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Easiest way to backup, flash and restore a custom ROM

This video will apply to anyone (Evo 4G, Mytouch Slide, G1, Mytouch 3G, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Droid 2, etc.) with a rooted phone. I made this video in hopes that people will better understand their phone and have full control of some of the basics that involve flashing a custom ROM. I know, it can seem a little intimidating at first but there’s really nothing to be afraid of especially when you fully grasp backing up and restoring ROMs.

With that, I hope to empower everyone and give them even more control of their phone and know that the Android modding life can be a happy safe one.

Follow the dev and buy the PAID version of ROM Manager in the Market! @koush. If you ever need anything you can always find me on Twitter: @gamercore

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Chris is a long time gamer and tech enthusiast. His newest passion is Android and its ever growing community. He loves people, food, life and lives by the philosophy that "you choose your attitude." He likes choosing a positive one. =)

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  • http://Website jason

    The first sentence can be misleading to some. The rom manager does not work for all rooted phone (like the Motorola Cliq)

    • Christopher Chavez

      Does the Cliq have FULL root? And NAND unlocked? Totally forgot about that little guy… =/

  • http://Website Glock

    Yea, rom manager would have been easy if it hadn’t broke my recovery and failed to flash anything on no less than 3 seperate occasions…

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, that happened to me once when I first got my Evo. But since recently (and quite a few updates) it hasn’t given me any issues whatsoever.

      I still don’t recommend using it during the root process. Only after flashing a custom ROM and you got everything up and running…

  • http://Website Andrew

    Rom manager can cause issues

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, I mentioned that in the video. A lot of people were saying they were having issues mostly because of Clockwork recovery.
      I’ve had ZERO issues and been using it for a month straight (flashing radios, WiMax’s, ROMs and kernels) and everything is working perfect.
      Of course, a lot of it probably has to do with the phone you’re using….

  • Evan

    Great video Chris! As I understand it, this won’t work with the Droid X though (you mentioned it at the top). Is that right? Mine’s rooted (thanks to EasyRoot) but I don’t think custom ROMs are good to go yet.

    • http://Website Adam

      No it will not work for the Droid X or Droid 2 as they both at least for now have encrypted bootloaders to specifically prevent against custom ROM’s meaning if it is broken it will probably be harder than just using ROM manager like the droid 1.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Not really too familiar with “EasyRoot” but as long as that method unlocks NAND and gives you full write access to system data then you should be good.

      The problem with a lot of those really easy root methods and apps is that they only give you root access and don’t unlock NAND (what you need to flash a custom recovery). So its not really “FULL root.”

  • http://Website Ryan

    so how do we restore a backup from rom manager if the rom is all messed up and FC’ing?

    • http://Website Adam

      If on the droid, power off then hold down the X button while powering back on. Will throw you right into recovery mode then restore.

      • http://Website Derek

        For all phones, adb reboot recovery. That’ll get you into recovery mode, then you can just restore the last working ROM.

      • http://Website Ryan

        Well, i was looking at doing the one click root thing, so i dont have the clockwork recovery thing

    • Christopher Chavez

      1 Click Root thing also lets you flash a custom recovery. I recommend always using Amon RA during the rooting process and once you’ve flashed your first custom ROM, you can use Rom Manager.
      I also show you in my video how to MANUALLY get into recovery. The buttons you press and hold are different for all phones though =p

      • http://Website Ryan

        Oh will it ask me for Arman-Ra or will I have to download it?

        • Christopher Chavez

          Listen to BarkelyFan! =D

      • http://Website Barkleyfan

        Amon-Ra isn’t available for droid, but clockwork works fine. Been using rom manager since it was available for droid, and it’s a top 5 app. @koush keeps it updated and evolving. Worth every penny.

  • http://Website Sam


    Can anyone tell me how to install a custom ROM for my xperia X10.

