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Motorola Charm now available

The Motorola Charm finally landed in T-Mobile stores today where it is selling for $79.99 with a 2-year contract or $269.99 at full price. This phone features a unique compact design (some would say inspired by BlackBerry) and includes a 600 MHz OMAP3410 processor, 2.8 inch QVGA display, 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM, 3 megapixel camera, QWERTY keypad, and a Backtrack rear touchpad.

Android 2.1 comes installed on the Charm along with the love-it-or-hate-it Motoblur UI. It would have been nice if Motorola could have included Android 2.2, but we heard this device was already delayed once and I’m sure T-Mobile just wanted to get it out the door. Hopefully a future software update will bring Android 2.2 (and Flash Player 10.1) to the Charm, but with the record that Motorola and T-Mobile have you can’t be too sure.

I think it’s safe to say our hardcore audience might laugh the Charm off, but I think it is still a pretty interesting device for the younger crowd. We should have one in house later this week, so we will put it through the paces and see how it performs. In the mean time, check out the hands-on video from our friends at Wirefly.

Want to order your Charm online and save some money? The Android and Me store has it available for FREE with 2-year agreement.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website Jon

    I don’t think this is for the younger crowd only. There are many older bb users who want more from the OS but want a hardware keyboard. Just remove the widgets and it’s pretty good. This phone is getting a bad wrap from people who haven’t even used it! It’s not that bad.

  • Nick Gray

    I wanted to like this phone, but after playing with it for 15 minutes in my local T-Mobile store, I’ll have a hard time suggesting. The build quality of the Charm is great and it feels nice in your hand. The front facing QWERTY is a little cramped, but I was able to shoot off a few quick text messages with no mistakes.

    Unfortunately, those are its only redeeming qualities. The first thing you’ll notice when you turn the handset on is the QVGA resolution display. Icons and widgets look pixilated on the screen and it’s pretty hard to view web pages as well.

    Once you dive into the MotoBLUR UI and other application, you’ll also notice that the handset is impossibly slow. I find is hard to believe that the Charm has a 600 MHz processor. Granted, it was a display unit I was playing with, but it should have performed a lot better than it did.

    Since the Charm is the cheapest Android phone in the U.S. market, it should attract a lot of attention from those who are looking for a little more than a feature phone. Unfortunately, my prediction is that the Charm will give a lot of new Android customers a bad experience.

    • http://Website Scott

      The G1 has a 530 MHz processor. The Charm will be a little faster thanks to better architecture but not much!

    • JimmyK

      Odd question, but I have to ask.

      I talked my wife into dropping her BB for a myTouch last year (only thing out at the time besides the G1). She like functionality of the myTouch but still misses her BB days.

      Is this phone too slow/pixelated/wonky for a non-power user? Remember, this is compared to a myTouch and not a Superphone.

      • http://Website Nick

        I’d say this phone is a little too slow for someone who has a mytouch already. As I said, it was a demo unit so it could be a different experience with a retail unit. it did have at least 10 widgets loaded up on the home screen.

        Keep in mind, when I say slow, I’m comparing it to my G1 that I use as my main handset.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        The CPU in this thing is faster than the myTouch. Only question to me is how the small QVGA display works with different apps.

  • http://Website ian

    i think the problem is motoblur, i used a backflip and the stock g1 smokes it even though they have similar processors

  • http://Website Chancy

    It’s a decent phone for all those texting teens and young adults who want to feel like “power users” with the whole BB craze and those who don’t care about what OS the phone is running or what processor it wields but just something with a BB style keyboard.

  • Uncemister

    I’m seriously interested in this phone, and I have a Nexus. I think I might try it and in case I dont like it I have my nexus to fall back on.

  • http://Website Bob

    this should be considered as a great feature phone rather than as a low to mid smartphone. This is already selling well at t-mobile as per this

  • Uncemister

    I picked mine up yesterday and I’ve gotta say, I’m pleasantly surprised. Moto was nice enought to include a regular battery and cover as well as an extended life battery and cover for it as well! Way to go!

  • http://Website D.D.Upreti

    when the Upgrade for 2.2. FYRO will be available for this. it doesent have front camera.

  • http://Website Farter

    The small underpowered GSM version of Sprint’s Moto XPRT