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PayPal gets updated to 2.0, brings two new features and UI overhaul

Back in May, we reviewed version 1 of the PayPal Android Application, finding it to be a relatively easy way to manage your PayPal account from your Android phone.

Yesterday, PayPal announced a major update to their application, which adds two cool new features as well as a complete redesign of the application UI.

The first added feature is the ability to bump your phone with another person’s phone to make/receive payments. Simply have both users hit the bump phones button, and bring your phones close to each other to initiate the money transfer. Though I don’t personally see much use for this, I’m sure this will be a welcome feature to you users out there who are more seasoned in PayPal than I am.

Perhaps an even cooler (and more useful) feature is the ability to automatically calculate each person’s contribution to a total bill while at a restaurant. Just enter the total amount, tip percentage, and the total number of people in your group, and PayPal does the rest, even allowing you to collect money from your friends by entering their PayPal account’s email address or phone number. This is a pretty awesome feature, and has the potential to alleviate some of those “how much does everyone owe” moments at restaurants that we all hate.

Finally, PayPal 2.0 brings an updated user interface, which I’m finding really hit or miss. It’s still passable and simple enough to negotiate, but I think I preferred the UI of the old version a little better. I’m sure it’s more of a first impression thing, and the new UI will grow on me over time, but I can’t yet get over the cluttered feeling of the PayPal app.

Initial impressions with UI aside, the PayPal 2.0 application brings a few new features found in its iPhone counterpart that are sure to please several dedicated PayPal users. If you haven’t used the PayPal app in the past, check out our review to see for yourself if it’s worth a look. If you’re already a PayPal user upgrading to the latest version, let us know what you think about the upgrade in the comments (especially regarding your impressions of the UI).

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  • http://Website Merlin

    Anyone knows why i cant get this app on HTC wildfire? it just says it cant find it on the market, even after i scan the barcode :(

    • http://Website Bouke

      Probably because they did not make it compatible for the Wildfire, it has an alternate screensize

    • http://Website lrm537

      I own a Wildfire and have found that a lot of apps can’t be found on the market due to them not being developed for the lower resolution of the screen, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. You can get them on your phone be using the ” Fast Web Installer ” app and using the Appbrain website on your PC. All you need to do is search for your app using appbrain on your PC, make sure Fast web installer is running on your phone, and then hit install on the page of the chosen app. Your phone will download and install the app without you having to do anything. Usually it downloads instantly but sometimes, not often though, it might take a few minutes to start the process.
      Good luck

    • http://Website lrm537

      I can confirm that it will work using the method mentioned before, as i just downloaded it myself with no problems.

  • anakin78z

    Out of curiosity, what do people use paypal for? Only time I ever saw it mentioned is in connection to ebay.

    • Nicko01

      It’s used for buying and selling things online. They provide a safety barrier to prevent you from being scammed. It’s kind of like a middleman between you and whoever you’re buying from/selling to. You don’t have to give out your credit card number or bank account info, and if the person tries to scam you in any way, they can intervene and refund your money, cancel their account, etc. It’s a very useful service.

  • http://Website Michael

    Someone I know was recently paid in counterfeit $20 bills when she sold an old laptop to a stranger. I could see use the Paypal “bump” feature in a situation like that.

  • http://Website NeoteriX

    “Perhaps an even cooler (and more useful) feature is the ability to automatically calculate each person’s contribution to a total bill while at a restaurant. … This is a pretty awesome feature, and has the potential to alleviate some of those “how much does everyone owe” moments at restaurants that we all hate.”

    I agree it sounds like a pretty sweet feature, but who wants to give Paypal a cut of your money just to split the tab? It would be much better if the transaction were free.

    • http://Website mattcoz

      Personal payments ARE free, as long as you pay with your balance or bank account.

      • http://Website NeoteriX

        Interesting, I’ll have to take a closer look at this. Thanks.

        How does Paypal know what is a “personal” or what is a “commercial” transaction though? Could I sell someone a TV on craigslist but call it a “personal” transaction?

    • markblues07

      I guess you could a calculator to figure out what everyone owes, plus most people that I know that have worked in the restaurant business prefer to break up dinner parties into separate checks because they always get tipped more than if it was on one ticket.

  • thered

    I’m looking for the ability to transfer money via a fist bump in 3.0. THEN it’d be worth giving Paypal a cut of my money…

    • Anthony Domanico

      Transfer money to where? You can transfer money to a friend in 2.0.

      If you mean transfer money from your paypal account to a bank account, that’s done with a few easy buttons.

  • http://Website scoopo16

    Hi, Can someone please do me a Huge favour and post a link or create a link to the apk for the updated version of this paypal app for the unfortunates outside of the U.S

  • http://Website Kolb

    Im running a stock Droid and I can’t download it either

  • http://Website grellanl

    It works fine and its GUI is snazzy, but it can’t (currently) be installed to SD. With the pitiful internal storage in the current Android devices, that’s three and a half megs I can’t spare on a nice-to-have.

    Hopefully they fix that soon.

  • middleman

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