  • http://Website joey

    Are we able to load a custom rom on droidx. I’ve rooted my phone with easy root, and haven’t been successful in loading bugless beast for example. The little android with the exclamation point shows up in reboot all the time. So what’s the deal

    • Christopher Chavez

      I don’t think Easy Root is giving you what I consider to be FULL root (root+NAND unlock).
      You can’t really use ROM Manager unless you already have a custom recovery (Amon RA, Clockwork, etc)

  • http://Website James

    After reading the comments I’m a little confused. Can I just buy the premium Clockwork Rom Manager and do everything from there with my stock MT3G? OR do I have to find some way to root my phone (what’s your recommendation?) then use Clockwork Rom Manager? Also I read somewhere that I need to downgrade my OS from 1.6 to 1.5 before I can upgrade to 2.2. Is that correct?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yes, you would need to fully root your phone and install a custom recovery. There are TONS of methods to do this. I would recommend hitting up for help with rooting the Mytouch =)

      For you to “upgrade” to 2.2 you’re gonna have to root and install a ROM with 2.2 on the Mytouch =p

      • http://Website James

        Thanks for the help. You made an awesome video. I took a look at and I will be following the steps there. I still don’t understand why I have to downgrade to 1.5 first but I will follow the steps. Do you know why?

        • Christopher Chavez

          The reason is cuz there was a patch in 1.6 that wont let you root. So the easiest method is to drop down to 1.5 and root from there. (Less steps involved) =p

          • http://Website Don

            You can fully root a mytouch 3G without reverting to 1.5. Just use universal Androot:


            I rooted my 32B MT3G for the first time this week with it and it works great. I used Androot 1.5.3, but an update was just recently released.

  • http://Website JH

    I use Amon Ra recovery, have since my G1. ROM manager would be useful for me if it allowed me to check updates and download them without needing its recovery as well. I can do without the advanced features, as I can do it the old manual way. I just don’t see the reason for not allowing update checks and downloading to SDcard, I get the other features needing a compatible recovery.

    I’m on a Nexus One right now, I saw a “flash alternative recovery” option but it was grayed out. I guess I need to install clockwork then it will allow me to reflash amon ra. If I do would it still let me use the app?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, you could flash the Clockwork recovery to gain access to the app and some of its features. When you’re done, just flash “alternate recovery” and go back to Amon RA! =D

  • http://Website ben

    im gonna try this on a droid x!! nice vid :p

    • Christopher Chavez

      Thanks! Let me know how it works! =D

  • http://Website YayForAndroid

    Well i have an htc magic 32b and i had amon ra’s recovery installed and later on went into rom maneger and flashed custom recovery and it screwed up my rom. had to re-flash everything including recovery. so dont do that!!!! haha

    • Christopher Chavez

      Wait- flashing a Clockwork recovery messed up the ROM??? That’s very strange… not sure how it would do that. I know people with the Mytouch 3G’s who rave about using ROM Manager. Huh…

  • http://Website kemc

    This is definitely the easiest way :)

  • http://Website Frank

    great job as always on the vid….rom manager makes things so much easier

    • Christopher Chavez

      I agree! I wouldn’t flash as much without it! =p

  • http://Website anon

    The Motorola phones except for the original Droid (i.e. Droid 1) has a locked bootloader and will *NOT* boot with a kernel other than the signed one from Motorola.

    So yes, you can flash a custom ROM for them (read: Milestone, Droid X, and possibly Droid 2), but those custom ROM are not “custom” as in CyanogenMod, whose kernels includes bunches of tweaks, fixes and updates.

    FWIW, CyanogenMod’s Froyo (CM6) kernels are based on 2.6.32/33 IIRC, but the original Milestone kernel is stuck at 2.6.29.

    There were discussions about using kexec or a 2nd bootloader, but it seems nothing really fruitful has come out yet.

    Buyer beware!

    • Christopher Chavez

      Very interesting. I think most people will be happy with modified versions of the the stock ROM.

      That is all I use on my Evo anyway. Too many weird things with flashing different builds right now… Needs more development time.

  • http://Website hiddengopher

    This’ll be super helpful for the n00bs.

