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HTC Desire HD gets shown off in HD

Not satisfied with the blurry-cam images of the HTC Desire HD we shared yesterday?  A new HD video posted by Solo Palmari now gives us a much clearer look at the exterior design of the Desire HD.  The uni-body aluminum frame wraps around the handset, making the device look more like the HTC HD2 rather than the EVO 4G.

No new specifications for the Desire HD are given, but it looks like we may have jumped the gun a little when we mentioned that this handset would not feature a front facing camera.  The HD video does reveal a small dot on the speak grill which may turn out to be a front facing camera.  Just don’t come knocking on our door if it’s not.

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  • mac08wrx

    it looks cool from the front but the back not so much.

  • Keith Cirkel

    Looks really cool, but I was under the impression this one came with a slideout keyboard? Is there a new HTC phone being released with slideout keyboard?

    Also AdroidAndMe, you should probably proof read your posts before releasing them. “the speak grill” and “Just don’t come knowing” would be noticed quite soon given a proof read.

  • http://Website aar0n

    I love how it has the charger and headphone port at the bottom of the phone right next to each other. That’s perfect for hooking it up to the car stereo to listen to music and charge it at the same time

  • http://Website beaver

    i really don’t get all the hate online for the look. I love it! I know that it’s a matter of opinion, but i thought there’d at least be more people liking the look than hating it. Now the only thing i need to know is ifHTC bumped up the GPU spec. I know it’s unlikely but that’s the only thing keeping me from purchasing this fine phone.

  • http://Website chad

    geez the back looks hideous, i hope its not final =(

  • http://Website bacon

    I am pretty hyped for this phone, the only 4.3 incher I’ve seen that actually has style and sex appeal. (when it comes to phones I am very superficial, I love all the high spec phones but aesthetics matter too!) Not so sure about the dark grey patches on the back, are they rubberized? Thats cool if they are but they don’t seem to be placed right for “hand feel” (i.e. why would there be rubber around the camera flash?) I wish google would make a version of this as the “Nexus Two” (breath not held) for the US with vanilla android, HDMI out, FFC, and a trackball (what happened to trackballs on android phones, I personally love it on my nexus. The color led notifications are useful and cool looking and the trackball is the best way I have found to move the cursor around when editing text, not to mention its one more thing that android has over apple!) Sorry for the long post and various rants…Anyone else find it hard to stay on topic these days?…must be the ADD…

  • Daniel

    They specify “autmatic face tracking” on their website, which not only sounds awesome, but also sounds like it involves a front facing camera. Awesome, huh?

  • http://Website nevetsg

    Can anyone tell me what the little grill is to the right of the Camera? I am guessing a speaker?

    (Still awaiting the next high end qwerty Android)

  • http://Website htc

    That phone is by far the best looking 4″+ phone I’ve seen. But I’ve always wondered why big phones have those big bezels. The internals are the same as the 3.7″ phones so clearly they can fit the internals in a smaller physical package. This one has the least bezel so far but why does it extend beyond the physical buttons at the bottom. Below the buttons, there is additional plastic casing. Why?

    Basically I want all screen. But for the moment I just want to know why manufacturers seems to add extra pointless plastic space at the bottom and top of the phones.

  • http://Website Richard

    This phone should have these specs:
    - Dual Core with 1.5GHz
    - Android 3.0 (vanilla)
    - HDMI Port
    - 1080p HD Recording
    - Kickstand (Like EVO 4G)

    • http://Website LazyCoder9000

      Jesus! 1080p recording? lol

      A 1.5 Ghz dual-core CPU is fantastic, though it would be great if Google would focus on optimizing Android for the Gingerbread 3.0 release. How come a 200 Mhz, bar-shaped Symbian phone can play Quake 3 as well as my 528 Mhz HTC G1? I also saw an old HP iPaq with WM 5 and a slow CPU, emulating a PSX pretty well, which is something that my G1 does poorly.

  • http://Website Drew

    Does anyone know where this phone is headed? I really really hope its Tmo! Im still waiting and waiting to purchase a high end phone, I feel like all the good ones have gone everywhere but Tmo! We seem to be the only people without options!! Sure, there is that Galaxy S or whatever, but Scamsung has already sold me a behold.. I’ll just wait on HTC

    • http://Website DiabloZoe

      Exactly! Tmo has the worst line of phones!!!!! everybody has a phone with a front facing camera. Not Tmo!! If they got a phone like the EVO, they would have much better success!!! Tmo service is great where im at but the phones [email protected]!!

  • http://Website ranwanimator

    Know Know.
    Who’s there?
    Misspelling wh…. oh.