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Gameloft continues Android Market boycott, offers free HD games trials from online store

Gameloft has the best Android games currently available, but for some unknown reason they refuse to list their HD titles in the official Android Market and force potential customers to use their wonky online store. I’ve shared my distaste for Gameloft’s store one too many times and now it appears they have scrapped the entire system and started over once again.

In the past Gameloft made you purchase Android HD games on their site using a credit card and then they sent you text message with a link to the install file. If you were lucky it might work, but I ran into numerous issues and was not able to recommend the system to others. Game purchases were limited to a single device, it was difficult to re-download games, there was no system in place for updating titles, and half my purchases are still not listed in the “My Downloads” area.

Very simply, Gameloft decided to ditch the proven Android Market distribution model with their dozen HD titles and the custom system they created was a mess.

Now Gameloft has decided to take on a new strategy in order to promote their Android HD games. Customers can now enter their phone number on Gameloft’s site and receive a free demo version of any game. If users like what they see, they can then purchase the full game by having it billed to their carrier. Credit card payments on the website are no longer accepted.

This is still quite confusing to me since Gameloft offers all these same games in the official iPhone App Store, where Apple takes a 30% cut. Google takes the same percentage from developers in the Android Market, so there is something else in the terms that Gameloft does not agree with.

Gameloft actually tested the waters by making Asphalt HD available in the Android Market where it sells for $4.99. This proves there are no technical issues preventing Gameloft from releasing their other HD titles, so someone made the executive decision to keep them off.

I have no problem with Gameloft trying to create their own distribution channel, but it makes no sense to limit customers’ options while they get their service straightened out. In the mean time, Gameloft should place all their HD titles in the proven Android Market where they will receive the most visibility (and likely most sales).

If you have tried out Gameloft’s store, please share your experiences. Do you think they are making the right decision to keep their HD games off the official Market? How many Gameloft HD titles would you purchase if they were available in the Market tomorrow?

Show Press Release

Try out Gameloft HD Games for Android Smartphones!

Gameloft, a leading international publisher and developer of downloadable video games, is launching a special offer that allows you to experience the new HD games available for the latest generation of Android smartphones by trying before buying them.

Eleven titles are already available including best-sellers such as: Real Football 2010, Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed, Dungeon Hunter, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X., Hero of Sparta, Let’s Golf!, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, UNO and coming soon, the game of the blockbuster movie, James Cameron’s Avatar.

The games can be downloaded directly to your smartphone by typing “gameloft” in your web navigator, or directly from your PC via

Android HD games from Gameloft are available for the latest generation of handsets, including: HTC Incredible, HTC Desire/Bravo, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Google Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Motoroi, Motorola Milestone and coming soon to the Samsung Epic 4G and the Motorola Droid 2.

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  • Clark Wimberly

    Still have some issues to work out. On the site I was browsing the games, found one I liked, selected Nexus One in the drop down, game change to Asphalt. The game I wanted was still available (about half the titles were not) but for some reason it thought I’d rather play Asphalt. Once I switched back and actually received my game via SMS, it had _Motorola_Droid_ML_IMG in the APK file name. Why go through the hassle of confusing people if you are still going to blast out the wrong APKs?

    • daveloft

      They only have one version of each game, the phone listed in the file name is the phone the game was originally written for.

      If they list it under your device it means it works well enough to sell. But it will always work best with the device they wrote it for.

      I don’t recommend these games if you have an HTC phone. They are ports of iPhone games and require a good graphics processor like the PowerVR chip in the Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Milestone, and Galaxy S.

      • http://Website rockman

        Gameloft may be giving away a good opportunity. To think that, Android will start to pump better apps now that the App Inventor is finally official.

        • http://Website Vivek

          Htc desire hd ( 1ghz processor ) is very good with games like this.

      • http://Website lennyp

        I disagree as I have the HTC desire hd and the games work fantastically.

        • http://Website David

          I have an htc g2 overclocked at 1.4ghz and everything works faster than on an Iphone4, and many other android phones.

  • http://Website foebea

    So for users like me who have carrier sms services blocked completely, there is no way to purchase the content? Or can we still throw our money into the wind at the website which provides no noticable way to redownload purchased titles or view purchased library? (love the game i bought from them, but expect that if i ever need to reinstall it I will have to source it differently)

    • daveloft

      Buy them from the web browser on your computer they will send you a text but they will also send you an email.

