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How to manually install the latest FRG22D firmware for Droid to access Flash Player 10.1

Motorola announced the Droid would be receiving a new update (FRG22D) this week that would finally allow users to install Flash Player 10.1, but many phones have yet to receive the file. If you are tired of waiting and want to grab the update right now, then follow the simple steps below.

This update is intended for Droid owners who already received Android 2.2 (build FRG01B) and are waiting for the second update (FRG22D) to enable Flash Player 10.1. The firmware file comes directly from Google and it is the same version as what your phone would download over the air. I manually updated my Droid to make sure everything worked and the entire process takes about 10 minutes.

To manually install Android 2.2 FRG22D on the Verizon Droid, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.2 firmware from Google: FRG22D-from-FRG01B
  2. Copy the file to the root directory your microSD card and name it (newb warning: not
  3. Power off your phone. Hold down the “X” button on the physical keyboard and power it back on to boot into recovery mode.
  4. When you see the “/!” symbol, press volume up and the camera button at the same time to display the recovery options.
  5. Use the d-pad to navigate to “apply” and select it.
  6. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.
  7. Open Android Market and search for “Flash Player 10.1″.

If you got a Droid, let us know how the update went and give us your impressions of the new Flash Player 10.1.

Via: Droid Life

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  • Deter

    Updated. I had been running the Flash app manually downloaded since the original FroYo release for droid, so i’m not going to see much difference. I did however uninstall the beta version and install it via the market so that i’m notified of any updates. Flash does make the android browser much better and negates the need for an aditional browser app to be installed for the most part.

  • http://Website Dave

    Just updated as per this posting…No issues at all and actually seems to run smoother but I am sure that is just in my head.
    One interesting thing did happen. After the initial reboot, a message popped up relating to my corporate email account and allowing Exchange Server settings / policies to be pushed to my Droid. Never saw that one before. Just with IT staff here at work and nothing changed…

  • http://Website AndytheAndroid

    My bluetooth feature won’t turn on now….is anyone else having this issue after installing the update? Flash is working well.

  • http://Website kevin

    I tried it and it tried to open it then verified it, then it said abortion failed. DON’T know why and what happened its like it couldn’t recognize the update or pull it off the google servers, I followed the directions too. and tried a couple a times to update the filed. but aborted 3 x so had to reboot with no flash!!!!!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Did you get a specific error? Sounds like you did not copy the file to your SD card and name it

      • http://Website Aaron Summers

        downloaded update..said it had error 7 and aborted.

    • http://Website glenn

      Need to make sure the path is correct.. I had to move the file using file manager as it put the file in- sdcard/download/ instead of sdcard/ once I moved it, it located the file.

  • http://Website jmchez

    I installed the update and the phone now says FRG22D. However, when I go to the Market and search for “Flash Player 10.1″, all I get is the Flash Showcase. What gives?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Hmm that is odd. It came up right away when I searched. Try installing the showcase as mentioned below and see if it prompts you to install Flash again.

      • http://Website JK

        Taylor – any suggestions for those of us that don’t show it in the Market? Is it possible there’s a problem with the download eventhough it indicates 22D?

  • http://Website TMB

    Accomplished this update successfully. and the Flash was not there immediately either but when I hit the Flash showcase the website prompted the flash player10.1 add and I followed those directions and now it is in there live and in the market as well..

    My question is will I still get the OTA update and should I ignore it or let it override my manual FROYO FRG22D update?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, your phone will still receive future OTA updates like normal, but since you already installed FRG22D you will not be prompted a 2nd time.

  • http://Website JK

    Phone shows build as FRG22D – no flash in market place. downloaded flash showcase and followed link – but keep getting the error NOT FOUND – The requested item could not be found….another half backed solution brought to you by Verizon and Google…

    • http://Website jmchez

      Same here. “Requested item could not be found”

      Worse, now my Swype keyboard doesn’t work even after uninstllation and installation. I think that I made a very big mistake.

