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T-Mobile to double HSPA+ speeds in 2011?

T-Mobile is currently upgrading their 3G network to HSPA+ which they say offers “4G speeds” and new details reveal the carrier might double its performance in 2011.

The current implementation of HSPA+ that is being rolled out has a theoretical max of 21 Mbps, but a leaked slide from a recent T-Mobile manager’s meeting in Seattle shows that could double to 42 Mbps by next year.

The major advantage of HSPA+ is that it’s fully compatible with existing HSPA 7.2 devices, which includes T-Mobile’s entire Android lineup. T-Mobile customers in HSPA+ markets are already reporting download speeds that are faster than what we have been able to achieve on Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network.

By the end of 2010, T-Mobile hopes to cover over 100 markets and 185 million people. The carrier is also aiming to have their first HSPA+ handset in the second half of this year.

Features and benefits of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network include:

  • Theoretical capability of peak download speeds of up to 21 mbps
  • Theoretical capability of peak upload speeds of up to 5.7 mbps
  • You don’t have to buy a new phone to take advantage of the new network–many existing T-Mobile 3G phones and laptop sticks work too
  • Runs on state-of-the-art fiber optic technology
  • Up to 3 times faster than our competitors standard 3G networks

T-Mobile could deliver HSPA+ 42 Mbps in 2011.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website rolandroid

    T-Mobile is time to upgrade the Boston are and north Of the city. So my nexus one can work on 3G not Edge

    • http://Website Mo

      There are many grammar check plug-ins available for firefox and chrome. Feel free to utilize them. You’re making everyone think we all talk like Mayor Menino.

      Yes, T-Mobile, when is HSPA+ coming to Boston? We’re not a small city but a major metropolis that could use the boost in speed.

      • http://Website nexus

        He was probably typing it from his nexus. You are an idiot.

      • http://www.alexaesthetics.com alex aesthetics

        i really do not understand the grammer and spelling nazis that patrol these comments.

        language is a tool that communities use to communicate ideas and concepts amoung other members of that community. it evolves and changes as the communities’ need for it evolves and changes.

        yes, it sometimes is necessary to impose strict adherence to the current governing rules to enforce proper communication. but blog comments, as it appears to me, are not places that need that imposition. i understood wat he was attempting to communicate and i suspect u did too.

        belittling other people for their (in)ability to spell, may make u feel superior, but it is a crass tactic of self importance nonetheless.

        • http://Website Mo

          I was only making a joke comparing the guy to our mayor (YouTube Boston’s Mayor Menino). Lighten up, folks.

  • http://Website Andromedo

    I have noticed HSPA+ coming online in certain areas of San Diego.

    It is obvious… On my N1, I got over 5Mbit up and 1.5Mbit down with 80ms latency the other day in the PB area. Better than my cable modem!

    • http://Website Andromedo

      Whoops. I meant 5Mbit down and 1.5Mbit up.

  • http://Website DaveC

    Makes for interesting reading (as he sees the big E on his Nexus One in a city where the coverage map says I have 3G).

  • http://Website Miguel

    I think one of the problems in these articles reporting on HSPA+ is that they all seemingly have contradictory information, or so it would seem to an uninformed reader. Compare these two statements:

    You may wish to state that HSPA 7.2 are capable of taking of some of the potential speed increase, but the HSPA+ handset should be able to take full advantage of the new speeds.

    That being said, while I enjoy my recent bump in speed on my Nexus One, I must say that T-Mobile’s 3G coverage seems to be more of an outdoor 3G coverage. Unless you are in close proximity to a tower, you will usually drop to Edge when entering into most structures.

    A few weeks ago I went to a BBQ in an urban area. I used my car dock and Google Nav to get me there. The entire way I had a strong 3G signal, until I went inside the house (a single family dwelling). Then I went to Edge. If I went out in the backyard, it switched back to 3G.

    Needless to say, when someone in the group wanted to see what some famous guy’s wife looked like, my Nexus One too about 3 minutes just to load Google Images, while a couple of people with iPhones had no problems in the house. Doh!

