we all need to be aware that there are phones out there that have issues, and that if TMO is going to make it right when there are issues, good for them, that’s the way it should be. They are standing behind their product and customer. I am waiting for my Vibrant now can’t wait. I know it is going to rock. I am tired of the problems I am having with my B2.

  • http://Website Biscaunt

    Can someone explain the whole “unboxing” thing to me? What exactly is supposed to be so fascinating about opening packaging? Skip to the meat, people.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      The unboxing is a perfect way to get something up QUICKLY. It shows someone what they get if they were to go out and buy the phone. It shows the phone from all angles and with all included extras. Without an unboxing, you’d be waiting days for a full review.

      Think of it as an appetizer.

      • http://Website Biscaunt

        I get that, my point is more that packaging material is just not really that interesting. Why waste minutes of video on the box and the process of opening the box? Why not just start with the phone, which is what we’re all actually interested in seeing?

        • http://Website Chancy

          Biscaunt has a small point.

        • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

          I guess I’m a nerd because I still get jazzed up over nice packaging.

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    I love this phone switched from a G1 to the Vibrant and its awesome!

  • http://Website boast

    best phone ever. made the switch from a jailbroken iPhone. now eagerly awaiting Cyanogenmod for the Vibrant or Samsung to send the Froyo update OTA, whichever comes first.

  • http://Website 138

    This phone is awesome. Got mine two days ago. Switched from a MT3G V1. Cant wait for the 2.2 update, to make it even more awesome. Thought the Samsung widgets would be crap, but they turned out to be pretty good. I was surprised.

  • http://Website UniqueNate88

    I want to see more info on the Epic 4G. It just passed the FCC the other day so hopefully that’s a closer step to a release date.

    The EVO is awesome but I can sacrifice a slightly smaller screen for a better looking one and a better processor. And Samsung said 2.2 will be here next month, but that’s for the Galaxy S in the UK. I hope that means sooner for the US as well.

    I also wonder if that’s why Sprint and Verizon have not yet said anything about release dates or pricing. I wonder if they want to push theirs out with 2.2? Sprint already said when the Epic is released, 2.2 won’t be far behind after.

  • http://Website UniqueNate88
  • http://Website jONbOY!

    coming from a G1 running cyanogenmod 6.0 RC, the vibrant is simply amazing. I was concerned about build quality, but it looks great, works great, and is very light and sturdy. I am in no way disappointed. Even the touchwiz interface is pretty nice.

  • http://Website Stella

    I love this phone. I’m coming from a rooted G1 with CM 6. In the beginning I missed the trackball, didn’t like the menu key location, and on/sleep key location but now I navigating with no problems and these features don’t brother me like in the beginning.

    My brother is thinking of getting the Samsung Captivate after reviewing my phone.

  • http://Website Marcelo

    Great video. I have one question though, I have not seen anyone ask this. Is the super AMOLED display a finger print magnet??? I saw that he grabbed the phone and everything but i didnt really see anything, but YOU t-mobile custumers and users of this phone…do you have problems with finger prints??????

    • http://Website watbetch

      There seems to be some type of coating on the screen because although it does pick up smudges, you can’t really see them with the screen on and they wipe of very easily.

  • http://Website watbetch

    I have my Vibrant now and after messing with the GPS settings and replacing TW Launcher with Launcher Pro (which still does lag, especially when moving icons from the drawer to the homescreens) and everything is smooth until Samsung gives us a true fix for the GPS (changing the settings is merely a patch for now) and wonky signal bar readout.

  • http://Website Droideka

    Got mine Yesterday.
    Coming from T-mo G1. I love this phone. Launcher Pro Plus plus Battery widget = Pure Win! iPhone Demolisher!

  • http://Website calvin

    Loving it to death, its taking some getting used to coming from a mt3gs i really love sense hi, tw3 isn’t that bad at all, 8/10a very solid phonephone

  • http://Website ronnie

    this phone is the shiz I switched from a hd2 and I will never go back the only thing I will say is the hd2 camera quality does beat many phones ive seen with the dual flash it makes its own great lightingas for a phone with out it the time a day decides the quality of your picture but other than that the vibrant is amongst #1 for me

  • http://Website A.P

    How long should i anticipate waiting for a case that functions while the phone is in use. So far all iv’e seen is the universal leather holder. Im looking to get either the gel like case or the hard plastic cover…