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Angry Birds beta flocking to Android this Friday

Angry Birds for those few that aren’t familiar is one of the top selling games for Apple’s iPhone and iPad and is about to wing its way onto the Android Market.

The basic premise (and it is going to sound odd) is that some malevolent pigs have stolen the eggs from a flock of (reasonably upset) birds who are now out to get their eggs back. Armed with a slingshot and a variety of birds that offer different attack styles you launch the birds at the pigs fortresses in an effort to knock them down and kill the pigs.

As bizarre as that sounds the gameplay is really addictive and the visuals in all of the versions that I have seen are absolutely fantastic so this is a real feather in Android’s cap (I swear that’s the last bird allusion).

If you want to get in on the beta the word from Rovio is that they are going to distribute it starting this Friday to anyone signed up for their mailing list which can be found at

Update: As a result of the huge response to the news of the upcoming beta release Rovio has decided to just release the Angry Birds Lite beta into the Market on Friday.

Via: Droid-Life

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  • http://Website Derek

    This game is so fun on iphone. I hope they did a better job of creating it for android than most developers do converting their iphone software to android.

    • http://Website Antwan

      It seems like a lot of the iPhone ports (Especially the 3D ones) work best on Android phones that have iPhone like hardware (Like the PowerVR GPU). Making the Snapdragon phones “Seemingly” under-perform on certain games that its fast enough to run.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Request submitted — waiting to see what all the chatter is about…..

  • http://Website The Denver Max


  • Jules

    Very curious about Samsung Galaxy S 2D performance!

  • http://Website Eddie Android

    I had this game (actually a demo) on my Nokia N900 and it was extremely fun and I’ve been waiting for it on my Nexus One (soon to be replaced by G2) for a while. Just finished signing up.

  • http://Website H

    It is free isnt it?

  • http://Website nick

    can you guys post stuff about hmmm i dont know, the G2!!! pictures are everywhere except your guys website! I love coming here and i was hoping to see what you guys thought but nope, talk about games..

  • http://Website EVOftw

    Anyone looking to purchase an HTC evo…they are now available online, but for how long, who knows

  • http://Website Chancy

    Archos reveals five new Android tablets for fall

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  • http://Website Chad

    This game is fun at first, but it gets boring very quickly. Even single level is almost the same, Which makes it boring. This game is the biggest overhype of all time.

    Also, I looked at the app’s reviews on my ipod touch, and there’s about 8 people that are reposting their 5 star reviews every 15 minutes, so you don’t see the negative reviews.

    On my iPod touch, doodle jump is a game thats fun even after playing it for a long time, but angry birds is boring after just a short period of playing it.

  • E-man

    Sweet! Haven’t played the game in a while.

  • http://Website Dana Wright

    Yay! So glad Angry Birds is coming out. Now can we get Plants vs Zombies? Please???!!!

  • http://Website rolex

    This is the best news ive heard in a long time! Waited soo long! May change android gaming for good .. hope its high resolution

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Is anybody else having trouble finding the app to download in the email and in the market?

    • http://Website Ben

      You can download it from here:

      I’m playing it on my HTC Legend and even though the game is obviously made for larger res screens (only noticable in menu screen) the game play is perfect :-)
      Hopefully Rovio will also release Angry Birds for mid range handsets such as Legend etc.