      Later when you need to redownload them go to ‘My Account’ log in and go to ‘My Downloads’ and select your game.

      If you have any issues just email them and within 24-48 hours they will send you a link to your email.

      • http://Website Jeregano

        What about users like me, on AT&T? Gameloft doesn’t want us to buy their games? AT&T says if it isn’t in the market we can’t use it?

        • http://Website ViniD

          There are plenty of easy ways around it go to the xda website or just google or youtube it.

        • daveloft

          Choose another carrier and pay by credit card.

          • daveloft

            When I say choose another I don’t mean for your phone service. Just on Gameloft’s website you should choose another carrier. The carrier you choose doesn’t matter if you pay by credit card.

          • http://Website Jonnyboy

            ATT doesn’t allow downloads outside of the App Market.

          • cemal

            i have not credit card……

  • http://R NSolarz

    I feel like this has less to do with the technical workings of the market than the fact that app piracy is pretty rampant. maybe when google implements their licensing framework, gameloft might reconsider.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Google already released their Licensing Server to Android devs. Gameloft could start using it today if they wanted to.

    • http://Website chad

      It’s not just gameloft, almost every developer makes their iphone games better than their android games. I remember reading an article just a few weeks ago from about apple refusing to advertize songs from artist who advertize their songs on

      I think apple is telling developers that if they make their iphone games a lot better than their android games, then Apple will let the developer advertize their app for very cheap or free.

      To prove my point, at bat 2010 can easily support live video like on the iphone, but they don’t. That app is advertize a lot on itunes, making me think that apple is giving developers special deals for making their android apps suck.

      Just a few of many apps that are better on the iphone:
      Doodle jump
      Skiesofglory at bat 2010
      Raging thunder two
      and many more….

      I think Apple is doing this because better apps is pretty much the only thing that’s better about the iphone than android.

      • http://Website Derek

        It has nothing to do with Apple telling a developer to make games better on apple vs android. It has to do with two things….

        1. The user base on iOS is HUGE. Over 100,000,000 iOS devices have been sold worldwide. That drawfs the number of android devices sold so far. So its all based on ROI. You get a much better return on investment on apple.

        2. iOS is a real operating system unlike android. Android is nothing but a glorified java runtime environment. On iOS you create apps in Cocoa Touch and they run natively. With android you create java apps. Need I say more?

        • http://Website Fabian

          Hi Derek,

          you are pretty wrong with your assumptions.

          > 1. The user base on iOS is HUGE. Over 100,000,000 iOS devices have been sold worldwide. [...] So its all based on ROI.

          First, the 100Million Devices number is nice but only about half of them are still in use.

          Second you say it’s all based on ROI. this is true, but the investment has already been made. All the games are already ported, so if they would sell on the Android Market their ROI would probably be sooner then later.

          > 2. iOS is a real operating system unlike android. [...] With android you create java apps. Need I say more?

          Wrong again. Yes there is a java like runtime called Dalvik (which in itself is very clever since they can shift away from ARM if that will be necessary e.g. Atom tablets)
          But you can also develop native applications with their NDK. So you do not have to pay for a java runtime penalty.

          So please stop posting this nonsense and get informed first.

          Thanks a lot, Fabian

      • http://Website Chad

        To back up what I said in my previous post, I found a very similar article from which talks about apple trying to prevent music companies from advertising their songs on Amazon.;txt

        Again, I think apple is trying to give developers incentives to make their iphone apps a lot better, such as by offering cheap or free advertising on Itunes.

    • http://Website IDtheTarget

      I won’t buy any program that uses the new Google licensing system. I’m headed out to another country for a year and won’t have digital access. I *WANT* to purchase my games, but won’t do so if I have to jump through those kinds of hoops just to play them.

    • http://Website ViniD

      I think it has to do something with steve jobs not wanting to have competition for the iphone games. Since the iOS is the biggest market for gameloft right now apple must have made some sort of contract with them preventing them from adding the games to the android market. This why they use sideloading and pretty much why jobs convinced ATT to prevent sideloading on any their android phones.

