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Verizon to follow in AT&T’s footsteps with tiered data plans

The days of unlimited data plans are soon coming to an end. A new report from Engadget claims that Verizon will implement tiered data plans on July 29th, following a similar move by AT&T last month.

Verizon has been hinting they would shift to tiered data plans as they roll out their new 4G LTE network later this year, but we didn’t expect the change to come this soon. No details on pricing have been revealed, but Verizon and AT&T tend to follow each others moves pretty closely. AT&T now offers two levels of data plans ($25 for 2 GB, $15 for 200 MB), so expect something similar from Verizon.

Even though no official announcement has been released, this looks like a pretty sure bet at this point. Verizon recently updated their MyVerizon Android application with new features, like the ability to monitor data usage. The only real question left: how much will the new plans cost?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website paul

    Engaget doesn’t cite a source, so I’d give it about as much validity as a “rumor” at this point. Last month, when the same rumors went around, Verizon clarified they would do a ‘pay in advance’ for usage on 4g. People would pay for what they want, and could buy more if they need it. This was to he part of their ’5 device’ per household penetration, where the data usage could be shared among family members.

    • http://Website wrong

      The author of this post was too busy cutting and pasting Engadget’s post to read for context.

      I should think the ? at the end of the Engadget headline would’ve been the author’s first hint that Engadget was reporting on rumor.

  • http://Website GuardianAli

    I have one simple statement…if they do this I am moving over to Sprint and the Evo vice the Droid X i was planning on upgrading too.

  • http://Website K

    The My Verizon app has always had the data usage. They just put a lot more spit polish on the UI. Before the update, you had to open “Usage” and scroll down past your minutes and SMS usage.

    • http://Website nastysquar3d

      While they did give the app UI a spit polish, don’t forget that they also included a new “data usage” widget.

  • http://Website Terran

    Will users who already have the unlimited data plan be grandfathered into their plans?

  • http://Website Haggie

    I will be switching carriers on July 30th…

  • http://Website Mario

    If it is similar to AT&T, users with unlimited plan already will be granfathered in.

  • http://Website Lactose The Intolerant

    Nice app… I was curious how much data I’ve been burning through. I can see (can hope?) VZW grandfathering existing plans but new folks going to LTE will definitely end up tiered.

  • http://Website Robert Edwards

    Boo. :(

  • http://Website Bittersweettreat

    Lmao. I already pay $125 as it is! If that happens I am sooo switching over >=(

  • http://Website Ozzzy3z

    Left Sprint 8 years ago for Verizon. Looks like Sprint is about to get me back…

  • http://blankymedic.blogspot.com Steve

    99.999999999999% chance they will grandfather people in, because if they don’t, they are essentially breaking their contract (Making you pay more[which you will do if you go over the limit]) and as such they have to allow you out of the contract without an ETF.

    Atleast T-Mobile does this for sure with their contracts… I’m still quyite sure ALL carriers have this built in.