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Motorola refreshes Android upgrades timeline, includes delays

Over the weekend Motorola refreshed their Android Software Upgrades chart and shed new light on which models would receive upgrades and which would not. Some current Motorola customers might be frustrated by the news of delays and lack of software upgrades, but we have to give Motorola their props for being the only handset maker to provide such a detailed timeline.

A handful of first-generation Motorola phones will never see an official upgrade to Android 2.x. The Devour, Backflip (non-US versions), and Dext could technically run Android 2.1, but apparently they didn’t sell well enough for Motorola to invest the resources to upgrade these device.

The recently released Droid X will see Android 2.2 in late summer. This software is already in testing and has leaked several times, so we have no reason to believe that it will see a delay.

In Canada and Europe, the Milestone will see Android 2.2 sometime in Q4. Owners of the U.S.-counterpart Droid already received their Android 2.2 updates this month, but additional time is required to test the new software on other carriers.

T-Mobile’s CLIQ and CLIQ XT will see their upgrade to Android 2.1 in late Q3 or early Q4. This upgrade was originally planned for Q2, then moved to mid-August, before being bumped again. A post in the Motorola Owner’s Forum explains that hardware drivers essential for OpenGL are still being tested and are the likely source of the delay.

The quality of experience for consumers is a top priority in providing upgrades to our current product portfolio.  In working through Android 2.1 upgrades for CLIQ, CLIQ XT, and Backflip, certain hardware configurations have been limiting upgrade capabilities.  We are currently integrating and testing HW drivers essential for OpenGL functionality for these upgrades.  We believe OpenGL, the industry’s most widely used, supported and best documented 2D/3D graphics API, is an integral part of our customer  experience and we’re taking the time to ensure this experience is optimized on these products.  Testing continues and we anticipate providing the upgrade on each of these devices in the late Q3/early Q4 timeframe.MarkMotorola Support Forums Manager

What grade would you give Motorola in scoring their Android software upgrades?

Motorola upgrades

The latest software upgrades schedule from Motorola.

Via: Motorola forums

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Andrew

    Now if only Tmobile could grow some nuts and release something so users can see when they might be getting 2.2.

    • http://Website Kc

      No kidding, all the new goggle apps require 2.2.

  • mac08wrx

    im glad i downloaded the leaked 2.2 for my X

  • http://Website DA

    Got the 2.2 on my Droid last week but no flash yet. Has some qirks browsing but works pretty good and faster. Seeing no change in power consumption. Email program still reports failure. Sure wish I could figure out how to get rid of the voicemail notification, says I have 2 but I don’t. It’s stuck on there.

    • lament

      You can get Flash for the Droid here:

    • http://Voicemail(s)icon DS

      I had the same problem. I assume you shut off your carrier voicemail to use google voice. Call your carrier, turn on voicemail again. Temporarily turn off google voice. Call your cell directly and leave a voicemail. Call into your system and delete it. Now call your carrier and turn off voicemail {hurry before someone leaves you a voicemail}. Turn back on google voice and you should be all set.

      Good luck….

  • http://Website Kimbo

    I enjoyed my Cliq when I first got it, but now more than ever I’m running into the problem of not being able to install software because it’s stuck on Android 1.5. Motorola’s lost me as a customer. I may just pick up the G2 because it’s stock Android.

    • http://Website droidwolf

      I feel your pain. (Useing the cliq to write this) it seems to me at this point the cliq wich is only a few years old is way out of date. I well be takeing my money to samsung when I have an extra 400 in my wallet. At this point I hate that I even bought this phone.

  • http://Website cviniciusm

    The Motorola Milestone (without Android 2.2) is a “cell”phone that think it is a “smart”phone. I hope it will get Android 2.2 as your brother (Droid).

  • http://Website Anthony

    Your article is misleading regarding the fact that the Backflip and other first generation phones will not be upgraded to 2.1. In the US, the Backflip is in fact still slated to receive the 2.1 update at some point in this quarter, and it is just in the European and Latin American markets that the specific version of the device will not receive the updates, and they are still deciding in Canada and Asia. Your article states that the Backflip definitely will not receive the update, which is incorrect, at least in the US market.

    • http://Website generique

      I’m with Anthony here. Some phones won’t receive an upgrade, but only in some locations. Since the same phone phone will receive upgrades somwhere else in the world, the reason for no upgrades is anything but technical; reasons that, by the way, remain undisclosed since Motorola refuses to give oficial declarations on the topic.

