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LG enV Touch 2 will be Android-powered, arrive this year

The followup to LG’s popular messaging phone the enV Touch (pictured above) will make the jump to Android, according to a source close to the situation. Our friends at Engadget are reporting the LG enV Touch 2 will feature a unique clam-shell design similar to the original with dual-touchscreens (a small one on the outside, and a larger one on the inside when you flip it open).

Current test versions of the phone are running Android 2.1, but it will be upgraded to 2.2 by the time Verizon launches it this holiday season. The enV Touch 2 is also said to be a dual-mode global device, like we have heard other future Verizon smartphones.

We just reported LG has chosen the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor for their high-end phones, so there is always the chance we could see the dual-core CPU in the enV Touch 2. Verizon has traditionally marketed the enV brand as a featurephone, but the move to Android could suggest a high-end device is in store.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Misca

    don’t you think the screen is awful??

  • Courtney

    I think everything about the enV line up is awful.

  • http://Website JGarrido

    If the only way to interact with the device through the screen is with that keyboard present, that will be pretty awkward, I would think.

  • http://Website RS

    Though it wasn’t identical to the Voyager’s keyboard, I’d consider an updated EnV Touch with Android in a hear beat! How I miss that keyboard. The outside (touch screen) would have to be a bit larger though. A 3inch screen just wouldn’t cut it.

  • Money2themax

    I doubt it will be worth it it’s more of a middle school to early high schooler’s phone i think it should stay as a BREW phone not an android phone it just wouldn’t work it doesn’t sream android to me

  • http://Website AmiNoose

    The dual-screen recessed hinge design that LG has is far more versatile and ergonomic than slider designs shich partially block the keyboard. The Voyager/EnV series permits built-in screen protection for the inner screen, excellent multiple angle viewing for video and television, great audio with real stereo separation and an extremely good keyboard for text editing. It’s pretty close to the perfect device for both content creation and content consumption.

    @JGarrido – Reportedly, both screens on the EnV Touch 2 will have capacitive touch screen capability.

    I think moving Android to the design is a fantastic idea. All I would ask for would be slightly larger screens. Even then, I will jump on this phone when it’s out.

  • http://yahoo Menasojubella

    Since I already have the LG envTouch this would be great. i have had no problems with the phone and had it since the day it hit online. I was just about to invest in the Fascinate knowing that (according to CNET) the Touch is the best Verizon phone. Now I will be there for the updated version.

    People who say that it may not be worth it. That the style may be to immature. For me being 40ish i think that it is just fine. I never say anything about people with the iPhone sitting there with “texts from last night” and the fart sound apps. Oh mind you these are adults. i think people should get what works for them.

  • http://Website only1boboso

    I have the Touch and love it. If they could only find a way that would extend the battery life with this newer model that would prove to be an asset. It’s an excellent as it is with the physical key board being the largest/most expansive on the current market. My only concern is if it will still have a a physical keyboard even if the interior screen is touch. One of the reasons for this phone’s popularity IS the virtual and physical keyboards. Take it away and you’re left with just another all touch Android.

  • http://Website Bob loyd

    I love this phone so much it is the best phone EVER I like it better then the iPhone which is pretty cool but I have had the iPhone before but this phone is way better :) I love how it flips to two separate screens <3

  • http://Website gabie

    Wow this page is so not true ! It didn’t even come out last year and it’s already half way into the next year and is almost August again ! Unless I’ve been mistaken it hasn’t come out yet ! WHY?