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Staff Picks: Wordfeud, Agenda Widget, AutoZone

During some of our recent posts listing the top Market downloads, some of you asked for more personal recommendations. Considering this week’s list included gems like women jogging in place, we couldn’t agree more. So today we’re back with a list of hand-picked apps and games for your downloading enjoyment.

This post also marks the start of the new format for the Staff Picks column. Each week, a handful of Android and Me staff will select real apps and games currently installed on our phones. These picks aren’t from download numbers or user reviews, these are apps we use day to day and think are worth sharing. Now, go forth and download!

Clark’s Pick
Wordfeud Free

Wordfeud is a multi-player word game you probably already recognize as Scrabble, Literati, Words with Friends- it’s a pretty big (and growing) list. Luckily that doesn’t stop it from being totally awesome.

Wordfeud takes the classic letter-tile game and throws it into the cloud, allowing users to network up and play a turn-based game at their own pace. The player’s don’t need to play at the same time (or even the same day). When a player takes his turn, his opponent is notified. The lazy pace of the game, along with the fact that you can run up to 20 games simultaneously, make Wordfeud a perfect casual, time-killing game.

The only drawback I could find is that this is clearly a fresh release. There have been some server issues and some people have complained about the lack of a paid version (the free version is fully ad supported) but overall I’ve had pretty good luck with the app and think it’s amazing for a new release. The dev seems involved, responding to questions and even releasing a couple updates to the Market already. Check out the official site for more info.

Wordfeud is available now and is quickly shaping up to be one of the best casual games in the Market. The gameplay is familiar and solid, the UI is highly polished, it even has push notifications to tell you when it’s your time to play.

Angie’s Pick
Agenda Widget

With Launcher Pro being as nice as it is, I had to abandon Sense on my EVO. This didn’t make me miss too much from my old Sense home screens, except for the calendar widget. I thought that the Sense calendar had a nice display, but I found that Agenda Widget was a really good replacement. Launcher Pro has a calendar widget, but you have to pay for it, so this is a good free option.

I know that a calendar is still just a calendar, but I really enjoy the functionality of Agenda Widget. I honestly don’t have many other calendars to sync, but whatever your situation, Agenda Widget offers options. It allows you to view events and tasks from other popular calendar applications, such as Google calendar and (Google) Exchange Activesync (see all supported apps on the developer’s site). I also tried to use it to show my Facebook events, so I could be a good friend and remember everyone’s birthday, but that was too many birthday listings for my taste.

One thing that makes this app a little different from most other calendar widgets, is that it lists out your events, rather than a traditional month display with specific days marked. You can customize many different things about how the events are displayed and the settings (as well as the button to add a new event and a refresh button) are easily accessible along the bottom of the widget.

It also has a ton of display options for how large the widget displays on your home screen. I personally like the 4×3 because it takes up the majority of the screen, but leaves me a little breathing room between the widget and the Launcher Pro icons at the bottom. It is just nice to have this many display options: 2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 4×1, 4×2, 4×3, and 4×4.

I had an issue of getting my events to show up once I updated to Froyo, but all I had to do to get the widget working correctly again was to uninstall and reinstall. The developer has support forums where you can submit issues, and he seems to be responding to the majority of people.

That is the main gist of Agenda Widget, but everyone manages their tasks differently. If you are looking for something a little different for your calendar widget, give it a shot and let me know how it works for you — it’ll be good to hear from others out there if this is a good way to go.

Taylor’s Pick

AutoZone app

AutoZone finally ported their iPhone app to Android and the first release is a welcome addition to car fans. Users can easily find stores based on their location, search for parts using the vehicle selector, and get unlimited access to AutoZone’s free vehicle repair guides right on their phone.

When opening the app for the first time, users are prompted to select their vehicle and favorite AutoZone location. After selecting your default vehicle it is then quite easy to look up parts and accessories. Since the app knows your location and stores around you, it can provide real-time pricing and availability at your preferred AutoZone store.

If you ever get stuck in a pinch, the free repair guides could help you get back on the road. Vehicle-specific guides are available for most models and include detailed information and graphics for those who choose do-it-yourself repair.

Overall, I think the app is a good start but it could use some enhancements. I really like the ability to find the part numbers I need, but it appears you can only search the inventory of one store at a time and need to perform a new search if you need to select a different store. It would also be nice to order parts to my home, similar to what is available on

This is a must download app if you are a customer of AutoZone, but even other car junkies should probably find the parts look up useful too.

To help gauge reaction to our recommendations (and to drive tension between the staff) we thought it’d be fun to take a poll with each batch of picks. Do the above apps tickle your fancy? Leave a comment or vote in the poll below:

Angie is a designer and illustrator living in Austin, Texas. She's a graduate of the Communication Design program at Texas State and joined us full-time after a two-year run at a design firm here in Austin.

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  • http://Website zymeck

    ive been playing Wordfeud since the weekend – its fantastic:D

  • ER

    Nice picks! although for the auto zone app, I won’t try it because I don’t trust myself to do anything more than change the oil on my car!

  • http://Website Steven G

    Wordfeud is a good game, in principal, and would be totally worth paying money for, but the ads are very obtrusive in the free version. It gets annoying fast.

    • Jaymoon

      I know, seriously. As soon as I played my first word and a giant fullscreen ad popped up, I was racing off to the Market to purchase the full version.

      Bad news… there is no full version. :(

  • Killa

    Who did the art at the top? That’s pretty cool!

    • Angie Strickland

      It was me – thanks!

      • ButcherChop

        Yes. I was asking the same thing. Pretty cool. Good job, Angie.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Angie is our certified graphic designer extraordinaire.

