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Adobe demos Flash 10.1 on Droid 2, will launch on other phones in the following weeks

Now that the Motorola Droid 2 has been officially announced, Adobe wants to make sure that everyone knows it will be the first phone to come with the completely redesigned Flash Player 10.1 out of the box.

Flash 10.1 is currently in beta (version 3) on the Android Market, but we were told a final version will be posted shortly. We have no confirmation on which version of Flash will ship on the Droid 2, but I’m going to assume the final version is ready and Motorola already has it.

Other devices with Android 2.2 should see Flash 10.1 in the following weeks. Adobe says that the HTC Incredible, the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Milestone, Droid X and others will support Flash Player 10.1 soon and they will keep us posted on updates.

Recent leaks suggest the original Droid will see Flash 10.1 in the Android Market on August 18th so keep an eye on that date for other devices as well.

Update: Adobe sent us a statement to clarify which version of Flash 10.1 is shipping on the Droid 2 and other devices.

“Adobe released Flash Player 10.1 in June to OEM and platform partners worldwide.  This is the final release that partners like HTC and Verizon/Motorola are distributing to their customers.  Examples are the HTC Evo, HTC Desire and the new DROID 2 by Motorola, which is the first smartphone that will come pre-installed with Flash Player 10.1.  We expect additional Android devices and other mobile platforms to get Flash Player 10.1 over the next few weeks.  The version of Flash Player 10.1 that is available on the Android Market for the Google Nexus One is a Beta 3.  A final release will be posted shortly.”

Source: Adobe

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  • http://Website James

    Wow….couldn’t have found a better personality to host the video? All this does is creep me out. Flash is great on the device, but she’s scaring me away!

    • Vince

      all i can think of is her evil eye brows

  • http://Website cat stevens

    Give my incredible 2.2 or give it death

    • http://Website Greg

      Can someone please tell me what the latest is on when Froyo for Incredible will be released? I’ve lost track.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        It is currently in testing by Verizon, but no release date has been provided. I expect it would come out this month.

        • Kamakoozie


  • http://Website Phil

    I don’t see any beta flash app in the market.

    • Tebbe

      You need to have Android 2.2 (Froyo) for it to show up. I think the only phones that have it officially right now are the Nexus One and the Evo.

      • http://Website Jason

        I have 2.2 and it’s not showing up in the market.

        • http://Website shane

          I have 2.2 on my incredible and it shows up. It works great so far that I have seen on my phone. I like how you can play videos in the browser and not have to go full screen or any other place to see them. I am glad I did the update I get better battery life without using a task killer product. The websites seem to load a little quicker also. Some other good things. I would love to have a plain vanilla mod on my phone.

  • dalex7777

    My EVO already has Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 (specifically

    I guess EVO owners are sitting in the catbird seat?

  • http://Website john

    flash for milestone? really? not a typo? maybe you mean droid 1?

    motorola said no froyo for milestone why adobe said the other way?.

    motorola sucks

  • http://Website Inspiron41

    cool, i wonder what improvements they made in the final release. Hopefully APP2SD =D!!

  • http://Website FrostyWolf359

    Does Flash 10.1 require Android 2.2? Because then this means that the Milestone would be getting Android 2.2 / Froyo

    • http://Website Dan

      Yes, Froyo is required. I was wondering the same thing too.. Adobe is anticipating Froyo for Milestone..

    • http://Website klacebo

      I was under the impression that Motorola was currently undecided on the matter of releasing Froyo for the Milestone. (Which means they haven’t even began developing it for the Milestone, although Droid has it)

      Last time I checked Motorola Owners forum, people were going berserk over Motorola’s indecision. (Link here:

      Maybe they have reached a decision after all?