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How to manually install Froyo on your Droid Incredible

Froyo has already been rolling out to the Droid Incredible for a few days now, but if you haven’t gotten your tap on the shoulder yet and you would like to go ahead and speed up the process then just follow the instructions below.

This is the official release direct from Google’s servers so no need to worry about being stranded on an unofficial build as some other Android users were being threatened with earlier today.

To manually install Froyo on the Verizon Droid Incredible, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.2 firmware from Google from this link.
  2. Copy the file to the root directory your microSD card and name it (newb warning: not
  3. Power off your phone. Hold down the volume down button and power it back on.
  4. When you see the bootloader screen select recovery from the list using the volume buttons to move up and down and power to select.
  5. When you see the “/!” symbol, press volume up and the power button at the same time to display the recovery options.
    Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate to “apply” and select it using the power button.
  6. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

Let us know how the update goes for you and if you have any questions about the update process or Froyo just hit us up in comments.

Update: Please note that you should be on a stock ROM to apply this update.

Via: Android Central Forums

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  • http://Website Red

    I am sure I am doing something wrong, here it is…(I have tried and update as the names I changed it to)

    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    –Install form sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to open /sdcard/ (No suh file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Again, I am sure I am the one making the mistake. Please, let me know what to do.

    • http://Website DucMonster1100

      You need to LindaManager and browse to /sdcard on your phone and find the and rename it to

    • http://Website Red

      I have it now, Safari was not downloading it as a zip file, so I had to use Firefox, once it was downloaded as a zip it worked flawlessly.

      Thanks for the help.

      • http://Website Derek

        Yea, safari sucks!

  • http://Website ryan

    don’t add the .zip to the file name when you rename it. your computer already adds that when you copy it over.

    • http://Website Red

      I have tried both ways (changing it to just update and changing it to and it still says what I previously posted.

  • http://Website Ryan

    If the update is installed manually, will it wipe your phone and data?

    • Sean Riley

      No, this style of update won’t wipe your data.

  • Jason

    Just finished doing it with no problems. Follow the directions and it does everything automatically. Ran quadrant and my numbers went from 552 to 1113.

  • http://Website Rafael

    Anyone experiencing problems with the lack of the NEW camera controls with this manual update?

    • http://Website Loz

      the new controls run on the right side of the screen vertically. the menu that pops up when you touch the top icon is a scroll menu. I didn’t realize it at first either, read it on some forum.

  • http://Website Scotty


    Yay! 2.2 is SOOOO good!

    Not noted here: the reboot takes a while, just be patient, it will work eventually. In the mean time, you get to look at your pretty new boot screen!

  • kikoperiko

    is USB tethering allowed on this update like on the Nexus One or does Verizon route you to pay for it?

  • Kamakoozie

    I followed all of the steps above perfectly, and when I initiated the update per the 5th step, my phone turned off and has been lifeless for about 5 minutes now. The LED notification light isn’t even on, despite the fact that it’s plugged into a power outlet. Is this normal?

    • Kamakoozie

      Disregard what I said. I’m an idiot.

  • E-man

    I’m glad I didn’t have to wait anymore.

    How long ’til a root on 2.2 is available? We should be able to hotspot for free. Also, I would like to delete some of those new annoying apps.

  • http://Website mantenna

    Will this wipe my phone or is all my data/texts/etc etc fine?

    • Azeem

      Another user answered that this update will NOT wipe your data, so all you messages etc. will be fine after the update.

      That being said, it’s a good idea to back your data up once in a while just to make sure that if something does go wrong and you have to wipe, your data is still safe and sound. A couple great backup apps are Titanium Backup and MyBackup.

  • [email protected]

    This looks like another great step forward for Android and the new 801.11n Wi-Fi support with Froyo should come in handy now that wireless n is more widespread in some areas.

  • http://Website lostinstowe

    When I try to install the update it fails. First message is ” E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command” with the final message: ” E: Error in /sdcard/ (status 7) Installation aborted.
    Any suggestions?

    • Azeem

      Here’s a few things to doublecheck.

      1) Make sure the file is not located in a fder on your SDcard, but on the root of the card. On a computer, plugin your phone, mount the sdcard using the notification, and open the sdcard. Your “” should be located right there.

      2) Check to make sure the file was downloaded as a .zip file. Some browsers (Safari) sometimes give downloaded files a different extension. Browsers known not to do this are Chrome, IE, Opera, and Firefox. Try downloading the file using one of those.

      3) Make sure that if your file extensions aren’t visible that there’s no “.zip” visible in the filename.

      If none of these work, send me a PM and we’ll figure something else out.

      Good luck! :-)

      • flyguysg


        I am having the same issue as the previous user. I downloaded using Chrome, changed the file name, put in root directory. Install bombs out during verification phase with E:Error in /sdcard/ (Status 7). Also says E::Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

  • http://Website Steve

    I installed this last night on my Dinc and it works fine. All my applications and settings were preserved. I used the market’s new feature “Update All” to update about 10 apps. “Chrome to Phone” is very cool!

