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Flash Player 10.1 could appear on some ARM11 devices

Previously we believed that Flash Player 10.1 would require a top of the line mobile processor, but new information suggest it could make an appearance on some mainstream devices.

Back in February we reported that Flash 10.1 would not work on first-generation Android phones because it needed at least an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU or greater. However, at Adobe’s Android summit the company revealed Flash 10.1 would have a greater reach as the minimum requirements included ARM11 processors.

As many of you know, ARM11 is the same architecture used in the G1 and other early Android phones, but those devices will most likely not support Flash 10.1.  Instead we will see newer devices with higher-clocked ARM11 CPUs and more memory that will be able to run Flash.

So which phones exactly will work with Flash Player 10.1 and which ones will not? To help clear up the confusion, Adobe will create a web site that will list which devices are supported.

To date, the phones which have been confirmed to support Flash 10.1 include the Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Galaxy S, Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC EVO, and Droid Incredible. All of these phones include Cortex-A8-based CPUs, so the current crop of ARM11 phones might not be powerful enough.

If your current phone is not listed above, then I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on Flash 10.1. It’s still possible some newer ARM11 phones like the myTouch Slide might eventually see it, but if you want to guarantee access to Flash 10.1 then look for a 1 Ghz phone running Android 2.2.

Adobe Flash

Flash Player 10.1 will have a wide reach.

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  • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

    I don’t get all the ruckus surrounding Flash. Yeah it’s handy to have it when you encounter a website some braindead developer built (you’d pretty much have to be to build and/or maintain a site in Flash these days), but I can in all honesty claim that I have never actually *needed* it. Before Flash 10.1 I had Flash lite 4 or something like that and never actually needed that either.
    So I guess I’m trying to say “Yeah it’s handy but not THAT handy”.

    • caffeinedependent

      There’s a surprising amount of Flash around the web other than entire sites built in it.

      Videos are the big one, though also things you wouldn’t expect like seat pickers for booking tickets, some titles / subheadings / navigation bars around the web etc. that can make a site unusable if they aren’t there.

      I have an iPod Touch as well and the lack of Flash really breaks the experience in places. Whether or not you like Flash as a technology, it’s still an important part of today’s web and I’m glad it’s there when I need it.

    • http://Website t

      The thing about Flash and specially AIR is offering developers a nice platform to deliver applications (specially games and other apps that make use of graphics and non-standard UI) more easily and cross-platform. It’s a pretty easy way to develop. In the same vein that no one needs to be a C++ developer to create a good application for PCs, the idea is that you can leverage your skills as a PC frontend developer (Flex, Flash) to create applications that will work across a variety of mobile devices, *as well* as the PC (with tweaks in between of course).

      If you think Flash is only used for stupid banners, unnecessary intros or useless menus, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

    • http://Website Chris

      Flash is also nice for watching things like, of which I watched a few episodes in the airport yesterday on my D1. Its things like that that get overlooked

    • John

      Do we need flash yes if you wanty to do online shopping ok you have to use that mastercard securecode and verified by visa thing put in your password like you put in your pin number in the shop flash devices can display that devices like the iphone cant and if you want to book tickets the seat picker tool uses flash so basicly without flash you don’t get the full web experience

      So without flash I cant book any tickets and if you want tickets for an event where there selling fast you only have your phone or tablet no pc available what do you do

  • http://Website mista2x

    Flash is nice because I can remove news apps that just filter web site content since froyo lets apps run wild in background eating battery like pac man. No more “this video cannot be played” messages are nice too.

  • http://Website lithium98

    I’m all for the advancement of the platform and everything, but I’m just not so excited for this. I actually like the browser how it is. I see SO many less ads than I would with flash on. It’d be really great for gaming though. Might be an even trade.

    • http://Website t

      Then it’s a good thing that it comes with Flashblock-like, right? You can it to only run when you click, thus selectively running only the Flash content you want.

  • http://Website Teasy

    My Nokia 5800 xpressmusic can play Flash 10.1 streams with a 434Mhz ARM11 processor and 128MB of ram. So I see no reason why the massive majority of Android smart phones shouldn’t be able to support it.

    • http://Website V

      Nokia 5800 hasn’t flash player.

  • http://Website zee

    can use on my galaxy ace 2.2

  • pratyush

    oh my foolish friend if nokia 5233 is supporting flash easily then why 5800 can’t?
    but we can not reinstall flash player again this is bad news