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Trillian releases a public beta of Android IM application

A few months back, we reported that Trillian was going to release an Android version of their popular instant messaging application. The nearly two month wait is now over, as Trillian has just announced the availability of its first public beta release.

As of the writing, I’ve spent just a few minutes with the Trillian Beta, and though there are some UI pieces I’m not too fond of, so far I’m fairly impressed with the application overall and how easy it was to get it all set up (even though I didn’t have an account prior to today).

Those interested in downloading the beta to test it out for yourself should click on this download link from your Android phone. ┬áTo learn more about Trillian’s beta before installing, head over to the Cerulean Studios blog.

Trillian requires Android 1.6 or above, so a heavy majority of users should be able to use it. As always, if you decide to try Trillian out, please let us know what you think about it in the comments. Also, expect a full review later on after we’ve had some time to play around with Trillian.

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  • http://installed&working!!!Awesome..... Robert

    Sweetness finally came to the android platform.

  • Anthony Domanico

    I think you meant awesomeness just came to the Android platform. To which I say “No, no, I’ve been on Android for a while.”

    Oh, you meant Trillian. Yeah Trillian is pretty awesome too.

  • http://Website brandon

    Trillian ftw. Bubble chat ftl.

  • http://Website midijunkie

    force close on account add :/
    samsung galaxy s european

  • http://Website Anonymous

    O…M…G… X-D

    Finally… Trilly on my Android. This is awesome.

    Now, if they could either get skins for or make their Trillian 5 for Windows 7 look just a bit better (not fond of all that bright white inside the panel while in a darker room), then everything in Trilly World would be perfect.

    Basically, this Android version is a portable version of that Trillian 5 for Windows 7. Same icons, same indicators, and all-in-all (yes, pun intended) a perfect All-in-one messenger.

    It feels nice using it on my HTC Evo using Swype. Shame I cannot keep both MSN/Live & Yahoo connected on both my laptop & Mobile. But thats not Trillians fault. LOL

  • http://Website bray424

    As a user of Trillian since its v0.x days, I had extremely high hopes for this. I’ve been playing with it for a couple hours now, and it’s definitely got its pluses and minuses. On the one hand, of all the multi-protocol IM clients for Android out there, it’s got by far the cleanest contact list, and the way it sync’s up with your Astra account made getting connected to everything take about 20 seconds from the time it installed.

    The chat screens are really nice and the chat tab at the top is brilliant (I wish the default Google Talk had that), but as mentioned above, the chat bubbles look terrible, and theres no way to change that (also if anyone has figured out how to get back to the contact list from a chat window, let me know, I didn’t see an option anywhere). One of the hallmarks of the desktop client has always been looking pretty and plenty of different skins, but there are zero settings in that department for the Android client. There is no way to change the notification screen, and while there is a checkbox for vibrate, I couldn’t get the setting to stay off no matter how many times I tried. More than once I switched to another task and back only to get a force close, and on one occasion it even made my Hero reboot.

    The foundation is there for this to be the best Android IM client, but in its current form, it’s definitely too rough around the edges to be considered for daily usage (I don’t even think Cerulean thinks it’s ready yet, given that there also is no option to load the program at start-up).

    • Anthony Domanico

      It’s a beta. There are definitely kinks to be worked out. Great insights, I appreciate the time you took to explore the issues.

  • eboye

    I`m pretty satisfied with the app, seams like they are going on efficiency over look. That`s ok for the start. 5 stars for the start. Looking forward to skype support of some kind. ;)

  • http://Website G3K

    Does it stay signed in persistently, unlike every single other IM client? That alone would make it a killer app.

    • http://Website Ash

      Exits on close. Doesn’t run in the background.

  • Shiggity

    I hope to be getting an Epic 4G or maybe an EVO 4G in the near future, and this’ll be a great app to have. I usually prefer PIdgin or anything based on libpurple, but this is a good client as well. :)

  • http://Website latreides


    Every single IM app on the market that I have tried (and I have tried many) keep you logged in and run in the background when you exit. In fact most of them require you to use the ‘menu’ to sign off or exit the app for real.

    That being said, this incarnation of Trillian does not hang around when you close it. It uses the dated ‘push to email’ notifications system instead.

    On a performance note, it crashes when I log in often, sometimes 5-10 times in a row.

    I have high hopes for Trillian.

  • http://Website Dee

    yea its better than AIM though. on my G1 AIM crashes when i do to much to fast. trillian doesnt.
    jumping back to trillian via home button press crashes it.
    it doesnt stay open in the background though, and it doesnt email me missed messages but they do get sent when you sign back on. i wish there ways to sort the buddy list other than last name and status. theres also no light to let you know you got a message and you cant change the sound of the notification

  • grellanl

    Are there any plans to use the new Android cloud-to-device messaging for notifications? Seems like this is the ideal way to handle background IM notificaitons, rather than constant polling or whatever.

  • http://Website Batfan

    Looks pretty good. Although, if I leave it running and go back to it, it force closes. Droid 1 – 2.2

  • http://Website vl

    I use Skype for Android to chat with friends. It also support voice calls.