  • http://Website Julius Heilman

    Since reading about the issues many have had (and trying unsuccessfully to purchase Assassin’s Creed) I have given up on Gameloft until they get more of their titles on the official store. One of the reasons I love android is that I’m not stuck with any handset or carrier. Using google voice, I pick up any new Android phone and all my settings and installed apps follow me. I don’t want to have to go around to a bunch of different sites to track down my apps. I will pay on external sites for services that are linked to apps in the Android store (ie. LastPass, Evernote, Remember the Milk).

    I did get the free copy of Let’s Golf when they were offering it for free, and I love the game (although I wish it supported install to SD). I wish more Gameloft titles were available, but I’m willing to wait. In the mean time I will enjoy playing Skies of Glory and Sketch Wars.

  • http://Website Xallies

    Google needs to get there stuff together and protect their developers or else development will stall

  • http://Website Magnus Ahlberg

    I think one reason might be that the market is still locked so that only few countries are able to buy apps. Google needs to get of their asses and enable all countries to buy apps, why this artificial restriction? It’s been years and still the issue remains, it’s the only thing currently keeping me from buying an Android handset.

    • http://Website Magnus Ahlberg

      Ooh, and might I add. It is also the one thing keeping me from developing for the Android platform. No (payed) market, no sales, no money to develop great software…

      Of course I could still push some open source software the Android way. But to make it a viable development platform for games, I think it should be open for all countries where Android is available.

    • anakin78z

      But that wouldn’t prevent them from making it easier for people that DO have access to paid apps in the market.

      P.S. If that’s the one thing preventing you from developing, I guess we’ll just have to live without your apps.

    • Jarda Gergic

      When reading this article, I kept thinking that while living in Europe (Czech Republic), I have the opposite problem: I can still buy Gameloft titles with credit card, but I am unable to get other paid apps which are exclusively listed on Android Market, such as QuickOffice for Android.
      I agree the major source of this confusion is Google – due to the limited global availability of the paid Android Market and due to the licensing terms.

  • http://Website David

    I will continue to pirate (and seed/upload) these games untill they are available in the android market.

  • http://Website frank

    just download the apks and get them for free … i have every single game they offer on my vibrant and i didnt pay a dime … if there going to make us go through all this trouble then i dont really care about “stealing” their games

    • anakin78z

      I know, like, the other day I was gonna buy a tv at target, but, like, they only had it at best buy, so I was like, shut the front door! So I broke into some dudes house and took his tv. Totally not my fault that guy worked hard to earn the money for that tv. Like, target is stupid.

      Seriously though, people will take the path of least resistance, and that means Gameloft is loosing sales.

      • Nicko01

        People seem to forget that software theft isn’t the same things as physical theft.
        I’m not saying software theft is ok, just that you’re comparing making a copy of something (no one actually loses money) and physically taking something away from someone.
        Also, your comparing something relatively cheap to something expensive. An app costs maybe $5, while a TV is around $1000+, so that’s 20x more, which is a huge exaggeration of your point. A little closer would be like physically taking a pack of batteries from Walmart. Not nearly as big as stealing a TV. Along with that, nothing is actually taken, so it’s like going to a store, cloning a VHS (same price point approx) and leaving with your copy. It’s only a lost sale, not a lost $1000 piece of hardware like in your analogy.

        I agree though. I won’t take my time to go to some other website to download a game if it’s not in the market. It’s way too much of a hassle. No automatic updates, no ability to return an app, no way to trust the comments or ratings, which for all we know could be modified by the company!

        I think that if they want to boycott the Android Market, it’ll only hurt them in sales. Google, being such a huge company, won’t lose much. The Android market is a perfectly fine method of distribution, and is much easier than a junk web app store with 5 or 6 games.
        I’m glad they’re allowed to do this, but overall, I think it’s a terrible decision. Because of it, I’ve never heard of half of their games.

        Ok, I’m done with my complaints for now. Hopefully some people will actually read this. If you disagree, please leave a comment for me. I’ll read it =)

        • http://Website swivel

          “An app costs maybe $5, while a TV is around $1000+, so that’s 20x more, which is a huge exaggeration of your point.”

          Sir, I salute you.

          • http://Website cpk86

            Salute him all you want….it’s 200x, not 20x.

