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Fix for Samsung Galaxy S issue expected to roll out in September

While many of you might argue that the biggest issue with the Samsung Galaxy S is the TouchWiz 3.0 UI, owners of the Samsung Captivate and Vibrant will probably tell you that the most frustrating issue they have is that GPS just doesn’t seem to work properly.

Shortly after both phones made their debut on AT&T and T-Mobile, a small group of customers started complaining that their Galaxy S phones were having issues connecting and maintaining GPS signal.  Fortunately, Samsung has listened to customer complaints and recently announced on their Twitter account that the GPS issue on their Galaxy S phones will be resolved in September though a software update.

With the Epic 4G (Sprint) and Fascinate (Verizon) both expected to launch later this summer, let’s hope that Samsung will have a fix already in place on both of those phones before they hit the streets.

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  • http://Website William Furr

    I wonder if this fix is as simple as changing the AGPS provider, like the fix in the XDA forums.

    • http://Website Wade

      I hope not, since that wasn’t a fix. For some it actually made the GPS performance worse.

    • http://Website Sinanovski

      I’m sure its not gonna be it either. That doesn’t work for me and I’m sure for others also. Vibrant keeps restarting itself repeatedly. The only way to stop it is to take out the battery or disable the gps. But my wifes vibrant works flawlessly. idk

    • http://Website RobH

      Fix in XDA doesn’t work if you are using gps for any length of time. It’s fine for short runs but I use it all the time for a pretty good distance and it chokes out and comes back frequently.

  • http://Website Mike

    Finally!!! Cant wait for the fix

  • http://Website Nammy

    Still no word on 2.2 hmm…

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      ummm… We’re not talking about Froyo here. If we were, we would probably get the same details as before. Samsung mntioned back in July that their Galaxy S line of phones would get Froyo in September. I know we want updates like every day, but if they have nothing new to report, I don’t want them drafting another press release simply to say the same thing again.

      • http://Website Wade

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled out the GPS fix as part of the FroYo update.

  • Droideka

    Come on Samsung!! You have this awesome phone and its great and all, but you need to hire an “Android Update” Team. Just a group that does nothing but makes sure all the handsets that are out there are updated in a reasonable amount of time. Grrr @ you sammysung

    • Mystery2U

      Obviously, you’ve never been a software developer on a large, complex project like an OS release. We’re at 1 month + 1 day since the Vibrant was available in-store, not quite a month for the Captivate. Give the developers time to correctly fix, and more importantly, test the fix before pushing it out to all of us.


      • Droideka

        You obviously havent been an inpatient customer! I however am a VERY inpatient customer.

        If hackers can root and crack these phones in the matter of days for free, why cant paid professionals update and port these roms just as fast? Oh thats right, because they want to make sure I cant remove my crappy sprint nascar app or my lame Avatar/sims 3 icons… >:|

        • Mystery2U

          Root is a simple thing, in the grand scheme of things. Have we seen a working version of CM6 for the Captivate or Vibrant yet? No, and my informed guess is we won’t for awhile yet. Maybe not even before we see Samsung’s version of FroYo available.

          I’m very happy with my Vibrant. My last phone didn’t have a GPS at all, so it doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t work very well right now. I know it will when the fix is out and that’s good enough for me.

          Be as IMpatient as you want, enjoy your frustration, I’ll just sit back and wait.


          • http://Website Droideka

            I typed impatient, and lame firefox corrected it too inpatient. =P

          • http://Website incrediblecub

            You’re very patient and also very stupid. If Samsung had done proper testing on these devices BEFORE selling them, they’d have realized that there was an aGPS/GPS issue. It should’ve never left the factory that way, it should’ve been fixed before launch.

            I had my Fascinate for quite some time, gave up on it, after waiting a month and a half and still no real GPS fix, back to my Droid Incredible, that from day one, could pinpoint my EXACT locale in Maps/Foursquare/Nav in less than 10 seconds.

        • http://Website thabigchorizo

          Hackers root it the first day but no worthy roms come out till months later. Cyan is still in RC3 for froyo on the G1 and is not close to perfect. Samsung devs need a perfect fix so it takes them a lot to test. They don’t release RCs like hackers… it has to be near perfect before release and that takes time.

