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Motorola Jordan can dunk underwater

A new T-Mobile phone, codenamed the Motorola Jordan, will be the first Android phone to be completely waterproof. Boy Genius Report is claiming the Jordan will be waterproof down to 10 meters and even be IP67 certified.

Wikipedia defines IP67 protection as “ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion)”, so I’m not sure where BGR got the 10 meter number but anything waterproof is still pretty awesome. I don’t think anyone will want to go swimming with this phone, but it should easily survive a dunk in the toilet.

The Motorola Jordan was previously spotted on the leaked T-Mobile roadmap and was scheduled for a November 3rd release. BGR also expects a November launch date, which is another good sign that the leaked roadmap is fairly legit. Motorola is also supposed to launch a device codenamed the Motorola Beyond in early November, but no further details are available yet.

Since the Jordan will likely be targeted at customers who want a ruggedized handset, I have a feeling the specs are not going to blow anyone way. I would love to be surprised, but it appears that Motorola is sending all their high-end devices to Verizon as they continue to promote the Droid brand.

Source: BGR

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  • http://Website Derek

    Waterproof + Android Phone= WIN! haha

    • http://Website G.

      Sounds like a gimmick to me…

  • czich

    what does Jordan have to do with waterproof?

    • geniusdog254

      Its a lazy pun lol. Moto calls it the Jordan, for whatever the reason.

      It can be *dunked* in water, as in Michael Jordan *dunking* a basketball


      • http://Website Spik3balloon

        Also, possibly a reference to the Jordan River?

  • http://Website Jon

    it will prolly have 1.5 or 1.6 OS

    • http://Website Tito!

      LMFAO! Ahaha . Prolly will XD

  • http://Website sopa

    yeah most likely outdated specs. come on tmobile can’t you guys get any high end phones from motorola and htc. motorola keeps giving them to verizon and just ok ones to us.

    • Nicko01

      Yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I’d love my Droid to be waterproof (without all the annoying rubber and seals though), but usually gadgets with interesting features like this aren’t so good other than that. It’ll probably be priced with the higher end phones though…

  • http://Website john

    1m probably means one minute.

  • http://Website Geo

    YAY! a Motoblur Phone you can take with you underwater. So while you’re on vacation and you decide Hey i want to take pictures with the Fishes, It’ll be too late, By the time your phone stops freezing and your screen stops flickering then you can try getting through OS 1.5 or 1.6 (Really slow) and Realizing its night time and you’ve been underwater with a snorkle for 8 hours holding the camera button.

    Sounds like a party.

  • http://Website Drew

    WHY WHY WHY!!! Come on Tmo! Next thing you know Tmo will be trying to sell phones that double as door stops. Im so sick of them kicking rocks when they should be polishing gems.

  • Uncemister

    Gimmick much?

  • Android Academy

    Seems cool. Check out Android Academy.