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Adobe to host Android Summit on August 16th

Adobe has invited several members of the media who are “passionate about Android” to their San Francisco office next week for what they are calling their Android Summit. The event will be held on August 16th and focus on Flash Player 10.1, AIR, Google TV, and gaming.

Android and Me was lucky enough to receive an invite and Adobe is asking for our feedback on their latest products. We will have the opportunity to speak directly to the product managers who are driving the requirements for these products and they want to hear our take on what they show and hear any ideas we have.

  • Who: A select group of media and Flash product managers
  • Where: Adobe’s San Francisco office
  • When: August 16, 2010 at 9 a.m.
  • What: Discussion with Adobe about Flash on Android (including Google TV) and demos of Flash running on Android devices.

If you want to help out, please let us know what you want to hear from the Adobe product managers. Post any Adobe related questions and we will do our best to pass them along and get the information you are looking for.

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  • http://Website Fted

    If you can find out about Flash Player 10.1 when an upgrade is available will it have limitations on the hardware on any devices such as the Galaxy S. In other word, when 2.2 is rolled out we will get Flash 10.1 but will we be limited to updates to 10.1 and later versions of Flash Player. Very excited about Flash 10.1


  • http://Website adam

    FTED i have 2.2 os and all i can tell u is that flash wont have limitation but it will be buggie that for sure

  • http://Website drogba

    Adobe sucks!!!
    If we want netflix on android (which runs on sliverlight) than we have to ditch adobe.
    why? because adobe is a fraud, they can’t release a product on time like motorola and sony ericsson.

    • http://Website kid_352003

      Netflix is making an app for android so stop hating on flash!!

  • http://Website adam

    drogba u can easily find adobe flash player 10.1 full beta just put apk and download the apps that what i did. I can see free movies and free sitcom on it like hulu so if u hate them is your problem. FYI I have droid so motorola isnt bad to droid line phones.

  • http://Website jarrod

    Please ask for them to enable Apps2sd!! Their large file size is a problem even on my n1.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’ll find out. I have noticed Beta 3 also eats up major space on my Browser space.

  • http://Website name

    Could you ask them to change the developer tool’s name back to Flex Builder (instead of Flash Builder)?

  • http://Website adam

    Well said taylor