    • http://Website Chris

      How do I get to this “Update All” feature?

      • Azeem

        In the market, if you have 2 or more apps that need an update, a button at the bottom will display saying “Update All”. If only 1 app needs updating, the button won’t be shown.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Tried going through the update manually and I am getting a bunch of errors about release keys from Verizon not being valid. Anyone else getting this error?

    • http://Website Maximus

      What is the exact error you are getting? Paste all the messages during install attempt

  • http://Website Fran

    I walked through the steps and did not get any error messages. When the phone rebooted I got the new boot animation but I no longer have a functioning device. It repeatedly reboots itself and most applications do not work. It does have internet access and I am getting my Exchange mail. None of the core Google applications work and I cannot send/receive calls 99% of the time.

    Any thoughts how I can fix this or go back to 2.1.

    • Sean Riley

      Usually the best course of action with the kind of issues you are experiencing is to try reseting a couple times and then go to a hard reset if that doesn’t work.

    • http://Website Fran

      Found that this update will not work using Clockwork Recovery. I had to go back to stock 2.1. Lost all installed apps and had to setup the phone again. I found the following post to be very helpful:

      • Sean Riley

        Ouch, sorry about that, I’ll update with a warning to others.

  • http://Website Ryan

    When trying to install the update manually I get:

    – Install from dscard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying Update Package…
    Installing Update…
    assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”
    . “”) == “verizon/inc/inc/inc
    :2.1-unpdate1/ERE27/161494:user/release-keys” II
    file_getpropr(“/system/build.prop”, “”) == “verizon_wwe/inc/inc/inc:2.2/FRF91/231334:user/release-keys”
    E:error in sdcard/
    installation aborted

    Can someone help?? Please….

  • andres

    it installed and after some Process system is not responding message I got to the home screen but now there is no service on the phone. Phone keeps rebooting after several minutes. am i screwed?

    • http://Website Hilary

      I am having the same issue and it just doesnt seem to get past it. keeps counting up from 1% to 100% but does it over and over again and then “system process not responding” message comes up and i dont know whether to force close or wait cuz nothing seems to work. Will I be stuck in this nothingness space forever!?!?!

  • http://Website Mike

    Worked like a charm… although after selecting “reboot system now”, waiting for the normal locked screen was frightening. It took a few minutes to complete – many pauses when nothing seemed to be happening. I was thinking, “Do I now own a brick?”

  • http://Website J Walls

    I’m frozen at the boot animation. Any ideas?

    • http://Website J Walls

      Nevermind, it just took FOREVER to move past the animation.

  • Jimmy @ Run, Jimmy, Run

    Wow, with all the issues being reported here, I think I’ll just wait for it to be pushed out by Verizon.

  • http://Website IronManCC

    Red: Did you ever get a good install? Verification error wounds like a corrupt file….

    lostinstowe & Ryan: Did you root your phone or install a custom ROM? Sounds like a file upgrade error (i.e., the update file is not for your phone or the software version on your phone).

    I did the update yesterday, everything went flawlessly, all my apps & info are still there, and I’ve really been enjoying the upgrade and have no complaints.

    That being said, one little issue popped up this morning; but I have no idea if it was at all related to the upgrade. I shut the phone down for the night and when I started it this morning, it found phone coverage but was not connecting to 3G. Checking the settings, Mobile Network was grayed out and showed as “Turning on….”; but nothing was happening. Just for the heck of it I switched to Wi-Fi and was able to connect to my wireless router that way. While on Wi-Fi I disabled Mobile Network. Then I disabled Wi-Fi and enabled Mobile Network and it connected and all worked as it should. Did several power cycles, just to make sure, and no further problems. Just throwing this out there, in case anyone else runs into a similar issue. ;-)

    • http://Website Red

      It works perfect so far.

  • sethgoldstein

    Will this trick work for the Moto Droid X?

    • Sean Riley

      Negative, Incredible only.

  • http://Website Chris

    I have to admit, I was worried about doing the manual upgrade, but my impatience finally got the best of me. I tried it last night, and it worked flawlessly. A little scary getting through all the different boot screens, but everything is great, no issues at all. And I’m not one for whom these things usually go well.

  • http://Website JJ

    worked for me! it just doesn’t seem all that different.

    • Sean Riley

      You should be seeing some speed increases and don’t forget to install Chrome to Phone if you haven’t done so already.

      • Azeem

        Don’t forget the new Google Voice Control app. It’s great. :-)

  • http://Website AdenRagnar

    I d/l’d the OTA file to the SDCard , renamed it (ensured multiple ways it was NOT and went through the remaining update steps. I am still getting the

    “E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    —Install form sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to open /sdcard/ (No such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted”

    error message. Grrr, guess I will be waiting until the forced update goes through. :((

  • Andres

    after the update the phone won’t recognize the SD card. without the SD card I can’t fix the phone. any thoughts??

  • http://Website drewbert

    I was running a stock ROM of 2.1 and updated with no problems. However I haven’t been able to find Flash 10.1 in the market. Can someone help me figure out how to install it. Thanks in advanced!