        • http://Website Daniel

          The manufacturers are more concerned about quality than the ROM hackers. I love CM on my G1, but seriously, just look at its release record. The number of emergency bugfixes he made less than 24 hours after a supposedly good release is astounding. It got to a point where it was a safe bet that a “.1″ release was coming, even Cyanogen started joking about it.

          While the manufacturers haven’t reached perfection, they are in a much better position than most ROM hackers.

  • http://Website RobH

    They talk about the Touch Wiz UI which in my opinion is not that great…if you dislike it like I do…take a look at Launcher Pro. It’s a free homepage replacement and it runs perfect on the Vibrant. Changes the UI for the better I think.

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      lol its all opinion like always :) I for one dig the touchwiz 3.0 UI

    • http://Website larence

      Do you have any problem with Launcher Pro on your Vibrant overheating and draining your battery? this happen to my Captivate when I was using Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher

  • eXtorian

    “the biggest issue with the Samsung Galaxy S is the TouchWiz 3.0 UI”

    I don’t understand why people say this. It has a black notification bar instead of white – not a big deal, and looks better imho. The apps drawer button is moved from the bottom-centre to bottom right, and three additional sticky icons are added that you can change to any shortcut you like. This is just better use of the normally wasted space over stock Android or Sense UI. It is very useful to have instant access to your three favourite apps from any home screen. You also get a few widgets, which look good and work very well, but are entirely optional. The only other difference is that the apps drawer scrolls left and right instead of up and down. If you don’t like that you can set it to list view and it’ll scroll up/down instead. Overall it’s a very fast and well themed UI, with some notable but minor benefits over the stock UI, with no drawbacks or loss of function. So why all the Touchwiz 3 hate?

    • http://Website SirWally

      I agree with you. I have yet to see a good reason for the hate. Sure, people are free to dislike it because they, well, simply don’t like it, but I have seen far too many comments that say that it is too iPhoney. I have even seen people say that they think the Galaxy S is a fantastic phone, but they would _never_ buy it because of TouchWiz, which is an absolutely idiotic statement. If you don’t like TouchWiz, don’t use it. Nobody is forcing you…

    • http://Website cheesedog

      I have also seen a fair amount of animosity towards the touchwiz interface. I think the main reason for the hate is simply the iphoneness, or undroidness. The iphone interface is most definitely not ugly, nor is it cumbersome, so i gather the hate is a result of some kind of appropriation involved with owning an android equipped device.

      I don’t know who samsung were trying to fool by making it look like his though.

  • http://Website George

    While they are at it they should work on their address book syncing and notification issues. My address book hangs and shuts down any time I try and access specific contacts (always the same contacts and shuts down every time). Also text message notifications show up with the wrong name/contact. I also had it switching my contacts pictures around so that suddenly a contact aspirated with the wrong picture. I tried pouting all this on the Galaxy S official website but I was informed that my comments has violated their terms of service or whatever!! These address book issues are not new to my experience of Samsung products, a previous non-android phone I had exhibited the same issues.

    • Mystery2U

      I haven’t had this problem, and I’m thinking it may be because all of my contacts are Google contacts. After getting burned twice by various cell phone manufacturers proprietary backup software only allowing contacts to be restored to another phone by the same manufacturer, for the last few years I’ve maintained all of my contact info in my Google account, and used Google Sync or the like to sync them up to my curtent phone. With Android, that became transparent. As soon as I took this phone out of the box, and signed into my Google account, my contacts started showing up. Within 15 minutes they were all there. Whenever I add a new contact on the phone, I choose to make it a Google contact instead of a ‘phone’ contact.

      Just something to try, maybe?


      • http://Website George


        At first I thought it was because in my initial set up I had also tried to sync my facebook contacts so I did a factory reset and only synced my Google contacts. No dice. Same contacts would freeze my address book every time. I did however notice that it was always the contacts that I had starred (ie set as favorites) that caused this. So again I did a factory reset (because some of the contact issues were so bad I couldn’t even just long-press them ti delete). This time before I restarted my phone and synced the contacts I went into my gmail address book on my computer and removed the favorite markings on all the numbers. For good measure I also deleted all the group settings on all my contacts and just had then all default to the “my address book”. And that seemed to do the trick… UNTIL yesterday I discovered that one of my contacts (out of 300+) still caused the same error. The picture swapping problem I took care of by simply deleting every image associated with any contacts (obviously not an ideal solution) but the display of the wrong contact info on phone calls and text messages has me stumped!! Like I said the last samsung phone I had exhibited the same odd behavior which leads me to suspect that this is a samsung issue and not an android issue.