    And please people, just buy the premium version. I did and I couldn’t be happier.
    Updating CM6 nightlies is as easy as pie.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Agreed. The Premium version is only the cost of a steakhouse burger but lasts twice as long! LOL =)

  • http://Website Luis Figueroa

    Can i use this method for the nexus one?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, you can use the ROM Manager app on the Nexus. I know a lot of people who use it and love it. =)

  • http://Website MoneyMike

    Hey Chris I have a question. My EVO 4G in rooted using the method shown in your video before this one. I was running CM6 Nightly before and then I flashed the unoffical update of froyo 2.2 3.26.651.3 everything is working fine on this build of Froyo 2.2 I have the new Google Voice Action working and everything but I sometimes get the system update message asking me to update over the air to .6 of the froyo 2.2 build. I wanted know if I should update over the air or I should flash HTC_OTA_Froyo_2.2_build_3.36.651.6_(Rooted)_DeOdex Also if I flash HTC_OTA_Froyo_2.2_build_3.36.651.6_(Rooted)_DeOdex do I have to wipe everything before doing so? Will i be able to keep my apps the way there and text messages the same or should I back them up because this would be a totally different ROM not an actual update of 3.26.651.3. Your help will greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Christopher Chavez

      If you update, you will LOSE root (which may be fine with you).
      I would recommend flashing the Rooted Deodexed ROM so you can keep root. =)
      You shouldn’t have to wipe. If you get a bunch of force closes or things get CARAZY then of course boot into recovery and wipe then reboot =)
      I would backup all my apps using Titanium Backup (my personal favorite backup app) and ONLY backup User apps + data. This app will make wiping and flashing PAINLESS. Only thing is you will lose texts and settings.
      Let me know if you need anything else =D

      • http://Website MoneyMike

        Hey Chris I flashed the updated .6 build on my evo and it worked perfectly. I backed up my apps using Titanum backup but I didnt have to do anything to get them back its as if I didnt flashed the updated OTA build but I know that it work because in setting and software information its says 3.26.651.6 and for the build number its says 3.26.651.6- Froyo DeOdexed RevE. I have only one more question if I want to return to CM6 I can just backup this ROM the way it is now and wipe everything then flash CM6 right? The same goes for the reverse if I want to come back to the Froyo DeOdexed RevE Rom. The reason I ask is because I like CM6 customzation and clearity to the screen I think thats because the FPS is uncapped on that ROM but in your video you had a kernel to put on top of the Froyo 3.26.651.6 build where would I get that file from. Thanks in Advance for all you help man its greatly appreciated.

  • PatrickHuey

    hey ive got a question for you Chris, if i do upgrade, and get the nightlies, if i just flash those roms, everything will be the same but with just the most updated rom? also, i recently rooted my mytouch 1.2 with the one click root found on and im having problems with my widgets. everytime my phone resets, or USB connects to my mac, they reset and i cant use them unless uninstall, and then reinstall them. how can i fix this? and how long does it take to back up a current rom? im trying to back up my current CM6 rom, but it seems like it takes so long i just take my battery out and re start my phone, lol!

  • http://Website Kelivn

    hey chris i was wondering is there a video where u can show how to flash the htc g1….i really would love to get the android 2.0

  • http://Website Eli

    Thanks a bunch for the video. It was very helpful.

  • Poopybutthole

    Thanks for the video. I’m newly rooted and it cleared up a lot of questions for me about backing up on Evo 4G.

  • http://Website Kunwar

    First of all, love your videos. You do a great job explaining and putting things the way they should be done.
    My question.
    I am on original sprint stock Rom 2.1. (ROOTED) I want to know if i should back up my Rom as is with all my installed apps or should I factory reset and then back up my original sprint ROM via Rom Manager??
    To make my question clear I am worried about loosing my root, super user permission icon the small one eyed funny cartoon with a gun. Will i loose it if i do a factory reset??
    I know maybe I will loose the Rom manager but that I could download from the market

  • http://Website Quin

    Hi, I have a htc aria & I’m not sure what to do lol. I’ve been researching rooting and flashing roms but I’m getting confused how to do it all. Can I download the rom to my computer or does it have to be in the sd card??? Also, how do I root it? It would be awesome if you do do a tutorial on the aria or point me to someone who does. Thanks in advance : )

  • http://Website Raj

    Hi there Description: :)I’m even scared to write… Description: ;)

    Newbie Noobie here. Greetings!

