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Vlingo sees writing on the wall, reduces price from $10 to FREE

Turns out, it’s very difficult to compete with Google. The latest company to realize this was Vlingo, who saw the writing on the wall immediately after Google announced the update to its Voice Search application which duplicated many of Vlingo’s services without the hefty price tag.

In a move to try to compete with Google’s introduction of Voice Search, Vlingo reduced the price of their application by a whopping $10 to the low, low price of free. Time will tell whether this move is enough to get consumers to try out Vlingo, but Vlingo’s prospects are rather slim as it now has to compete with something that will very likely get baked into all future Google OS releases.

For those who didn’t see our review/giveaway of Vlingo a while ago, Vlingo is a service that allows users to have full voice control over their phones, which was truly awesome because for a long time it was the only application that really did that.

Now that Google is providing the same level of service, will any of you readers stick with Vlingo? As usual, I’d encourage you to at least try Vlingo alongside Google’s voice search and figure out which one better suits your needs/wants. After all, Vlingo is now free to try so the pricetag should no longer get in the way.

Vlingo is available for free on the Android market for versions 2.0 and above.

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  • http://Website iDavey

    I like the Google update to voice search, but one thing I noticed is you can not control apps like Twitter, whereas Vlingo allows you to. Besides that. Google’s implementation is on par and above since its integrated and only requires an update.

    S/N: I guess this is the path they spoke when they said core Android features/apps will not be tied to OS updates anymore. Only market. I like this. Once every major current phone is on 2.2, no matter who is excluded from the “UI Gingerbread ” update, they’ll still have the latest features. Breaking fragmentation little by little.

  • markblues07

    Well considering I’m not going to get FroYo on my Captivate for awhile, why not!

  • http://Website KEAD

    I tried both, and had much better voice recognition with Vlingo than with Google’s Voice Search.

  • http://Website Nick

    Well I can’t get any of this because of my update-retarded Cliq… Hopefully this will change soon.

  • http://Website William Furr

    Available for Android version 2.0 and up, you say? Vlingo reaches a much bigger audience than Voice Search, at least for now. Maybe that’ll change by the end of the year, but right now way more people can use Vlingo.

  • eddieonofre

    I would like to have an offline voice search app that will be the deal breaker for me

    • http://none Elderon

      quote “I would like to have an offline voice search app that will be the deal breaker for me”

      I don’t think that will ever happen, at least not soon. Perhaps dragon naturally speaking runs offline on mobiles? but last I used it even on a beefy desktop accuracy was so so even after training.

      The reason Google voice recognition has such high accuracy is because of it being online. Google’s ENORMOUS datacenters (basically supercomputers) are doing all the work, leveraging years of voice analysis, language syntax, word usage…..

      Could you get an offline s to t app? sure you could, but you would have no where near the accuracy of what you have now.

      • cody

        There are a few out there. I agree the accuracy is not the same, but if you dont have data or dont want to use it all up then they are good options. Try Choice Dialer+ Free it works well.

  • PatrickHuey

    im rooted using CM6, and this doesnt come up in the market?

  • keridel

    this program is leaps ahead of google voice. and when i say leaps i mean like massive walking on the moon leaps. it understands everything i say. Unlike google that only works if you speak Americanese this actually works when you speak english!!

    and to all those who don tweet you can get it to open your facebook and update that instead. (though you still have to say twitter as the command.)

    well done vlingo this is top notch

  • http://Website Ken

    Does ‘Voice Actions’ work on WIFI? If it does, it overrides a clear limitation Vlingo has. Clearly Voice Actions has the advantage; if you have Froyo.

  • http://Website Russ

    4 taps to send a text with Vlingo, only 2 with Google, so Google wins for texts.

  • http://Website james

    again google is only better in america. and despite what they want you to believe there are other places in the world.

  • http://Website Alex

    I am VERY impressed by the recent update from Vlingo. I think it is a far better application than Google Voice with much great accuracy.