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Top 10 app downloads of the week: Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Another week, another shift in the weekly download charts. If you’ve tried any of the applications on this list, please share with other readers in the comments.

Your Top 10 Android Apps for the week for Monday, August 2nd 2010 are:

10. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer is a tool you can use to kill running processes and free precious memory on your Android phone. It has been in the #10 spot two weeks running.

9. Mobile Andrio

Mobile Androi is a Super Mario Brothers-like game for all Android versions. Comes in both free (ad-supported) and paid versions (approx $2.00).

8. Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is a text-messaging application that features conversation view and allows users to customize their messaging notifications, application skins. See our full review here.

7. LauncherPro Beta

Launcher Pro is a home screen application drawer replacement app, featuring 7 home screens and a 2d or 3d app drawer. LauncherPro held down the #3 spot last week.

6. Smart Shortcuts

Smart shortcuts allows users to organize their applications, bookmarks, and contacts using tags to provide quick access to this information while de-cluttering their homescreen.

5. Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner is an application that allows users to scan barcodes and search for price/availability of particular items at many local stores. It also has a QR code reader.

4. Camera 360

Camera 360 is a powerful picture suite that adds functionality lacking in the stock camera settings, such as LOMO, HDR, axis shift, draft, ghost, and more.

3. AppBrain App Market

AppBrain is a front for the Android market that allows users to install Android apps to their phone right form their PCs.


Well, three weeks in and we already have our first tie at the #1 spot. Here they are, your top two apps of the week:

1. Rockplayer

RockPlayer is a video player optimized for the Android platform (requires 1.6+).

1. 3D Compass (AR Compass)

3D compass is an augmented-reality compass that places a compass over your camera so you can see the direction you’re facing in real-time.

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  • String

    Wow, 3D Compass, really?

    In an act of shameless self-promotion, I’d like to mention my own, somewhat-similar app, Reality+Compass. IMHO, it’s a better take on the AR compass concept – but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? ;^)

    Check it out at


  • http://Website IceCrush

    One thing that you hate when you’re searching for these applications, being on 1.6
    I hate you sony ericsson.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Sorry man. Hopefully you’ll have a newer phone soon? :)

      • http://Website IceCrush

        And dump my x10i, no way, didn’t reach that level of frustration…. yet!
        Beside I still have hope for a 2.2 since its already rooted, or even a 2.1 when se wakes up in Q4.

  • http://Website del

    More Icon Widget is a musthave app. works great with quick desk. Also Task Manager is way better than advanced task killer

    • http://Website jon-jon

      How so? I really got use to my task killer and it works great for me… I even try that task manager app but I couldn’t get it to work as good? What’s better in your point off view…maybe I miss something?

    • http://Website ray

      I agree task manager is the only task killer that doesnt cause my whole screen to go blank for a dew seconds on my droid x, atk frees more memory but id rather have a bugless task manager

      • http://Website ray

        Meant few

  • http://Website Seriously

    Try still using Android 1.5….I have been in the Dark Ages of Android for the past 10 months on my Moto Cliq….Needless to say I can’t download many of the apps on the market and its very frustrating….Almost as frustrating as waiting for Sprint to give a release date for the Epic 4G….Hoping by August 20th I will be using a 2.? phone …..Sigh :(

    • http://Website IceCrush

      Just when I thought I was the most patient man on earth :)
      If that teach me something, it’s to go with htc whatever hotfire or superman phones they are selling :D

  • http://Website tim

    Advanced Task killer works good. I have to throw in that If you are wanting to get the directly download the apk for any of these I found a great place to get them at

  • http://Website wayne

    Mobile Andrio doesn’t work with 2.2. can’t find it in the market anyways.

  • http://Website kaoiv

    Why do they need to know your location? Some even your “fine location”? I really want to know this.

  • http://Website sam

    I just downloaded key ring and love it. It scans and stores your countless discount cards that all stores use.

  • http://Website BOFslime

    Advanced Task Killer!? Really!? How many times, and how many developers and core builders have to tell people to stop using task killers only to be defeated by publications and ignorant Verizon store reps that preinstall the darned thing on peoples phone for them.

    Why you shouldn’t use task killers:
    and from a Google android developer:

    for the love of android, stop using task killers!

    • ER

      I stopped using a task killer and it’s true, my phone runs better. Task killing is strictly short term benefit, if at all

  • aaandroid

    Something is really strange here. There is no way that Mobile Andrio is a top app. I’m a pretty forgiving person when it comes to apps but this game was simply terrible and impossible to control with a touch screen. Seriously, this shouldn’t make a top 1,000 list, let alone a top 10 list. A&M, you are going to lose credibility recommending apps like these.

    • Angie Strickland

      These apps aren’t necessarily recommended by Android and Me. It’s simply a documentation of the 10 most downloaded apps specific to each current week.

      • http:/ aaaandroid

        I did not mean recommended. But that game is terrible and I can’t understand how it was downloaded so many times. The uninstall rate must be insanely high.

  • http://Website Firewire

    God I love this column!!!

  • http://Website mike

    I purchased raging thunder2 last night and it does not work properly. How can I get a refund

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