        • anakin78z

          Target doesn’t care if I steal a tv from someone else, and neither does best buy (that was part of the analogy).
          That doesn’t change the fact that someone spent time on development and production, and somehow that time has to be paid for. Just because it’s less convenient for someone to buy something, doesn’t entitle them to just take it.
          Now Gameloft is making a bad decision, but that’s on them, and they can make all the bad decisions they want to make. It sucks for us, but it still doesn’t give us the right to steal from them.

  • http://Website Chancy

    This is nothing but a storm in a tea cup. It’s Gameloft’s loss. Android has open source going for it. Someone else will come along and take the opportunity that Gameloft missed.

  • Alex Stone

    Look, as a developer and someone that understands piracy a little bit better, I don’t normally condone piracy of software. Even from large companies like Gameloft.

    But this is a weird case. Gameloft has made it so impossible to buy their apps. I wanted to buy NOVA, a game I loved on my iPhone and would like to continue on my Galaxy S. After going through their weird system, it ended up telling me the app was just not available for my carrier.

    My carrier?! What’s my carrier have to do with my handset being able to play the game or not.

    It really seems like Gameloft went out of their way to make sure they couldn’t let you legitimately purchase their apps.

    I have NOVA coming in via torrent right now. I’ve never pirated a mobile app in my life until now. Why would they do this?

    • http://Website Usman

      Couldn’t find it on b t j unkie… I’d rather buy stuff through the Market as well.

  • http://Website bobba

    I will simply not be buying from them. It’s too much of a hassle to go to another site and I have my phone rooted and try new roms all the time. Gameloft games would not simply reload onto my phone.

    This just makes me want to go find it on the internet rather than deal with this BS.

  • http://Website bridget Williams

    I will not purchase anything from Gameloft. I should have the option to purchase through the Android Market. I do believe Google needs to better protect developers, but those issues shouldn’t make it near impossible to purchase a game.

  • tynen

    There’s no way to get the game trails if the ONLY way you can get text messages is through Google Voice. Lame!!

  • http://Website Seeeye

    Yeah I purchased 3 games from them I did it through wi fi which was easy then 3g no messages involved. I bought nova, hero of sparta and hawx. So hero of sparta froze up my phone and I had wait phone kept restarting on its own finally I deleted the game and the didnt wanna without the email transaction code or what ever I lost 5 bucks and the games are really top notch but service like that no good. Gameloft=fail!!

  • http://Website mike

    This is nice but what about popcap games?

  • http://Website Dan

    I didn’t even know they had these games until just now!! They need to put this on the market! I am new to android and am looking for cool games. That’s dumb, why do companies do such stupid stuff like this? They just make things difficult for the person who is most important, THE CONSUMER!

  • http://Website klacebo

    If the problem is that they want to give access to the games to all countries, then the easiest way to do this is to release the apps as trial versions through the market, and then activate them through a paypal payment (like with some other apps in the market)

  • http://Website grellanl

    This is so dumb. Gameloft continue to boycott the Android Market, I continue to boycott Gameloft. To that they will of course say “big deal, who are you, we didn’t need you anyway.” But it’s not just me, is it? This customer-antagonistic approach is losing them sales and mindshare – there are now literally *millions* of Android users, and they’re not buying Gameloft because it’s too much hassle or they’ve never even heard of them (you’re not on the Market, you don’t exist).

    Personally, I’ll be glad to support them as soon as they rethink their approach — they make some good games. But not before then.

  • http://Website Jared

    If they bill through the carrier, doesn’t that mean that they can only sell through carriers which they have an agreement with?

  • http://Website droidwolf

    Realy starting to hate my moto cliq. All this awsome stuff comeing out for android and I get left out because of my outdated phone. The part that sucks the most is I don’t have 400$ to dish out on a new phone wish I would have waited and got a better phone.

  • http://Website Jeff

    Taylor: have you tried asking them to comment on the decision?

    The move to sell through carrier SMS doesn’t get them around the problem of app market access in other countries. They’d have to go and ink deals with carriers all over the world to do that. I seriously doubt they’ll be able to deliver me a game via SMS on my China Unicom card.

    For others who don’t have paid market access and are contemplating theft from hard working developers, do what I do and get the paid app enabler. There’s no excuse to steal, especially when the paid app enabler is an option.

  • Nicholas Overstreet

    It’s as simple as this for me: No app market, no purchase.