      • http://Website jmchez

        Well, Flash Player 10.1 finally showed up on the Market. It’s huge; 12 MB and 2SD capability!

        That’s the good news. Bad news is that Swype doesn’t work no matter what. :-(

        • http://Website Enemy Zero

          You have to delete swype from your phone and then re-download the installer and reinstall it from the email link you received from Swype. You’ll have to do this any time an upgrade is done. I’ve gone through this more times than I would have liked on my N1.

  • http://Website webby

    I already downloaded FRG01B manually, the 76+ MB long file, and also already have Flash 10.1 installed, version, at 12.52 MB. Everything is working great.

    Is there any advantage to downloading FRG22D? What would be the advantage, if any, over what I have now?

    • thegreatdimov

      I agree, webby, same here. My only problem is that now my phone runs very slow. This time I will wait for air update and hope my speed improves. But flash works just fine with 01B.

  • http://Website Glenn

    I did this last night and it worked perfectly, then I updated the wife’s phone by copying the update file to my laptop then onto the other phone’s SDcard and ran it that way. Flash content is a bit choppy at times, but I am sure there are bugs to work out.

  • http://Website Michael

    Downloaded last night works great! Downloaded for three coworkers today 8/27/10 greatly appreciated, very easy worked like a charm

  • http://Website jorge

    Thank you for the info. Smooth update. Downloaded flash from the market. Good to go. Thanks again.

  • http://Website cr

    Is this manual update like what people were doing before with the initial2.1 that ends up voiding the warranty??

  • http://Website Mj

    Will this unroot me?

  • http://Website jorge

    To those that dl the update but couldn’t get flash 10.1 in the market, I went to settings, manage apps, all, market. I cleared everything and forcestopped. I went back to market, searched and flash 10.1 appeared.

    • http://Website JK

      Bingo! After clearing cache and data did the force stop. Went to market accepted terms. When I went back to market and pressed on app it was right there. Thanks a million.

      • http://Website jorge

        Cool! I’m glad I could help.

  • lament

    Did those whose Swype stopped working reinstall Swype after?

    • lament

      following up on my own question.

      1. Uninstall Swype
      2. Uninstall Swype Installer
      3. Reinstall Swype Installer (and press Done, not Open)
      4. Open Swype Installer
      5. Login
      6. Download Swype

      everything else should be gravy.

  • etschuetz

    This was asked a bit ago I saw, but I will reiterate that question. I have a Rooted Moto Droid and want to know if anyone else is rooted and installed this update. for those that did, are you STILL rooted? I need to know as I have a couple apps that require Root, such as WiFi tether, OverclockWidget and Drocap2. I do NOT wish to loose these features, as I already have FRG01B w/ Flash 10.1.x.x Beta installed.

    • http://Website elrich

      This update will unroot you’re phone, I used easyroot to root the original 2.2 update, easy root will not root this new update

  • hineydawg

    Updated yesterday and Swype did stop working after the update, I just uninstalled it and reloaded it and no more problem. Removed my manual install of flash 10.1 and downloaded it off the Market. Everything works like a champ.

  • http://Website MJ

    Please does anyone know if doing this will unroot me.

  • http://Website Monti

    Worked great! Also updated my wife’s phone. All is working fine. Loving my Droid! There is an average of 2 – 4 new Android phone owners in my office every month. No new IPhones or BBs seen to date.

  • http://Website yi

    I lost root after the upgrade. Does anyone know how to go back to FRG01B?

  • http://Website jay

    Can’t get the download to work plz help me

  • http://Website David

    It installed with no problems, but my phone then said it was low on space. The Flash 10.1 takes up 12Mbytes! I had to remove a bunch of programs to remove the low on space warning. Flash seems to work fine.

  • http://Website yi

    I lost root acces after the upgrade. I have the moto droid. I tried rooting again with universal androot but it says it fails. Can I go back to FRG01B?

