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T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ phone could be the myTouch HD

T-Mobile is close to unveiling their first HSPA+ handset, but no hard details about the phone have been available yet. According to the leaked T-Mobile roadmap, we believe this device is the HTC Vanguard (scheduled for release on September 9th), but still no one knows for sure what the phone will look like.

Some have speculated this device could be the rumored HTC Vision, which was spotted with T-Mobile branding. Now a new leak from Android Central reveals a second device, the myTouch HD, which also might be the first HSPA+ handset.

There is a good chance both phones will eventually come to T-Mobile, but which will be the first? HTC has two more Android phones that will launch this year on T-Mobile according to the leaked roadmap – the HTC Vanguard and HTC Emerald.

Based on previous speculation, many believe the HTC Emerald is the Project Emerald we have been talking about, which was said to feature a slide-out keyboard. If we stick with that same line of thinking then the HTC Vanguard is the myTouch HD (Sept. 9) and the HTC Emerald is the Vision (Nov 5.).

T-Mobile has invested heavily in their myTouch brand of Android phones, so I don’t think many of us would be surprised to see a myTouch HD as the next flagship product and the first phone with HSPA+ support. If that turns out to be true, then the Vision will become the Sidekick-replacement and follow later in the year.

Look for more details to leak in the coming weeks. Which phone do you think matches up with each codename?

Source: Android Central

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  • TornadoTexan

    If the teaser site image is in fact a real silhouette of the phone they are announcing I would say this myTouchHD looks more like it. When I saw the teaser site and what looked like a side input I didn’t think it was the vision since its supposed to have the slide out keyboard. This looks more like what they’ve got on the teaser site

  • http://Website Tony

    I think it is the Mytouch 3G HD, For starters the “will shape your next generation. Yours.” is a Hint at MY?

    Then i looked up the source code and within the source i found URLS that have Mytouch all over it. MytouchButton, mytouchupgrade etc…

    My guess it’s the Mytouch HD.

  • http://Website aar0n

    Hmm another mytouch on 2.1 android… I’ll wait to see what project emerald offers…

    Why don’t companies realize we want stock android?

  • http://Website Sammy

    I cant wait! Im curious about the hardware. I might just grab it if its comparable or better than my Nexus One. I kinda miss the keyboard. I still lovr my N1 and I will keep this phone for years to come.

  • http://Website alex

    @tony very good guess,and look front facing camera probably,nice 3.7 inch screen,and design with no keyboard :)

    i think this is the 1st HSPAvplus phone it resembles the picture


    If you notice the camera button is popping out on the slide,and on the mystery device

    Some guys also compared it with photoshop


  • http://Website Ms. Matriix

    Well the phone as that genius button on it and the mytouch wording on it, so at least we know it’s a Tmo phone. Plus it looks like it may have a keyboard on it. The outer shell of it is nice, but I’ll wait for more info. I want to see what it looks like on.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Strong possibility we’re looking at the next big Tmo device. HSPA+, bigger screen (than original MyTouch), Android 2.2, front facing camera with a flash and I’d say this could be a killer Android device!

    I expect to see most high end Tmo Android phone making use of the front facing camera actually. I feel they’ve been waiting for their new HSPA+ network to become more implemented and coincide this with better hardware on the devices. Now their network can support video chat with out recreating the AT&T bandwidth nightmare.

    Looking good Tmo. Keep it up!

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    T-Mobile, you can keep teasing me, but this is still not the phone I’ve been waiting for.
    Since you suck at the guessing game, here; I’ll just tell you exactly what I want:

    ALUMINUM BODY. That’s THE dealbreaker. The Vibrant may be a $500 phone but it certainly doesn’t look or feel like one, and I’m going to have envy every time I touch an iPhone or Nexus One.
    High-res screen, 4″ or smaller so it fits in my hand and pocket. 4″+ is tablet territory.
    5-megapixel (or better) camera on the back. With some sort of flash. And 720p recording.
    Camera on the front for video chat. Still not sold on this feature, but everyone else has it and it’ll probably be the next big thing. Again, keep up with the competition; I’m going to have this thing for at least a year.
    1GHz+ processor, 1GB+ internal storage
    STOCK ANDROID. Actually, that’s the other dealbreaker.

    …you know, I should have just purchased a Nexus One while I had the chance.

  • http://Website Justin

    I love my nexus one it is one investment I’m glad I made! Its been in the game despite these new phones. But this looks nice and I think I see a front facing camera??

  • http://Website Kyle

    Hmm, I currently have the mt3g 3.5mm jack and I would love to upgrade to this one or the emerald. Ahh decisions decisions.

  • http://Website Jason

    Bums me out that Verizon and Sprint are killing it with big, beautiful beasts in sales and TMo keeps going the way of funky looking phones. I’d really like to have something as pretty as the EVO or the Droid X…..get in gear TMo

    • http://Website Surviven6802

      I am with you one hundred percent!! Tmo customers now have the fastest Data network .

  • http://Website Sam

    What i dont get is how its floating in mid air.

  • http://Website Surviven6802

    T-Mobile needs something like the HTC EVO or Droid X , its time to play in the big boy league now!

  • http://Website thaghost

    i would be totally disappointed if the first hspa+ phone is another mytouch. how many have we had so far? 3? this is a joke. i’ve been patiently waiting for tmo’s new fleet of android phones. not another remix!!!