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Get your gaming fix with the G4 Android application

About a week ago, the folks over at G4 announced the release of an Android application that is sure to please all of us gamers out there. The G4 app brings “up-to-the-second” gaming news, including reviews, previews, game trailers, videos, and interviews. Not enough to pique your interest? How about TV schedules, exclusive clips from the show, or G4′s awesome coverage of popular gaming conventions such as Comic-Con, E3, and CES?

Are you interested now?  Well, if you like playing video games, you should be. Though admittedly it’s not going to be too often that I’ll find myself out somewhere and need to figure out the latest development of Portal 2, having all this information at my fingertips is certainly welcome.


The G4 app allows you to manage your news content in many different ways. The main screen contains G4′s news feed, which contains all the content they put on their site. Hitting the menu button will allow you to select videos, games or more.  The video’s section takes you to a page similar to the main screen, but the content is exclusively video. Additionally, videos on the G4 app are only available if you’re on a Wi-Fi connection which is a huge disappointment and kind of defeats the purpose. Having mobile applications are supposed to allow you to view content on the go which might not always include a Wi-Fi connection.  The games section allows you to pick your platform and get more information about either the most recent or most popular games for your console of choice.


The main feed and video feeds seem to be a random assortment of content without the ability to sort to find what you’re looking for other than using the search button. The games section offers the greatest amount of organization, as it allows you to view all content (news, video, interviews, cheats, etc.) of an individual game you’re interested in. For me, this is the ideal way to view content as I’m much more likely to go to a gaming website to find out more about a single game I’m interested in rather than discovering new games I haven’t heard of yet.

Also deep within the menu choices (under more) is the ability to find shows, game cheats, learn about G4TV, learn about EachScape, and send the G4 team feedback so that they can make the application better as time goes on.


  • Contains tons and tons of content
  • Ability to share stories via Facebook or Email
  • Games section rocks
  • Ability to select only videos is definitely a welcome feature
  • Search (much needed)


  • Would really like to be able to sort the main feed, either by gaming platform, company, game title, or something
  • Early release, and has a few bugs that still need to be worked out. I’ve been getting a few force closes.
  • Videos only work on WiFi. They are aware of this issue and working on it, but it’s a big drawback.

Final Verdict: I’m a bit iffy on this one. Yes, it’s definitely a pretty great application, so if you love games as much as I do, you basically owe it to yourself to download the G4 Android application, but this is the type of thing I really don’t see myself using that much on the go. In the end, if you want access to mobile gaming news, G4 is definitely the app for you. If you can wait until you get home to fill your gaming needs, then you might want to save some precious storage space on your Android for something else.

G4 is currently available for FREE on the Android market. It is available only in the U.S. market.

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Source: G4TV

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    • Clark Wimberly

      Please don’t start with this “first” nonsense. Contribute something.

      • Anthony Domanico

        Seriously, if this trend continues it’ll be time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum.

        • hermyhalloween

          continue with embarrassing quotes like that and your writing career might end up like Dukie Nukem’s.

          I jest. I’m glad to see the writers combat stupidity so forwardly.

          I’ll be checking this out only because I’d like to get game related videos on my phone (and avoid YouTube for official game news business- too important for YouTube muckery).

          Thanks for the info.

  • http://Website Chris

    Major con: US only

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, that sucks man. I appreciate the info, and have updated the post accordingly, and yes I hate the lack of the full market internationally as well. :(

  • http://Website bigceez

    This app dont work why can’t find it in the market or when u click this link why

  • http://Website Christopher

    Bring back TechTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website Batfan

      I couldn’t agree more. I miss ScreenSavers and Call For Help

    • mac08wrx

      Tech tv ruled.

  • http://Website droidwolf

    Yet another app that I would love to have but my outdated moto cliq won’t let me :(

    • http://Website Presto117

      Hey, just think about all the phones with quad-core processors with 1080p recording and 3200 megapixel cameras that you can get next year when your contract’s up! There’s always a bright side….

      • http://Website droidwolf

        Yea it will be about next year. I don’t have a contract so ill have to wait till I get my tax refund to dish out another 500 or so for a better phone. Lol

    • HardNoks

      Upgrade it to 2.1 like I did. Look up CliqAnDroid on youtube. He has a tutorial. No root access needed

      • http://Website droidwolf

        I think ill do that. Thanks

  • http://Website nick

    I hate G4 bunch of douche bags plus they got Keith kicked out of E3

  • http://Website Kevin

    Anyone using this on a At&t Captivate phone and getting an error, cannot display video?

  • HardNoks

    I cant find it. I need this app. Is it 2.2 only? That would be dumb

  • http://Website Morten

    Man. Sometimes I hate G4 with a passion. A year or so ago, I could watch ALL of G4s content on their RRS feed on ANY connection, ANYWHERE, on ANY device. Then they remove the RSS feed, leave me starving for one year and they release a restricted app instead. I applaud that they release an Android app, but come on! I can access that content on my computer (though painfully through their shitty site), so why cant I watch it on my phone, on the great 3g connection we’ve got? Asswipes.

    And by the way, if you haven’t watched Around The Net – go do it. Especially if Kevin and Olivia are still on. So many tears of laughter has been shed from watching those guys.

  • mac08wrx

    Why will the link not work? Moto x 2.2

  • http://Website Chancy

    Glad to see more mainstream attention for Android but I despise G4TV for their substandard programming.