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Dell Thunder prototypes get hands-on treatment

The Dell Thunder made its first appearance nearly a week ago and now Engadget has a hands-on video with a couple of engineering test units.

Specs are being reported that match previous leaks which include a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.1″ OLED screen, 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM, 8 MP camera, 720p video capture, and a 1,400 mAh battery. Overall the device sounds pretty similar to the Dell Streak 5-inch tablet, although it will clearly be marketed as a phone and include a more traditional phone UI.

One prototype was running Android 1.6 while the other had Android 2.1 installed, but it will likely be on 2.2 with Dell’s “Stage UI” by launch.

It also appears the Thunder could launch on both GSM and CDMA carriers. The original leak suggested it would appear on AT&T in Q4, but now it is suggested a version with AWS support could go to T-Mobile and a dual-mode phone could indicate a Verizon launch. I believe Dell is desperately trying to get on as many carriers as possible, so it makes sense they would have prototypes for each of them.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Is this an improvement over the Dell Streak?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Raptor

    What the clueless reviewer….soft spoken but total retard.

    • http://Website wtf

      huh? also, android 1.6 FFFFFUUUUUUU

  • http://Website Tito!

    No, I say the dell streak hands down. & Sadly T-Mobile passed up on thatt. Boo, sad.

  • http://Website Douglas

    you didn’t read very indepth into the Engadget article, otherwise you would realize that some of the specs you put up were unconfirmed or disputed by the models that Engadget received.

  • http://Website JGarrido

    It almost seems like every hardware manufacturer is now making the same phone with the same specs, with very little differentiation – what’s the point?

  • http://Website ian


    they took this straight from the engadget article

  • Dell Thunder Spec

    Dell Thunder with android smartphone can share more photo cand video with 8 mp camera and large touch screen wow!!!

  • Dell Thunder

    Best of dell smartphone now ? ^^ Dell thunder

  • http://Website Bobba

    well it’s about time that somebody broke the 800×480 barrier in resolution on these larger screened phones. A 4″ screen at a higher resolution will just be amazing.