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Took me about 7 minutes to do this update and flash runs so much smoother and loads soo quick in the browser but I just have to say… kills battery like nobodies business. For anyone having problems downloading and installing it first get the app astro manager and download the update straight to your phone. It should be in a download folder on the sdcard. Rename it to and move the file to the root and voila. Quick easy and painless.

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  • http://Website laurie

    I cannot get this update to work on my phone. I downloaded it, put it on my SD card as “”, got into the manual reboot screen and hit the “apply from sdcard” then rebooted and NOTHING happened. What am I doing wrong?

    • http://Website Ryan

      I had the same problem because even though i titled it as…when i transfered it to my phone it automatically added the suffix .zip. So it ended up being I recommend getting something like O/I or astro file manager and make sure it’s just titled as, and if it’s not make sure you re-title it. Everything should work after that

  • Droi

    i have the same problem… anyone?

  • http://Website tony

    update didnt work for me. it gave me a fail after i went to open the
    any ideas?

  • http://Website MJ

    Are all u guys on custom Roms? Mmmhm. Could be the problem.

  • http://Website mike c


  • http://Website mike c

    Everything worked fine for me up until the navigate to “apply” point. Once I selected it and the update began it failed about 1/8 of the way through the update installation with the message that the complete signature could not be authorized and the installation failed….any suggestions.

  • http://Website bobby nakatani

    will this work on droid x

  • http://Website V14

    I have tried about 5 times now, and each time I get the following error message:

    E: failed to read footer from /sdcard/
    (Is a directory)
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    I have tried re-downloading the files. I have tried from the links above and from other mirror sites. None seem to be working for me. Any suggestions? This whole process worked fine with the first 2.2 update.

    • http://Website V14

      Wow… don’t you love it when you feel completely stuck and have no idea what you’re doing wrong so you ask the entire world for help… and then you suddenly figure it out? Yep, just happened to me. When I was downloading the files, Safari was unzipping the files automatically. Changed my preferences in Safari and re-downloaded.

      Uncheck: Open “Safe” files after downloading

      Problem solved. Sorry for taking up the space, but hopefully if anyone else is as dumb as I am (was) I can say I helped. A little… very little.

  • http://Website Jo Diggs

    Wow, looks like Android is unstoppable! Amazing.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Argh……When is 2.2 coming to the Milestone? Isn’t it the same machine as Droid? I just g=don’t get it!

  • GgAcE

    Mission accomplished again. This is the second manual update compliments of you all. Very simple. Pretty hard to mess up.

    Flash was in the market & works like a charm!


  • aloohawaii

    i installed the mirror more than once and got “E:error in /sdcard/ (status 7) installation aborted” I renamed file to and still doesnt work. Help!

  • http://Website Drewg181

    Worked perfect. After the update is applied, don’t simply turn the Droid off, but use the dPad to select “reboot” which is the first option.

  • http://Website SKapp02

    Woks awesome! Flash is the poo!!! Take that iPhone!!!!

  • http://Website Ryan

    Thanks guys! worked great after I realized my der moment of doubling up on the .zip suffix. removed flash beta, searched flash 10.1 in the marker and there is was! Seems actually quicker than before with the previous build.

  • http://Website kidprimo

    the download didn’t work for me at first but when i went into ASTRO file manger, which i downloaded from the android market, I made sure that I extracted the files and double checked to make sure it was renamed then i just followed the steps; went into recovery mode and updated the file

  • http://Website JimR

    Install went great. 10.1 works fine. Did lose my swype but simply reinstalled and its working again. Install was very simple as long as instructions are followed. Thanks for passing the link on to us.


  • http://Website ICON

    So…did anyone get the actual OTA…?

    I’d really rather not go through the task of manual update (cause I’m lazy), so any idea where the OTA is since it was supposed to roll out almost 2 weeks ago?