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Android hacks: How to get the Galaxy S sounds on your device

This video demonstrates a relatively quick and painless mod you can do on your Android powered Droid, Droid 2, Evo 4G, Epic 4G, G1, Mytouch 3G, Mytouch Slide, or basically ANY Android phone with a custom ROM. The only requirement is that the ROM is unodexed (most of the time they are). If you’re not sure, there will be no harm done in trying. I hope this mod will help you better customize your phone to your liking and further enhance your experience within Android.

Source: YouTube

Chris is a long time gamer and tech enthusiast. His newest passion is Android and its ever growing community. He loves people, food, life and lives by the philosophy that "you choose your attitude." He likes choosing a positive one. =)

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  • http://Website Tim

    Cool, but where can we get the sound file?

    • http://Website LilSmurf2009

      You would have to download a GALAXY S Rom and extract the sound from there.

      • http://Website Tim

        Or, I would rather have Chris Chavez upload the ogg file somewhere for us to easily get, since he already has it right there…

        • Christopher Chavez

          Yeah, sorry guys. I’m a dummy and fell asleep before posting the link =/

          Gonna edit the post and include the download link!

    • Christopher Chavez

      Gonna edit the post soon. For now here ya go!

      P.S. I’m a dummy…

  • http://Website SI

    Love your vids.

    It would be great to see you do videos with the G2… it would only be logical.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, I’m gonna convince my brother to get one so I can hack and mod his all over the place! =D

      • http://Website SI

        Awesome. Can’t wait to see those vids.

  • bryanl

    Videos are awesome, but they are even more awesome if you include a text based explanation of them too. Not all of us speak the best English, and rewinding youtube leaves something to be desired.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Great point. I forget that there may be other countries out there (American mentality) viewing my videos. Will make it a point to provide full written instructions next time. Let me know if you need any help and I’ll walk you through it =)

      • http://Website M.J.

        Hey Chris, I am a big fan of yours. Android is an amazing thing lol. I was wondering, I know you used to do a bunch of vids on your old G1. I wanted to know if you could help me root it. I really thought I had it in the bag with the universal root, and then i flashed with rom manager but i cant seem to get into my recovery afterwards when i boot my phone. I have the Canadian Rogers Dream/G1. If you could help me get cyanogen on it that would be awesome! Thanks a lot and keep on with the vids haha!

  • http://Website haxzamatic

    You can just flash this if you have a custom recovery… Gala S UI Sounds –

    Changes your selection sounds, and keyboard sounds :)

    • yungfresh

      Tried to flag it with clockwork recovery and it said failed installation aborted. Any clue?

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Worked like a charm. I didn’t flash it though. Just pulled that one file he was talking about out and put it on the sd card and went the same route he did. I noticed all the files in there were OGG. So I might play around and change other function sounds to see what I like.

      • Christopher Chavez

        I’m gonna do the same. I want to implement some sound effect from Metal Gear Solid into my ROM.
        This should be fun…. =D

    • Christopher Chavez

      Wait- what does the keyboard sound like???? I didn’t know that was different too????? =O

      Flashable zip is MUCH easier too! Thanks! =D

  • http://Moreimportantly shankinstuff

    More importantly, where did you get that awesome background?

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I want the file and I also want to know where he got that background. It is really nice. I still wish they would of made that EVO all white and not half and half.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Here ya go! Its actually a wallpaper from Windows 7. I love it! =D

  • yungfresh

    Great video but where do we get the file to put on our sd card?

  • http://Website johnny99

    Chris, great video! But always remember – G1 is the ONE! G1 started it all, G1 will never ever been forgotten although we have moved to more modern handsets.

    G1 will always be the Android KING. It started it all.

  • http://Website Evan

    where can we find ogg files in general. is there a website i can look for. i cant even find a legit ogg converter for mac so that i can make my own. any help would be awesome.

  • http://Website Peter Mikhail

    Wow this guy is amazing you guys should give this guy a full time job!!!!!

  • http://Website Darnell Champen

    So I just tried it exactly as you did it on the video…and now there is no sound. I did it on my nexus one.

