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Blog to your hearts content, right from your Android phone: Tumblr releases official Android app

This weekend, popular blogging site Tumblr has quietly released an official Tumblr application for the Android platform. For those who are unfamiliar with Tumblr, which admittedly included myself only 24 hours ago, Tumblr is a site that aims to make blogging as simple as possible, allowing users to post text, pictures, quotes, links, chats, audio, and videos to share with your blog followers. Tumblr has over 7,000,000 active subscribers, and over 5,000,000 blog posts posted today.

The Tumblr Android application provides users much of the same experience as posting on the standard web. Android users can now post pictures, links, quotes, audio, video and basically any other mobile content you can think of right to your Tumblr blog. Also, the official Tumblr app includes the dashboard, which contains all of your content (both posts and drafts of posts) as well as the content of any people you follow on the Tumblr service.

As I stated earlier in this post, I’ve only spent the last day or so testing out Tumblr, and so far I’m very impressed with both the web and Android service. If you haven’t used another blogging service and are interested in starting a blog, have a blog but are looking for a new host, or have a Tumblr blog already, I’d highly encourage you to give the Tumblr for Android client a try. Methinks you won’t be disappointed.

Tumblr is now available on the Android market, free of charge. The one catch is that you MUST have Android 2.1 or later to download. Fortunately, that should be most of you by now. As usual, let us know what you think of Tumblr in the comments.

Look for an official review in the coming weeks.

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  • http://Website IceCrush

    ” The one catch is that you MUST have Android 2.1 or later to download. ” ok thats another application i won’t see in my market.

  • http://Website djratchet

    Still on 1.6. I hate you motorola. I guess one plus is that I don’t use tumblr that much anymore.

    • Brandon

      Consider yourself lucky you have 1.6 on a Motorola device. I have a Motorola CLIQ, and it still runs 1.5. All I have to show for an update is a lot of broken promises, and silent stalling from them. So at least you can try SOME of the cool apps that are released each week. I only get to try a handful.

      I guess there will be a place for 3rd part tumblr apps, since I cant use this even if I wanted to. Same with the official Twitter app, same with the new google maps, same with the new tweetdeck app, same with vlingo everyone’s talking about, same with a crap ton of other apps.

      Sigh, I think I am going the HTC route for android from now on, no other company seems to be all that good at giving updates.

      • http://Website djratchet

        Wow, that does suck. I use a moto devour myself. It seems all the motoblur devices with the exception of backflip are seriously getting the shaft from motorola. I hate how they have been completely silent on our phones. Most of the apps you listed won’t run on 1.6 either. The good news is tweetdeck is coming to 1.5+, thank goodness. Totally with you on going htc from now on.

      • zephyr757

        I found a “leaked” 2.1 update for the MotoCLIQ and applied the update to mine. It’s a lot less broken than the 1.5 version, and you have access to a TON more apps! It doesn’t require root, but it does require a few hoop jumping. Not the perfect solution, but it does work, and it doesn’t void your warranty in the process. Just do a Google search for it, I’m sure you’ll find it!

  • Joshua M

    Posterous is still the easiest blogging platform out there. You don’t even need an app. Just send an email and it will post straight to the site. Also you can set up your posterous so that your posterous posts remain private but it will autopost to your tumblr account.

    So anyone who doesn’t have android 2.1 or higher can try this until they can download the tumblr app.

    Just a thought.

    • Anthony Domanico

      You can email to tumblr to post as well.

  • http://Website tryptech

    Honestly, it’s just tumblroid with a different UI. I can’t say that both of them are true apps since both are just shells for the iPhone version of the site.

  • http://Website Wayne Wen Chuan

    So wheres the official blogger app?

  • http://Website AD

    2.1 and later? Looks like I’m stuck using Tumblroid until Magenta updates the MT3G. Eeek.

  • Dylan Andersen

    Terrible UI.. we need to move away from this “tabbed” interface bullshit and latch on to the standards that Google has set with the Facebook and Twitter applications – use that universal top bar for good. LOTS of wasted screen real estate with this Tumblr application.

    No surprise though, Jeff Rock is not an Android developer, and even his iPhone efforts are embarrassing at best.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Oooh, torched!

    • Jeff Rock

      Hi Dylan!

      I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your opinion about the app and my development skills. All this support from the community really makes me glad that we into Android development.

      But hey, why should I have all the fun? The Tumblr API is public. Since you’re a self-proclaimed Android developer (and apparently an expert on UI) I’m sure you could make a better one.

      Or, if you’re unable, then provide some constructive criticism. I’m more than willing to listen and explain my design decisions.

      In short, do anything about it except act like an asshole. That doesn’t do either of us any good.

  • http://Website Trong

    What a dumb app, it’s just a container for the iPhone version of the website…

    Plus all that wasted space at the top.

  • http://Website NamelessTed

    Application sucks pretty hard. I use Tumblr daily and this app is pretty disappointing. I understand it is the first version but some of the stuff just doesn’t work. I mean, it works for viewing the dashboard and you can “like” and “reblog” other peoples posts quite easily.

    But the main problem is with posting. You can post text or an image easy enough but features like audio and especially video don’t work at all. When you post either, it gives you an option to record new, which launching either your camera, or an audio recorder. When you record audio, it saves and then Tumblr gives an error saying that it isn’t an .mp3 file. That is fail. When you record video, you hit record, then stop, then the video just goes nowhere. Tumlbr says that it doesn’t have a video to upload. It also didn’t work when I tried to select a previously recorded video.

    I should note that I am testing this on a Motorola Droid with Android 2.2.

    I love tumblr so a mobile app has a lot of potential but this just doesn’t work right now.

    • http://Website Jason Emerick

      Audio and Video uploads from the app should work better in the next release (1.0.12, which is out now). The problem with recording audio is that Tumblr currently does not support the audio format. MP3s should upload just fine (though realize the size of the file and the network on which you are uploading them on…) As far as videos, there appears to be an issue with some videos and how Tumblr processes them. I have sent them a support email to look into it… feel free to send them a support email as well at [email protected] to let them know the issues you are having…

  • pedro

    Tired of seen all this really cool apps and not being able to use them because I still have android 1.5….

  • funkmonk

    Hey guys, you’re not missing much, the app isn’t as good as tumblroid in my opinion. One of the main reasons is because I couldn’t find the option to post to different blogs on the same account, plus the tabs at the top of the app are kinda ugly.

    • http://Website Jason Emerick

      To post to different blogs (and the rest of the advanced options) click the center button at the bottom of post screen labled which ever post type and the tumblelog that is selected. This will bring up the advanced post options to allow you to choose your tumblelog and set other options…

      • http://Website priscilla

        i don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, but when i click on the middle box for advanced options -> post to, none of my other blogs show up. help?

        • http://Website Jesse

          Same here, my other tumblelogs attached to the account are NOT viewable.

  • Sha

    Does not even show up in the market on T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT.

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