    Got myself a birthday present a few days ago — HTC Desire.

    If it helps, here are the details:
    Firmware version: 2.2

    i rooted my phone and then followed the steps to install custom rom

    Anyway, here’s my problem (there were posts about it before as well).

    Once I reach point 5 in Step 2 [i.e. Turn off your phone & turn it back on holding POWER + VOL DOWN then use vol up/down to scroll down to ‘Recovery‘ and power to select.] after I click ‘Recovery’ my screen either stays white with the green HTC logo or just goes black — in either case, that’s it… nothing happens and no buttons work.

    The first time it happened I almost got a heart attack (well, which noobie didn’t?) because I thought I’d just bricked my baby… Right now it is still the only way for me to do ANYthing after getting the black screen…

    Any suggestions/help will be more than welcome! Thanks in advance!!!

    (And sorry for the long post… I always need long intros and all the details listed to make myself as clear as possible)

    Please do help me

    i am nearly crying while typing it

    email me the response



  • http://Website jimbo

    Great vid. Keep it up


  • sidd

    Thanks for the awesome vid

  • http://Website Life

    Thanks for the help, you’re awesome dude!!!

  • http://Website Name (required)

    guys please help me! i have a Samsung galaxy 5…the problem is i can’t use the. 3 combo button for manual loading! nor the phone allows back up of the current rom! is it absolutely necessary to back up the current rom! pls help me out with this! thank you for your help!

  • http://Website john

    im trying this for my mytouch slide and i only see 2 steps in the simple root? did i do it wrong please email and help

  • http://Website john

    im trying this for my mytouch slide and i only see 2 steps in the simple root? did i do it wrong please email and help. i dont know what im doing wrong

  • http://Website Joseph

    You never really explained what a recovery will recover. Will it restore all your data, apps, numbers for that back up? Also when installing a new rom how do you keep your apps so you don’t gave to download each one again? Does your phone numbers transfer over?

  • http://Website jose

    i rooted my phone and im using root manager (free version) and i installed a rom called lex lite ginger and reboot it but when its in the home screen it blank and i cant access anything i try to reboot but it stays in the same rom and does the same thing can you help

  • Mark

    Great video – Really helpful on the backup & recovery stuff – I’ve been struggling to find everything I need buried deep in XDA and these videos have gone a long way in moving me down the path from total noob to just a slightly a little better than a total noob :)

  • http://Website Ken

    Your video was extremely insightful and hilarious I might add.

    You kick ass. If you’re ever in Boston I owe you a brewski.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I have a T-Mobile Android G1 and I can’t download ROM Manager off the internet or from the market… Is this possible?

  • Dalton

    Just rooted my Moto Milestone X

    I am currently running 2.2.2. (froyo)
    I have Kernal

    I’ve been told i wont be reciving the 2.3.4 Update for my Phone because its not the OG Droid. For a long time, So i’ve decided to give Flashing a Custom ROM That is the Gingerbread update, I watched the video, Giving ROM Manager a shot, and Got my Custom Rom on the SD Card, Hit Reboot into Recovery, and the Little ! with the green guy poped up and my phone booted as normal, I Saw several posts above that says the OG droid can not be ROM’ed Does this also apply to the Milestone X?

    How do i Get into recovery On here to try and flash This new ROM,

    PS, I also used ROM Manager to Backup my current Stock ROM, is this still valid if I can’t recovery boot?


    Dalton – Milestone X Newbiee.

  • markoni

    HI, i have ZTE Roamer but when press vol. down+Power my display only show “FTM” ??? Need HELP!

  • Sara

    OMG! You are amazing! I thought I broke my MyTouch4G, And I had NOTHING on my phone but I watched you talk about mounting it from the computer to my phone and I flashed it and boom my phone worked. You saved my life via my phone, I even took it to T-Mobile and they couldn’t even help me I thank you for walking me through this and saving my phone. :D!

  • marcus

    how do i install custom rom on orange san diego

  • obbosoft

    This software can either backup and restore SMS and can backup and restore Contacts, very handy. I’ve been using and strongly recommend you to use.
    OR You can search ” obbosoft ” in google……