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SCVNGR gets more real, adds retailer rewards to check-in service

By now, you probably have at least heard of SCVNGR, the check-in application with a fun twist that recently added the bump to check-in feature that allows you to check in one time with as many friends as you happen to be with.

SCVNGR continues to bolster its features, announcing last week the addition of real benefits for people who actually perform the challenges at each location. They have teamed with retailer Journeys to provide $10 off your Journeys purchase once you amass 35 points at a Journeys location. All you have to do is show your phone with the on-screen coupon to the cashier to receive your discount.

This one-ups deals provided by other check-in services, as SCVNGR’s deals affect everyone, not just those who have frequented the location the most. Though Journeys is the only retailer to date to sign on to SCVNGR’s program, I believe more and more retailers will look to this type of model to attract new customers to their businesses, especially with the upswing of discount sites such as Groupon and Living Social which bring deals of up to 90% off goods and services that you purchase ahead of time.

So what do you think, o loyal readers? Is this a good direction for check-in services? Will discounts at local spots be enough to get you to use SCVNGR more (especially when they add more locations)? Let us know in the comments.

And of course, check out SCVNGR for yourself. It’s a great alternative to the standard check-in applications and can be found for free on the Android Market (requires 2.1+).

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  • http://Website Black Kristos

    Are you SURE about 1.6, because I have never been able to find it on the market. I am thinking it’s 2.x

    • Anthony Domanico

      Good catch. When it launched, it was 1.6+, but now requires 2.1 and above. I will update the post accordingly.

      • Anthony Domanico

        At least, the press release they sent me when it originally came out said 1.6+.

  • http://Website Guy

    I think the other provider you are saying this deal one ups is foursquare. If so you, you are wrong. Foursquare already has deals like this. I think the retailers would prefer to go to foursquare because then they have a choice on what to offer.

    If your not saying that, then nevermind.

    • Anthony Domanico

      I think that was more of a general comment to all the options out there. Many local businesses in Minneapolis at least only offer “deals” to mayors (Foursquare) or royalty (other platform that I’m blanking on the name), but SCVNGR signals a move toward opportunities for everyone.

      Though it will only work/catch on if other retailers sign on.

  • http://Website KKop

    ‘Its’ not it’s – :-(