  • http://Website adam

    I tried using their online store and it kept telling me that it wasnt working so I didn’t get to download Nova but they had no problems charging me each and every time I tried downloading the file. ***please use caution i was uunable to reach gameloft to despite charges i had to call sprint to get them to remove charges*** gameloft online store was a huge dissapointment!

    HTC evo

  • ShahZ

    Okay..Bought the HAWK game..Here’s what happened..
    I went to the trial page on gameloft..Selected the network, and just insert my number in the international format. Then I recieved an SMS. There was a link in it. Used it to download the game. Success. Downloaded the 98MB package. Success. Trial game loaded. Inside the game, there is a link that says “Get the game”. I clicked that and a page within the game laoded up asking for my details (no, not phone details but credit card details). I insert my card details, and everything, and it just went smoothly. The game turned into full version. I didn’t see any option for phone billing.

  • http://Website Dee

    Bitch all you want but the fact of the matter this is the best batch of 3D games on Android so far and I’m willing to deal with it. Let’s Golf rocks!

  • http://Website DD90

    I and several other people I know personally would purchase at least 3 of Gameloft’s currently available games off the Android Market if they were ever released there and if they performed just as good on capable android devices as they do on the iPhone. On the contrary, these same people including myself will absolutely not purchase any of these games through any method other than the android market. I’m sure we’re not the only ones with this stance. I honestly cannot think of any viable reason for Gamelofts choice to offer these great games solely through their website. If i was a developer with a library of high quality games like these, I dont think I would be able to resist releasing them to the offical market due to all the potential money I could be making. Therefore, I and many others will continue to wait until Gameloft fully embraces the Android platform and releases their entire library of high quality games on the Android Market.

  • Richard Leggett

    I wasn’t even aware of these games, I think that shows how many potential sales they are losing because I’d be more than happy to purchase GameLoft quality games if they were on the Market.

  • http://Website guardianali

    I don’t know what the confussion is. The reason is gameloft doesn’t like the 24hr return policy. On apple app store or the carrier billing option, you buy and not like or beat game in first 6 hours …your stuck with purchase. On android you can return. Believe it or not that amount they’d lose is a good amount.

  • Droi

    looks really good, i think we are on the right way for having a great games on our android.

  • http://Website kevin

    all those games work fine on htc phones actually look better on my evo than on my friends iphone 3gs. so who ever said the games wouldnt work on htc phones is full of crap

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    Not to mention if you don’t know how to sideload programs you are screwed on AT&T with this method. Both the Captivate and Aria do not allow installing any apks that are not from the market.

    There are methods to install them of course, but to ask the average user to go find out how its done is not the best way to distribute your software to that customer. Of course this also could be the compatibility with carrier thing they were talking about.

  • http://Website Mark

    I am with many others here in as much as I will not be buying any of their games unless they show proper commitment to the platform. This comes both in terms of making their offering available through the Market and making some effort to develop optimised versions for Android. In addition, heavily differential pricing between platforms leaves a negative impression of Gameloft too.

    Yes they need to look at ways to sell their games worldwide where Google do not offer the option (Google really need to sort this out quickly) but to avoid the primary channel for application commercialisation is short sighted and seems counter intuitive unless there is some kind of agenda behind the decision. For those who claim it is the problem of 24 hour return policy, then there could be no worse advertisement for these titles than the company producing them not believing enough in their quality, playability or capacity to engage and entertain for longer than 24 hours. If they don’t believe in them, why should I.

    As for piracy, it is rife on iOS platforms too but a commercial decision is made to accept a level of wastage / understand that most pirated copies of products are in the hands of people who would have never paid anyway (ie not lost revenue). If Gameloft are comfortable not maximising their exposure to a market that is growing by in excess of 200,000 devices per day, then so be it. I hope their competitors wake up and see the opportunity to deliver a powerful blow to their long term viability. When incumbents leave the door open, leaner, more adaptable players soon come to move things along.