      • Angie Strickland

        aw shucks :)

        • http://Website 007Jnr

          Angie looks hot!

  • http://Website Dre

    I found Agenda Widget a few days ago and I like it more then any of the other calender/agenda widgets I’ve tried, just something about the look. I’ll give Wordfeud a try. Like the picks so far.

  • http://Website Dino

    I’ve tried Agenda Widget, but I prefer the widgets that come with Jorte. There are many more options available, and Jorte is an excellent calendar/todo/agenda program too. Much better than the stock Android version.

  • http://Website kYLE

    Has anyone found a calendar app that will put the additional google calendars on display (the pre-made sports ones, specifically)? I googled and found that they were working on “licensing,” but that was from 11 months ago. It drives me crazy not having everything on there.

    • http://Website Russ

      Pure Grid Calendar does. It’s not free, but it is the best calendar widget I have tried.

      • http://Website misscre8iv

        How do you uninstall Pure Grid Calander from a Droid X?

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    Wife and I just downloaded the wordfeud and started playing. We have gotten tons of connection errors. :(

    On a separate note this is the same thing as words for friends on the iphone yeah? Why developers aren’t going cross platform is beyond me. I’d pick up a game I could play with my family and friends who have iphones in a heartbeat. This one I can only play with my wife and she destroys me in scrabble lol.

    Storm8 does do cross platform games, but they aren’t really that social like this could be. :( Even if this developer reached out to the company who makes words with friends I think would be a step in the right direction, if they could get their programs to talk, just think of what could happen?

  • http://Website AD

    It’d be nice to have Words with Friends ported to Android. I have a lot of friends that play Words with Friends on iPhone and playing cross-platform would be pretty cool.

  • http://Website Kolb

    The calendar widget from the latest version of Launcher Pro is better than the Agenda Widget IMO. You can add an a event, view an event, or switch from Agenda View to Month View right from the widget. AND its resizable.

    • http://Website Derek

      What calendar widget in launcher pro. I have the paid version and the only launcher pro widgets I have are People and Bookmarks.

  • http://Website Max

    I love this new section! You guys always find great new apps :)

  • http://Website Schultz

    I use Pure Calendar Widget which is definitely worth a look. It has a huge range of options and custom themes. It’s not free but it didn’t cost much either. Integrates with Astrid as well.

  • http://Website Ben

    Android Agenda Widget is hands down the best agenda/calendar widget out there. Anyone who says that it doesn’t do X hasn’t looked. Astrid integration exists. You can add an Astrid task right from the widget (Doesn’t work yet with Astrid 3, there’s a dev version in the forums). Integration with SSI gtask and Dato GTasks also exists. Which calendar do you want to sync with? Syncs with every Google Calander available to the API (2.2 API also), Droid Corporate Calendar, and the HTC Calendar. There’s a pop-up scroll list for going past what the widget will show. Add events, check. View events, check. Almost infinite visual configurability, check (about the only thing you can’t control finitely is font size). A developer that responds, fixes problems, and adds features, check.

    The only thing I’ve yet to find that it doesn’t do is Facebook calendar sync.

    • Angie Strickland

      Have you not been able to get it to work? I found the Facebook calendar by going through Manage Calendars > Choose Calendars > Facebook. Or does it not show events like you expect?

      • http://Website Splendor

        I don’t see Facebook in this list on my Droid running 2.2. :(

  • Derek

    I’m the dev of WordWise, which is also in the same vein as Scrabble, Words With Friends, etc. Just wanted to make people aware that WordWise has been on the market quite a bit longer, and is nice and stable. We have a free and paid version (up to 100 games, no ads). We’ve had some issues implementing push notifications because we’re using Google App Engine as the back end and there are some specific issues related to doing so, but we hope to get push notification up and running in the next week or two. We’re also close to releasing an iPhone version so that Android users can play iPhone users.

    • http://WordFeudforiPhone Sue

      Any update on when WordFeud for iPhone will launch if ever.


  • dalex7777

    I’ve been enjoying playing WordFeud Free with my friends many of whom have recently migrated to Android from either iPhone or Blackberry.

    Great reviews and suggestions from the team!

    Could you guys please start including QR codes and links in your reviews so we can try these apps out right from the Market?


    • Angie Strickland

      Glad you got something out of the post :)

      We may have to reevaluate how we’re displaying the QR code in the future, because as it’s displaying now, it is pretty small and tends to get overlooked (under the rating, it’s a small text link that takes you to the QR). Thank you for making the comment, though, because though it is there, we may think more about how it shows up.

  • http://Website Lactose The Intolerant

    I think the problem related to the QR code is the fact that most people are looking for a “cursor change” when they mouse-over the green text “QR code” (in much the way an arrow cursor changes to a ‘hand’ when you mouse-over a hyperlink.)


  • http://Website Dennis

    I would love WordFeud but I keep playing people that use fake words. It needs an updated dictionary as that takes the fun out of it. Also I constantly get the connection error as previously mentioned.

  • http://Website Robert

    I actually bought Agenda Widget last week. Its awesome.

  • http://Website nate

    lol, I didn’t even know that wordfeud had ads because I have this app called ad free android, it blocks all ads in apps and in the browser. the only issue is you have to be rooted, but if you are its very easy to set up and works great. you guys should review it sometime.

  • Porter

    WordFeud is eating my battery.

    Moto Droid 2.2

  • http://Website Myth90045

    There is a paid version of WordFeud…

    i am not sure if this is part of it, but most times when you lose wordfeud to a theme update or what not, you lose the game. Now you can enter a password and it saves the game…i think i have lost more games by just losing the game and having to start a new game.

    Droid x

  • http://Website Murat


  • http://Website haile