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Video: Droid X “Tomorrow” teaser

Whether you like Motorola and Verizon, you have to admit they have one of the best marketing teams when it comes to promoting Android devices. Most of our friends still do not know what Android is, but if you ask them what DROID is (in a robotic voice) they instantly recognize the brand. Verizon is back at it again with a new teaser video for tomorrow’s Droid X launch. Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think about the latest ad.

Source: Droid Life

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  • dzitran

    Gotta hand it to their marketing campaign. They definitely know how to hype up the Droid X. If not for the Epic 4G, I would definitely jump on this wagon.

  • http://Website Mr. Rogers

    It’s such a shame that it’s only an advert for a cellphone. That teaser was more compelling than half the schlock being served up by Hollywood.

  • http://www.nitrogenlabs.com nitrog7

    Like the ad, just wasn’t thrilled about the “tomorrow” sequences. I would have taken all those letters popping up and removed them from the clip, then just kept the “tomorrow” at the end but with the droid font. Then it would have been perfect… ;)

    • http://Website ari-free

      Actually that is brilliant marketing since people will be trying to guess and figure out the puzzle. They want to engage the whole mind so that the ad’s message sticks in your brain.

      • Droideka

        I liked at 34 seconds how the Letters said OMW, That text slang for On My Way.

        Pretty cool ad IMO (In my opinion)

  • http://Website Gee

    I gotta’ hand it to Verizon. Most people think Android and Droid are the same, and I don’t mind that one bit — they are doing an amazing job of pushing (an)Droid.

    • http://Website nick


  • http://Website AdCritic

    I have to disagree with my friends here. It’s an horrendous campaign. Negative imagery, scary stuff, creepy music. All the implications and associations are negative. Terrible name to start with, “Droid”.

    The phones sell because people are desperate for an iPhone alternative, and smartphones are just hugely appealing. Of course, I’m NOBODY, but this is some the absolute worst advertising anyone could blow 100million on. Amateurish krapp. The agency should be ashamed of itself. Zero creativity. “Uhmm DROID, yeah ok, how bout uhhmmm ROBOT VOICE? YEAH! And and, uhm ROBOT manipulating the phone!”. And creepy Music! Lets scare people!!”.

    Awful awful awful. These are supposed to be genius level people running these campaigns for that $$. HUGE FAIL. Verizon, wake up, can those clowns.

  • http://Website jd

    Their ads are good, but I think they are too masculine. I wouldn’t want to buy this after the ad, but it would be just me. ( or other 20-something girls?)

    I think Moto’s design are masculine as well.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      jd, I think you are absolutely right. Masculine or not is relative. By making its statement so masculine, it instantly makes the iPhone look too feminine.

  • http://Website Smith

    Looks like it’d be an interesting movie, but I’m getting quite tired of commercials that obviously had a large budget and tell me nothing about the the product.

    • http://Website Jason

      Why? You see a commercial, it generates interest.. and then you look for full details on the internet. Welcome to the modern age. I could see why this would upset you, if you didnt have access to the internet… but obviously you do.

      • http://Website Smith

        It bothers me because when I’m forced to watch an ad, to view content I actually want to see, I feel like it’s an even bigger waste of my time than an informative commercial. Obviously I chose to watch this particular ad, so it’s just representative of what bothers me. For me personally, this type of advertising does not generate interest, and I don’t look for more information. I commend the creator of this short bit of film. I thought it was well done, but it gave me no reason to go google the word I saw on the screen for a few seconds at the very end.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    Awesome commercial. If I didn’t know what it looked like already I would be extemely curious to see it if I was looking for a phone.

  • http://Website Dannyboy

    I still like the original Droid “stealth” commercial the best. Horse wrangerin, back woods rednecks staring at the opening capsule in awe asking “what the heck is that” ha ha. Priceless! It reminds me of so many old timers I know that are still learning what a text message is. Let alone the concept of a smartphone.

  • http://Website -Pagan-

    Where’s Justin Long? ;)

  • E-man

    That was pretty sick.

  • http://Website Tim_Droid

    That’s a cool video

  • http://Website Stella

    I have to agree, Motorola and Verizon do make the best commercials. They’re very memorable while making you want to know more about the product.

  • http://Website Dre

    I saw it tonight, could’ve swore it was for a movie or something. Verizon sure as hell knows how to advertise cause the whole time I stared at the TV wondering what the hell it was for lol

  • http://Website Droid

    i saw this commercial today, and i was like “hmm… interesting movie” because it was a long commercial

  • http://Website AdCritic is an Idiot

    an ingenius ad, theyll probably inspire a movie or something…