  • http://Website mirandaJ

    well… I really try to understand why Gameloft made this choice but what puzzles me is that I do not see any other big game companies such as EA releasing as many games on Android as they do on iPhone. It seems that no big game publishers support the Android market place as they do with Apple App Store or am I wrong? I don’t know if Apple pay more but it might be the reason? but I downloaded NOVA and Dungeon Hunter on my EVO, I bought them through my phone bill and the process was pretty smooth and the games rock! I had one problem with Let’s Golf though when they gave it for free since I had to have my EVO replaced but customer care resent the game for free. cannot complain and do not really see why I would wait for them to put their games on the market. If they don’t do it, they must have a good reason ????

  • Sinanovski

    If gameloft doesn’t want me to EASILY access and buy their games, I won’t buy their games at all. I lived plenty without gameloft before, I can continue doing it.

  • http://Website BoD

    Maybe they just don’t want to give 30% to Google for the service that clearly doesn’t deserve it?

  • http://NA whatever

    Use torrents

  • http://Website DK

    i’d probably buy a couple of their games, but never off the google market

  • http://Website Larry

    Gameloft is leaving the vast majority of AT&T customers off the table. And that, Gameloft, is leaving money on the table. AT&T Android line is filling in quite nicely now.

  • http://Website Steve Michael

    Gameloft has some great games, but their online store leaves something to be desired. I bought Hawx (which is pretty awesome), but then had a problem witht the WiFi on my EVO and had to get it replaced 2 weeks later. I ended up getting charged for the game a second time when I downloaded it again two weeks later. It’s only $5, but still… not cool, Gameloft.

  • http://Website Thief4Life

    Mobilism + Blapkmarket + Android4all + Torrents = Profit!

  • http://Facebook Ujjwal apps

    Very very good

  • http://Website arish

    hi i am smalltime app devoper. Due to rampant piracy, it is unprofitable to release games on their marketplace. Think about it, if you cant get money why to develop in 1st place.

  • http://Website rafiq

    i tried downloading it via the mobile link…. but i jus reach the gloft mobile site and askes me to pay through credit card… wn i try to pay the page just refreshes and goes to home page…(i’m using a galaxy s) and i seriously wish gameloft releases their games in the market because gameloft’s online store sucks bigtime.
    And a lot of people dont even know that gameloft has realeased games for android just because they aare not in the market

  • http://Website Howard

    I prefer them to stay out of the market, it is best for consumers who don’t have a credit card or Paypal account and can buy through an online retailer in their own country, that is what i’m planning to do in my country, offer the games via a scratch card solution which reaches all consumers and not only the rich/wealthy.

  • http://Website Karyn

    If these games were avaliable on the android market I would most definatley buy them as im reluctant to from the net takes ages and is a faff. Please vring to market!

  • naresh


  • http://Website lennyp

    Totaly with you there I lost 5 games then was assured by three network that I wudnt be recharged to redownload,to which I disagreed because two weeks previous I’d been charged in similar incident.this time I disagreed and wudnt do the reset on my phone until speaking to a manager who reassured me that I would be immediately reimbursed if games go.five days later and I’m still waiting.

  • bas_imam

    well i cant find the download button when i enter thier online store following the link sent to me???
    and where is the free trial or there isnt anything free at all ???

  • http://Website Jonnyboy

    How about you people take your complaints to the Gameloft customer service?

  • http://Website Justus prince


  • http://Website isaia


  • http://Website Ashman

    Just purchsed eternal legacy hd. downloaded fine installed fine but when i try to open the game i get a status box in korean(?!) and a button with korean charactees to press and upon pressing the application is exited. I have a brand new 1.4 ghz dual core samsung galaxy s2.

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  • ahmad

    i have a white screen problem playing avatar on my galaxy S any help plz?

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  • rayan

    Gameloft games

  • dubturbo

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  • ccc

    Tried it and lo and behold, it won’t accept my international phone number. And some companies complain their games are being pirated outside of the US yet do not make the game/software available for legitimate purchase.

  • ahmad

    let me see

  • omari


  • Thomas austin

    Paid for 3 games a month £2.50 plus 1 free downloaded 3 of them then just downloaded the apk file for the 4th, I tried opening the game and downloading the rest of the file and I am unable to, also the service is £2.50 a month on carrier network and can be cut off anytime but I cant access the account to do anything about it!!

  • sushil

    I want to buy Tom Clancy’s HAWX for my XOLO A500 phone, when ever i am visting their site they are showing my phone as acer iconia a500 and doesn’t show the game, i dropped mail to gameloft support team, but no revert came :(