    Obviously your mileage may vary depending where you are and what type of structure you are inside of at that time. However, my home area generally experiences strong 3G signals, and has been upgraded to HSPA+, yet I find that going inside many structures (houses, Walmarts, malls, etc) will drop the 3G signal significantly.

    • http://Website jayy336

      i know what you mean, it happens to me at times too.

      I just wish their frequency was more stronger to be able to penetrate buildings. It works fine for me in some buildings, others i just jump down to EDGE, and yes it does suck. Its not their fault for it though.

    • http://thetrendaholic.com The Trendaholic

      You are absolutely spot on my friend, this happened to on the weekend where my girl and I went to a friends place (a condo in a condo neighborhood) and my reception on my N1 was terrible but as soon as I went on the back porch I was back to 3G speed.

      I’ve been trying to make sense of T-Mo’s service doing the exact things you highlighted but I seem not to come up with an answer so your hypothesis seems note worthy to say the least.

    • http://Website joeskie

      I feel you guys on that one. It kind of hurts i know, but uey lets face it we are with good ol tmo cuz they are cost efficient. Next time your on edge try out xscope gl. Its a super fast internet replacement. Actually can knock your socks off on edge.

    • http://Website Mista2x

      Same here in austin and houston…i just switch to wifi indoors and it’s no problem. ;-)

  • http://Website emir

    And just last night I was conteplating to move to Sprint service.

  • Rubbinz

    T-Mobile needs to focus on expanding their 3G footprint and increasing their signal strength first. Like was said above, I can be outside and my N1 picks up a decent signal -with crap speeds, more on that later- but the moment I step inside it drops to 1 bar signal. Outside 1 block from tower: -80dBm 3G. 1 foot inside of my front door: -113dBm 3G.

    As for speed, the official T-Mobile map shows I’m in a sea of 3G, a vast ocean. However in reality let’s just say I get better speeds on AT&T EDGE than I do on T-Mobile 3G.

  • http://Website greenlung

    Please say what city/area you are in so everyone can see if there are trends. I’m on tmo In KC I don’t usually experience a drop in 3g signal when indoors but I do notice that certain structures block out signal completely (3g and edge). Other than those few occasions my 3g signal works well in the city (indoors and out), when I notice a drop to edge it is usually when I am on the outskirts of a larger city (KC, Wichita, St. Louis) or in a small town.

    • http://Website DaveC

      I’m in Corpus Christi, TX (same as Taylor). The signal is good in the more central parts of town. but not in my section although the coverage map says it should be.

      • http://CorpusChristicoverage Karina

        I get crap for coverage with TMobile in Corpus Christi and I HATE it that I’m stuck in a 2 year contract.

  • http://Website Frank

    When you have like 7 towers, how hard could it be?

  • http://Website Kevin

    Has anybody noticed that the people that are complaining in the above comments have a nexus one. So dont u think that culd b a problem as well. And also i recall from a while ago there were reports that the nexus had problems. And tmobile is not the only company that there signal doesnt always have a full 3g network in a closed structure.

  • ayocuz

    A while back there was a fix or a way to keep your nexiis from jumping to edge. If you google how to force my nexus one to stay on 3g you can find it. I haven’t seen edge on my phone in about six months. I live in Detroit,mi a ways from the nearest cell tower. I have wifi in my house but sometimes don’t even turn it on because 3g works well enough.

  • http://Website Kyle

    Start a blog?

  • http://Website StuBot

    Ive been on the G1 since the first month in 2008.

    I get 3G in one spot on my couch, one in my bed and one in the kitchen and if I stand in the tub at the right angle (20% of the time); otherwise I get a few bars of edge (50% of the time)and the rest GPRS (30% of the time). When I’m in the 2 bars of edge, half my emails wont go, they get stuck in red letters “sending” forever. I have wasted more time replying to emails that get stuck like that- rarely on an outgoing original email, mostly on a reply.

    I want my money back Tmobile. You’ve been sapping me for 3 years for 3g that I only get 20% of the time at home (where I primarily need it thanks to the crappiest economy in my lifetime (Thanks Ron Reagan, 2 Bushes and NAFTA lovin Clintons!).