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HTC rolling out .3 to .6 OTA fix to get EVO owners back on track

Those who flashed the unofficial Android 2.2 ROM for the HTC EVO 4G can finally breath a little sigh of relief.  HTC and Sprint are pushing out an OTA fix for everyone who’s stuck on the 3.26.651.3 build.  The new update will make sure that everyone’s back on track and running the correct 3.26.651.6 ROM build.

Most people will not notice any significant difference between the two builds, but HTC wants to make sure that everyone’s running the same software to make things easier when they roll out minor tweaks or the next version of Android.  If you’re among the thousands running the 3.26.651.3 build, simply press Menu > Setting > System Update.  If that doesn’t work, keep in mind that you can bump up your handset’s date by a week or two to trigger the download process.

Let us know how the update goes or if you run into any issues.

Source: Sprint Community

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  • http://Website Jason

    Owners.. :)

  • http://Website Bob Smith

    Just curious but is that a photo-shopped image? “Upgraade”?

    Also, I looked at my build and I am on 3.26.651.6 vs the 3.26.561.6 (transposed numbers)

    So either I am super special or there are several typos above AND the image is fake.

    • http://Website Bob Smith

      Rate me down all you want the image has now been replaced and the text changed. Those that use RSS can still see the old version.

      I am curious as to why there wasn’t a “thanks for pointing it out” message.

      • http://Website Nick

        Bob, thank for pointing it out. I get a little dyslexic with numbers from time to time. not sure why people are voting you down though. I like to put out the best content I can, but it’s nice when reader help out from time to time.

  • http://Website Richard M

    My Evo updated to .6 from .3 with no problems. However, the 4G on my wife’s Official .6 Evo OTA update on August 3 connects, but my Fix .6 OTA update (on August 10) connects for about a second then drops the connection. We had No Problems connecting in suburbs prior to any 2.2 updates, but neither phone can now connect at home. Currently only her official update can keep a connection to 4G, and we’re in Dallas where coverage used to be awesome.

  • http://Website required

    Off topic, but has anyone else noticed that Skyfire was updated to version 2.3 from 2.2 last night?

  • Jon


    “…keep in mind that you can bump up your handset’s date by a week or two to trigger the download process.”

    Does anyone know if that trick works on any other handsets/carriers?

    • http://Website Nick

      “date bumping” does work on all of HTC’s Android phones. I have not tried it on handsets from other manufacturers. If you know that HTC or your carrier has an update that’s release that simply hasn’t hit your phone yet, but change the date and you’ll essentially get bumped up on the list to get the download.

      • Jon

        I have a Motorola Droid on Verizon, but I’ve already forced FRG01B and from what I understand Verizon isn’t pushing FRG22 OTA yet. When I find out that Verizon is pushing FRG22 I’m going to try this and I’ll post my results here.

        Alternatively, has anyone with a different carrier or handset tried this with success?

        • http://Website Nick

          I’ve used this trick on the DROID Eris (Verizon), HTC Desire (unlocked), G1 (T-Mobile, way back when they were pushing out 1.6), and the HTC Hero (Sprint). If you read through comments from last week’s official EVO OTA update you’ll note I suggested it there and that quite a few readers has success right away.

        • Jon

          A coworker of mine with a Droid on Verizon set his clock ahead by a month and no dice. Just thought I’d do as I promised.

  • NitroExpressNY

    since i updated from .3 to .6 my (Wifi) internet speed test went down from 24 mbps to 13 mbps max

    please fix it

  • Edward Sager

    Maybe a dumb question, but where does one go to find out if they have build .3 or .6?

    My phone only says, “Build Number FRG01B.”

  • http://Website MoneyMike

    Hey I installed the Unoffical Update of Froyo 2.2.(HTC_OTA_Froyo_2.2_build_3.36.651.6_(Rooted)_DeOdex and I wanrted to if this means my phone is still rooted I read on the XDA Developers site that when I installed that I was no longer rooted. Also what does this mean for me updating over the air to .6? Can i just update regularly now as if I never rooted my phone or should I just flash Froyo 2.2, *FINAL*, v3.26.651.6 (Rooted) DeOdexed RevE.1. I still want my phone to be rooted because I like Cm6′s Nightly rom and wanted to go back to my save rom of that after seeing how 2.2 was. Anyone help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • http://Website MoneyMike

      I guess im still rooted because I have wireless tether and superuser permission.

      • http://Website MoneyMike

        Correction- Unoffical Froyo 2.2. 3.26.651.3 build

  • http://Website Phatlt23

    I cant get it to work :-( no OTA for me

  • kacakong

    Thank you for sharing, I have to try