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Developers buy out remaining Nexus One stock

Some sad news today from the Android Developers Blog: the Nexus One is out of stock. We’ve known for some time that the supply for the general public had run dry, but the blow was alleviated by the fact that the phone would continue to be available to developers.

Well, that was the plan, at least.

A couple of weeks ago, we arranged that registered developers could buy an unlocked Nexus One via their publisher page in Android Market. We think it’s a good development platform and a nice phone. Apparently, you agree. Somewhat too many of you, in fact; we blew through the (substantial) initial inventory in almost no time, and they’re back-ordered from HTC, who are doing a pretty good job of managing runaway success amid a worldwide AMOLED shortage. Everyone appreciates that it’s important to the platform to get phones in the hands of developers, so we’re working hard on re-stocking the shelves; stand by.Tim BrayAndroid Developers Blog

Hopefully they’ll be able to get their hands on another batch and meet the demand but with screen shortages and a new phone coming out every few weeks there’s no telling how long we could be waiting.

It’s Friday, boys. Pour one out for the best phone your friends have never heard of.

Via: Engadget

Source: Android Developers

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  • Christopher Chavez

    “The best phone your friends have never heard of.”

    LOL!!!!! That is SOOOO true! Hahahaha… Oh, and I like how the title pic is the Nexus in heaven. =D

    • neodbunny

      Hey chris any word on the evo rooting if i did the froyo update?

  • Daniel Martínez

    This is very sad news. That phone never arrived to Ecuador, I had planed to go on chrimas to the USA and buying it on ebay or amazon and have it delivered to my hotel. But now that is simply imposible.

    Well, there must be another Unlocked android phone.

  • Uncemister

    I just cracked a cold one open in honor of this. In fact I’m posting from mine right now. Here’s to my favorite phone that i will hold onto forever.

  • xOneSainTx

    The nexus one is my favorite off all phones I’ve owned…except my sweet ass star trac or tek or whatever it was. I still use my nexus one but the galaxy s is calling me.

  • http://Website Kimberly

    I’m soo glad I ordered one back in feb! I absolutely love my nexus one!

    • http://Website RT

      Last week I jumped ship to Sprint for the EVO. Dropped Tmobile and my Nexus for the EVO. Well, guess what? I’m on the phone with Tmobile. I don’t care if I’m going to save a few bucks with Sprint. I want my Nexus back! The Nexus just Rocks! I just can’t let it go.

  • Grant

    I’m rocking my HTC Desire (close cousin to Nexus One) with Froyo, and LOVING it! A fantastic handset that those seeking a Nexus One may do well to consider.

  • http://Website Alankrut

    agreed, one of the best phones ive ever used as well

    In some cases even better than the incredible, droid x/2, even galaxy s

    One of the cases is that it is tied to google,
    so the day after gingerbread is announced guess who will have it, us nexus users :D

    • http://Website Jason

      You do have a point.

      That’s what happened to us during froyo

  • http://Website Chris

    I’m not surprised they’ve had pages up to get a free nexus one for a while. These things are going like hotcakes. I am a developer and would love to have one.

  • bt

    i really enjoy this phone!

  • http://Website Grindstone

    Good bye nexus one. Let’s hope the htc vision is a google set to replace you. Just goes to show people want raw android and updates.

  • http://Website Steve

    I think It’s one of the best phones out there. Considering it was released in January, the spec still is at the top end of the market. I love being able to customize pretty much anything I want on it!

  • http://Website Sadaboutit

    Nexus is bestest

  • http://Website kermit

    Ha! So glad I picked up this like new one yesterday for a sweet $300. R I.P N1 ill hold on to mine for sure.

  • http://Website jayy336

    Woow. If this is selling out from just online, imagine how it would sell out if the actual phone retailers sold it.

    I love my Nexus, screw upgrading to another phone right now, this phone has high enough specs to last me a few more good months.

  • http://Website Chewtoy

    This would be a great time for sanding to step in and offer their galaxy S line as a replacement or even temporary stand in.

    It soul benefit both Samsung and the state of development to get the hardware with the be graphics standard into the hands of more developers.

    Hey Clark, perhaps you could draw Samsung’s attention to this idea by contacting them to ask whether they have considered it. We are talkin about the same company that offered a free phone to replace an iphone recently. They are seemingly pen to guerrilla marketing…

  • Droi

    it is a sad story… those lucky ones who has, hold on to it.

  • http://Website deutschdroid

    I’ll Just got a second n1 from my wife.
    She really Is the best.

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Never heard a Nexus owner say a bad thing about it. A bold experiment by Google, that while not commercially a success, managed to produce one of the most impressive phones to date. Onward and upward!

  • http://Website Stevethai

    Can i order N1 on Google Dev site now? Anyone have Android market account, could you check it? Plz

  • http://Website Ronald

    I have a question I have a N1 with t mobile and I pay monthly for phone insurance…if I loose or break my phone and qualify to get another for the $130 that they tell me it would cost to receive another phone what happens then?…what do they give me because to my own preference I would only take another N1 because there is nothing on the T-Mobile line I would want as of now….N1 ROCK’S!!!!

    • http://Website deutschdroid

      They gave me the Samsung vibrant

  • http://Website patto

    RIP Nexus One. I have one and by that am an owner of a rarity, that seeks a worhty opponent. Bless you all out there, who are in the same possition of owning that greatest of them all mobile phone.

  • http://Website Scott

    Going on a year old and it’s still T-Mobile’s flagship handset (the Sims playing, Samsung-saddled Vibrant is nice but a clear second). That’s awesome for the N1, really sad for T-Mobile.

  • http://Website Daniel Hedblom

    I love my Nexus One, its the best phone i have ever had. While i understand the reasons the Nexus was pulled i have high hopes for another like the Nexus coming out.

    Demand had nothing to do with it being pulled. It was about OEMs and Google not wanting to favor/compete with their own customers.

  • http://Website Bob

    why dont google sell unlocked nexus one in UK. The big name retailers like carphone will love to promote this. Oh well they dont want to compete with OEMs and push them to WP7

  • http://Website PhilT

    I managed to get a Vodafone nexus one as an upgrade in the UK and turns out it’s unlocked and unbranded. Google boxed and badged

    Quite like the HTC Hero
    as a phone.

  • http://Website Haupia

    Well, I’m selling my phone because I bought a Droid 2. I seriously needed a physical keyboard and T-Mobile kept cutting out on me in my building so I had no choice but to let it go and get something more reliable. Anyone know where I can post my phone to sell?

  • http://Website noam

    does anyone knows when the nexus will be available again?

  • http://Website jpanamu

    I love this phone!, I ordered back when it was first lunch by google and after many month I finally got it rooted and cyanogenMod installed…I will tell you this!!!…it is like a super phone! idea my phone could do so much!!!…forget about Iphone! this phone is incredible!!