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HTC PC10100 granted FCC certification, could be T-Mobile G2

FCC filings are always a bit dull, but at least they give us some indication on what’s going on behind the scenes.  A handset listed as the HTC PC10100 has just been granted FCC certification and from the looks of things, this may actually be the T-Mobile G2.  Sifting through the multiple documents on file for the PC10100 we were able to find a mockup of what the handset’s label will look like, references to HSPA+ and T-Mobile USA’s AWS 3G network.

We’re hoping T-Mobile will be making some official announcements about the G2 within a week or so.  Pre-sales of the T-Mobile G2 are expected to kick off the second week of September for current T-Mobile customers and employees, though the handset will most likely launch close to the end of September. If you’re still holding on to the original G1, the T-Mobile G2 may actually be the best upgrade option we have seen in a long time.

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website Ryan

    Samsung vibrant ftw!

  • joey

    The G2 doesn’t do it for me like the G1 or the Nexus One did. Nothing that special. Bring on some dual core and vanilla Android and I’ll sign any contract they want!

    • http://Website JoshL

      you don’t even know the specs yet!! just do everyone a favor and keep your opinions to yourself if you feel the need to spout off idiocy.

  • Alankrut Patel

    Bring it on T-Mobile, ive been holding on to my MyTouch 3g (Original) just for a better purchase.

    As of what we know right now, the specs arent that bad, snapdragon, 5mp, 3.7 screen.
    Many people find these specs low, but hey anything is better than a mytouch, well anything android .

    Back to the specs…..

    The specs that we know about are in the norm for the new android devices, most come with snapdragon (or, equivalent 1GHz), 3.7″ is a perfect size screen not too big or too small, dad has nexus so i know.
    5mps is a bit less, but it will have to do

    So personally i find that this phone will be ALMOST as big of a hit as the G1, nothing can beat the hit of the G1 :).


    If this thing ships with HTC Sense, or expresso, T-Mobile you just made a whole lot of people mad.

  • http://Website Tristan

    Can’t wait til this comes out! I’ve been holding onto my G1 for a very long time now… maybe its about time to upgrade :)

  • http://Website latreides

    Tmobile doesn’t currently have a good physical keyboard android phone to replace the G1 and using the touch screen keyboard in android is like pulling teeth. I traded my iphone for a mt3g and because of the horrible on screen keyboard promtly traded it for a g1, I am looking forward to a high specs replacement.

    • smooth3d

      The G2 is the high specs replacement!

  • http://Website g1-and-only

    im happy, with the specs so far, perferct screen size, i for one dont want a tablet in my pocket ( keep your 4’3in ) and im not into ffc, no need to take pics of myself. sending my wife a text or mms is just fine so here is one guy who will be buying 2. i was wondering where all the amoled screens went, now we know they were for the g2, and yes me and the wifey have had the g1 since launch. In april i didnt get the nexus for a b-day present so a nexus with a keyboard is just what i needed for the next 2 years, yes i said 2years , since the nexus is the official developers phone we know it will be around for a while.

  • http://Website bridget Williams

    I WILL be getting a g2 for my husband to replace his mytouch 3g. I will also be keeping my Nexus One for the next few months…

  • http://Website D’mario

    Am I the only that just wants a G2 with a super amoled screen, front facing camera, both 8megapix with flash, dual core processor, and a genius button. That’s it, that’s all. I would sign what ever contract they want. Am i the only one?