        Oh, and has anyone else noticed that the graphical battery level indicator does not match actual battery level readings?? Ha haha it is crazy. As I you’re this it shows that my battery level is still 3/4 full, while the phone’s own battery sensor and 2 third party apps that I use all indicate that it is only 43% full!! That is some significant lag! I gave noticed I’ll consistently get the low battery level warning (28%) when the graphical indicator shows it is still half charged!!

        As I said my attempts to bring these anomalies to the attention of the folks at samsung received only the cryptic response “oops, your message was not posted because you violated the terms of use”or something to that effect… No information as to what specific terms I had violated, no number to contact, not even an acknowledgment that these very real issues I had pointed out had been passed on to some drpartment

        • http://Website George

          I appologise for the atrocious spelling errors in my posts, as much I love Swype, I have to keep reminding myself to actually read what I type out!

          anyway, I hope someone at samsung reads these posts and realizes that the Galaxy S can still be the game changer it was supposed to be with a few well directed fixes… But till then some of these issues (i have the same gps issues too among other things) stop me from recommending this phone to anyone else. This might not mean much in the grand scheme of things but given that I am personally and very directly responsible for turning at least 8 of my friends onto Android in the first place…it is enough for me.

        • http://Website James

          George, I have a Galaxy S with the exact same issues of text message contacts displayed as a different name.
          Until I open the message, so in the notify bar and the pull down notification area it is a different person. Just a minute ago it said one name in the bar at the top, then a second name in the pull down area and a third name (correct name) when I opened the message!

          I wish I could fix this issue.
          When you mentioned the battery I realise I have that issue too, 67% but top meter shows probably 95%. Even plugging in makes the phone show the percentage on the lock screen which is correct and different from the main meter.

          My GPS is slow to sync but kind of works.
          I hope all these issues are fixed soon, I don’t want to regret switching from an iphone 3GS.

  • http://Website See eye

    The gps is an issue and a serious one.. Can’t believe people complaining about touch wiz 3.0 its probably one of the best
    ui I’ve used and If someone don’t like it you can change it.. And if you think you got more problems with your phone exchange it whining about won’t fix… Galaxy s is one of the best phones(period).

    • http://Website George

      @See eye
      Yes, the phone is extremely impressive in very many ways but pretending that the GPS issue is the *only* important/real one is an exercise in self-delusion. The fact that other people have problems with their sets should in no way diminish your experience of yours… if you have no issues – bully for you.

      Granted not all phones seem to exhibit the same issues, but that in itself points to a deeper problem – lack of consistency is a fundamental quality control problem and Samsung should be concerned. Changing the phone does not guarantee that the next set will be any better – unless you meant to advise unhappy Galaxy S owners to get a different phone

  • http://Website See eye

    Yeah but just about every phone has its problems to complain about it isn’t getting it fixed and why not exchange it? in mass production of things cars cell phones tvs whatever there are inconsistencies.. Your can’t make thousands of items and expect not to have problems… I think your being to hardon the situation… What does bully on you mean??

  • http://Website Mocha K

    At first I didn’t have this issue but today when I used my gps to find someones home, it couldn’t find me and was not at all accurate. It searched for signal about 6 times. My mytouch 3g had better gps…i hope this fix comes with froyo.

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    my vibrant just updated to 2.2 this morning! pics later to prove it.

    I’m just fukin with you guys. it was a wet dream.

  • http://Website UPDATE!!!!

    I randomly checked the kies update today and saw this :”” available…. was checking to see if anyone else has noticed it…. havent found any forum/blog for it…

    Anyway, i clicked on update…. AND WAALA!!
    Froyo is now official… strange that samsung has made no statements about it though… whats stranger is that it seems to have upgraded my firmware a well (i was on JG3 before).

    Anyway, after all the buzz.. m happy his finally happened… dont know if its there for the vibrant and other variants though….

    So, GUYS!! KIES IT NOW!!

    btw, 512MB of RAM freaking rocks!!!

  • http://Website Michael

    Did anyone have trouble connecting this phone to your pc and transfer data? Samsung Kies software can’t detect the phone properly in order to transfer data from the pc to the mobile.