    • Christopher Chavez

      That’s odd. Reboot once more. See if that helps.

      To go back to stock sounds simply reflash whatever ROM you were on (NO WIPE). No harm, no foul. LOL

  • http://Website Jack_Rowell

    grrrr cyanogen wont let me open root explorer….laaame!

    • Christopher Chavez

      Had the same problem (see video) LOL
      Other great alternatives are SUFBS (the app I used in the video)
      Android Mate (free)
      Super Manager (also free) =p

  • http://Website jckrayzie

    Nice, that sound is cool, I wish I can put that on my hd2. But the thing is that I’m not sure if I can do it right now cuz I’m running android from stock. But ima look for sure is gotta be a way to put that sound on this phone. Nice review bro. Keep up the great work.

  • http://WTF Jay

    WTF is wrong with your hair man…seriously.

    • http://Also... Jay

      Turn off the freakin music when you’re going a video tutorial.

      • Christopher Chavez

        How ’bout you just don’t watch my video? =)

  • http://Website livpalm

    Thx again for the tips Chavez…can you post a tip on how to install custom theme on cm6 for EVO? There’s a lot of forums discussions on themes but a lot of them seem to be more complicated than a simple flash. Thanks

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, there are quite a few methods out there for themeing. Some are kinda complicated… I will keep in mind though for a future video =)

  • http://Website del4

    Thanks for the quick and easy tutorial. Might have to try out SUFBS.

    Main question was how do you get that nice Reboot Menu (shown at about the 4:30 mark) that gives you options of Reboot, Recovery and Bootloader? I’m running CyanogenMod 6 RC1 for the CDMA Hero and don’t have that option but would really like to have it!

    • Christopher Chavez

      It came with CM6 Stable! I thought it was kinda cool too! LOL I’m running his Nightlies now and its still there so…. =D

      • http://Website del4

        Cool, hopefully it’ll be in the CM6 Stable version for the CDMA Hero once it’s ready.

  • http://Website Sean

    I have the vibrant and I rooted it but thats all I was wondering if you can do it that way. If so can you help me on how to do it? If so my email is [email protected]. It would be greatly appreciated if I can get some help. Also can you use any sound as long as I convert it to ogg?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yup. You can use ANY sound you like as long as its converted to .ogg
      If your Vibrant is rooted and has FULL NAND unlocked and is running a custom unodexed ROM then you should be able to do this =)

      • http://Website Sean

        I don’t have a rom on it all I have is it rooted I believe I’m not entirely sure because my friend rooted it for me but I also can’t find the app that you used anywhere.

        • Christopher Chavez

          You can use Root Explorer or SUFBS or Android Mate or Super Manager

          If you’re ONLY rooted, this probably wont work and you’ll have no audible selection. Hahaha… But I guess it worth a try? =p

          • http://Website Sean

            where do I get SUFBS? I can’t find it on the market and also how can I get cyanogen 6 on my phone?

  • http://Website slowpoke

    Hi, I couldnt help but notice that you were runing CM6 and had the sprint VVM app. If this is true, could you plz plz plz tell me how you did this?

  • uRstruly74

    Just found this on your youtube page nice little hack much better sounding then the crack sound.

  • Dezzydezo

    Chris what is the rom you are using during this video. its awesome

  • http://Website adam

    I can’t get it 2 work. Im using root explorer. I have dun all steps correctly. 1st on cm6 then myn’s warm rom. I keep gettin, Paste error “there was not enough free disk space to complete the paste operations”. Please help!

  • boom

    i want to change my samsung galaxy s i900 keypad tone like its dial tone (like iphone 4s tone) can u give me dl links? tnx

  • Ranjith

    hi.. very good video, i tried doing through ‘file expert’ but it didn’t work for me.. now my default htc sound is also not working, can’t even paste the old default sound.. please, need u r help.. i’m using HTC evo 3d(GSM) and the rom i’m using is ‘infected rom eternity’

  • daniel burke

    I would like to have the galaxy s theme sounds not the gala or whatever