    • http://Website Mike

      I’m having the same problem. It’s as if the Market doesn’t recognize that I now have v2.2.

      • http://Website Mike

        OK, I looked and I ALREADY HAVE FLASH PLAYER 10.1. I guess it was included in the 2.2 upgrade?

        Checked it like this:

        menu > settings > applications > manage applications

        tap ALL on the top row

        I see Adobe Flash Player 10.1

  • Larry

    Now my question is, where is Adobe Flash 10.1?

  • http://Website kevin

    I get that same error as red and a few others!!! What gives?? Followed steps exactly and it does not work.

    • Sean Riley

      Well Red’s issue was related to how Safari was downloading the file and a couple of the others were able to figure out that they had named the file “” rather than just “”

      If you give some details regarding what your browser you are using and what you have checked so far that would help narrow down the problem.

  • http://Website Andy

    Worked like a champ! OTA = weaksauce!

  • http://Website Chris

    Just updated, worked great and didn’t take long at all!

  • http://Website Maximus

    For some people that may run into strange signature errors, make sure you are on at least build 1.22.605.2. It will not install on any other build. Something to check out.

  • http://Website scott

    I have a Inc on metro. Does anyone know if I do this will I need to reflash the phone?

  • http://Website Tou

    Im getting really frustrated with this. I downloaded it, renamed it to, put it in root folder of sd card. still getting error… status 7 … installation aborted

    • http://Website Tou

      btw, i’ve tried downloading this from google chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. fails on me each time

  • http://q Moon

    The full web on a phone…………………………………Awesome !
    So much faster !

  • http://Website Crazy

    As I was downloading this to install it, I had Verizon push the OTA update to me. Guess they knew something was up, lol.

  • http://Website rb5235

    Just downloaded the update went and got my phone to install 2.2 myself and it had the update notice on the screen. OTA update went down in about 15 mins. I hate all the apps that now keeps running in the background. I kill them and they restart. THAT’S GOT TO STOP! If I want a app opened and running let me do it, but don’t jam them down my throat. Skype keeps starting, like to pull it out by the roots about now. HELLO they killing by battery!

    Other than that it’s nice so far. Seem to run faster, loading apps and stuff. Like the way new keyboard works much better. Can’t wait to take the 720p video cam for a spin. I like using Handcent for text but it seems a little wonky now too. Sure many apps will need a update soon as more peps can use and report problems. That is always with updates on anything.

    But all the apps that keep starting on their own has got to STOP. HTC/VZW may put them on my phone but don’t keep starting them, I so will be moving back to RIM or worst going to iPhone.

    Incredible now running OTA 2.2, YES!

  • http://Website HarveyB

    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    – Install from sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening upadte package…
    verifying update package…
    installing update…
    “assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, “”) == verizon/inc/inc/inc:2.1-update`/ere27/161494:user/release-keys” || file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, “”) == “verizon_wwe/inc/inc/inc:2.E:Error in /sdcard/ (status 7)
    installation aborted

    what is the E:Cant open /cache/recover/command mean?

    and then what do i do about the error?

    • http://Website HarveyB

      with some more research, i found this, it is along what i expected – that one of the necessary pieces of software below was not what the update wanted to see in order to work successfully. if you are having the same problem – check this, it worked for me and at least one other person who referenced it on another forum.

      my problem was that my software was 1.22.605.0, it has to be 1.22.605.2 to work. or at least that was the case for me as well.

      • http://Website Fran

        I had this same problem/error message and I was able to follow the steps on this post and and finally upgrade to 2.2 after first upgrading to 1.22.605.2.

  • http://Website cybil

    Downloaded yesterday with no problem. I have yet to notice any improvement with battery life nor is my phone any faster.

  • Alice

    I have an lg GT540 and well, I loaded the file and did everything. but when i click on the lowering volume button – a black screen comes up with “Download Mode” written in white.

    I tried every single button, but no luck!

    Help? =/

  • http://Website Asif

    Downloaded Froyo 2.2 using Firefox this evening and copied to root of my SD Card. I booted into Clockwork Recovery. Following one of the guides on the net said once in CR select Partitions Menu which was not there, and then wipe the Data, Cache & System. All 3 were in the menu which I wiped.

    I then scrolled to flash zip file from SD Card and all seem to be working fine but it then aborted with the following error message: E: Board does not support mtd utils.E:Failure at line 68:
    write_raw_image PACKAGE:boot.img BOOT:
    Installation aborted.

    If there is anyone out then who can please advise where I’m going wrong then I will be very grateful as phone is now stuck on the green android screen (however can still boot into Clockwork Recovery mode) just not use the phone.

  • fallenstarbeats

    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command
    —Install form sdcard…

    Finding update package…

    Opening update package…

    Verifying update package…

    E:failed to open /sdcard/ (No suh file or directory)

    E:signature verification failed

    Installation aborted.

    Same problem!!! Help. I’m not an idiot and followed everything and read each and every comment! Help me please. I’m doing this all from my phone. Thanks guys.