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Cellular South unveils HTC Hero 6250 in black

The HTC Hero may sound like old news, but Cellular South is looking to spice things up a little by adding a black version into their lineup. As far as we can tell, the new black HTC Hero 6250 is identical to the original HTC Hero that’s been in Cellular South’s handset lineup for quite some time, featuring a 3.2 inch display, Android 2.1, and a 528 MHz processor.

A black HTC Hero may not be as exciting as the upcoming HTC Desire or Motorola Milestone which are both expected to to launch on Cellular South within a month, but at $79.99 with a buy one get one free option, we might see quite a few new Android users on Cellular South’s network over the coming weeks.

The updated Cellular South Hero.

Source: Cellular South

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  • Courtney

    Wow, that’s really ugly. I guess I haven’t looked at the hero much.

    The silver bottom with the tiny buttons just seems really unnecessary.

  • http://Website Chad

    Not only is it very ugly, but it won’t ever get android 2.2. There’s no reason to buy this outdated phone.

  • http://Website craig

    The hero can get 2.2 root is no problem.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    It’ll probably not get Android 2.2, but that does not make it a bad phone. Would you rather have this of the Motorola Cliq of Backflip? It’s a low end Android phone, not intended for consumers like us. This is the phone you get your mom on mother’s day or for her birthday just to introduce her to Android. If she likes it, we’ll be buying another Android phone when her contract expires.

    Not everyone is looking for a superphone. Some people simply want a phone that’ll connect to the web and allow them to download and install apps.

  • http://Website Gomez

    Its not about the way it look s, its about the price you will pay for this phone specially if you buy get one free its like your buying each phone for $40 you can’t beat that. Plus you can alway root the phone.

  • http://Website Steve

    I like it in black, even if the pic is photoshoped. And, I like the Hero. I have one. It works alright (phone lag) and it fits in my pocket. Unlike the Evo. It’s not a beginner’s android phone. that designation is reserved for phones like the Samsung Intercept.

  • Greg

    I’m really sick of this argument:

    “It’s fine if you ROOT it.”

    I don’t want to root it. In fact, most people don’t WANT to root it. Even if rooting is easy, no phone/OS will have success if the only people who use it are hardcore users who even know what rooting is.

    Android will only succeed if bloggers and grandmas alike both use, and love, their phone, straight out of the box.

    And that my friends, is the root of this problem.

    • http://Website thebearingedge

      aaaahhh look at that pun

      but seriously, good point

  • http://Website firethorn

    Don’t get me wrong, the Hero was a fine device in its day. Especially the international version that didn’t look as bland as Sprint’s take on it.

    But why would someone buy this now? I guess it needs to be a really good deal to still sell this over, say, the Legend.

    • http://Website MikeB

      Why would someone buy this phone? For some people such as myself this is the best the carrier offers! Unfortunately I have two options, purchase an older phone on a carrier that has great coverage or get the latest and greatest and have poor coverage.

  • http://Website Scotty

    Just to point something out here, but that looks ALOT more like a Magic than a Hero to me.


  • Bluetooth When Driving

    Thanks for warning me of what a poor quality low end phone this android is
    Thought it was high end
    I was misinformed
    This will all end with crying

  • http://Website android is the root of all that is evil

    The HTC Hero is YES a starter phone for advanced users but can still be awesome if you root it if that’s your style but for people like me this the the only i can afford to get at the moment and the milestone is to breakable for the line of work i am in (EMS)

    All in all it’s a great phone just wish it was not limited to the app you can or can’t use

  • http://none Darla leight

    no no no no bagger HTC Hero 6250 black cell phone
    low low price s how much would that be christmas preants
    givfed for me

  • http://Website Norm

    has anyone been able to use outlook mail on this phone, and if so – how?

  • Mark

    DO NOT BUY the hero unless as noted above you are buying it as a STARTER android phone for someone. I have had this phone for 1 1/2 years and am ready to throw it against the wall. Very slow (laggy) frustrating …..who wants that?? When I first got this phone I was excited but after attempting to make calls or send a text I began to have second thoughts. The camera is useless since there is a long delay to taking the picture and there is no flash which makes it next to impossible to have your recently taken picture look decent. I am happily awaiting the day when I can upgrade to something more useful maybe the Samsung Galaxy S2 or something.