      Also, the text you quote from Mark, Motorola Support Forums Manager, is missleading. He says that: “The quality of experience for consumers is a top priority in providing upgrades to our current product portfolio.” And that is a lie. Not only have they dropped support for Europe and Latin America, but he simply dodges and ignores any and all questions made on the Dext forum he manages, so much for us being a [top] priority for them, huh?

      But of course, if you’ve being to the Motorola forums for Dext you already knew this.

  • http://Website klacebo

    The Milestone was my first Motorola product since 1998, when I had my first cellphone, and will probably be the last. Don’t get me wrong, I like it very much, but I find it unprofessional for a product of less than 6 months, to be under evaluation for support ( I bought it on launch in mid-April in Greece) If at the same time next year (when my contract is renewed and I’m entitled to a new device) another company has an Android phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, it’s “Bye Moto” for me.

  • http://Website kevin

    the link to flash is for FLASH BETA 3 only so its not the complete version of flash that currently verizon is testing before they roll out! I am currently running flash beta 3 (choppy) waiting patiently for the full version come on Verizon!!!!

  • http://Website Lucas

    Well, my brazillian DEXT will never receive an update.
    It is now officially stuck on Android 1.5 forever.
    Whatelse can I say: Bye Moto! Hello HTC! Hello Samsung!


  • http://Website Hans

    Is this true? I read somewhere that if you installed the leaked 2.2 for the X, you’re going to have problems installing the official OTA update.

    • http://Website Mast3rShake

      Why would you get the OTA update if you already put 2.2 on your phone?

  • http://Website MulderFox

    Nobuyuki Fukumoto is my favorite Manga artist. David Fukumoto is my 2nd favorite pro photographer. Seizo Fukumoto is my favorite Japanese actor…

  • deltaslight

    I have the Moto Cliq XT, and boy do I feel left out.

    The upgrade to 2.1 was supposed to come so long ago, I know for a fact (well, i have a feeling, anyway) that I will never get 2.2, and like someone said above, you need 2.2 to run the newest apps.

    The root for the Cliq doesnt even work on my XT, so I cant even root the damn thing lol…

    It definatly is time to upgrade my phone, but the G2 or the Vibrant feel like better prospects just because I know I will get my updates on time.

  • Steve Coley

    Motorola stinks & I won’t be buying another one of your products ever again.

    Please re-post this across the web and help spread the word.

  • http://Website Paul Dak

    I love my Cliq despite some annoying issues and I’ve had a gang of Moto phones over the years includng the original Star Tac and a couple Razrs but I don’t know if I will buy another Moto phone……… I keep seeing the Droid get Android updates seemingly every month and its pissing me off in a big way. Every new app that I want from the market needs at least 2.1. I can’t get any of the new apps that I want and isn’t this why most of us bought the Cliq? …..Again I love my Cliq and applaud Moto’s letting us know something but its just taking too damn long and there are now any number of phones out there that stomp the shite out of our beloved Cliqs. Moto dropped the ball on a great phone that I personally like more than the all encompassing Droid. Damn shame.

  • Brandon

    I have a motorola CLIQ, and I am so sick and tired of waiting for this update to an already outdated OS version. I bought the phone at a time when T-Mobile only had crap, the nexus one was expensive for upgraders and you couldnt see it in person. This was the best in store phone you could get at T-MOBILE at the time, partly because they had announced they were going to be updating it. At the time it was the ONLY phone on t-mobile with any sort of hard timeframe for a 2.1 update, so I bought it.

    BOY DO I FEEL BURNED. I have a feeling that Motorola is going to quietly wait until the phone is deemed end of life, and then not bother putting out the update at all. Needless to say, I will be buying an HTC phone from now one, regardless of what it costs.

    FYI, I’d be carefull giving samsung your money, they said they would give the behold 2 an update and then took that back. So samsung like Moto is only interested in you as long as you have their best phone, once you aren’t the best anymore, they kick you to the curb.

  • http://Website Geo

    If Moto does not update the Cliq or any of those phones promised..I’m going to start punching babies.

  • http://Website cviniciusm


    I’m very ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ .

  • http://Website Saqqara

    Dext europe in 1.5 limbo forever, and to think I passed over phones that already had 1.6 because moto europe said they would update to 2.1, what a useless shower. Anyone out there getting good service from moto at the minute, you could be next, do youeselves a favour and blow moto out they are really not worthy of your money or custom.

  • EmeryLee

    Motorola is bogus!!!! They have been promising an update to this phone every since I bought it. We got a little taste back in the winter but that’s all. They scheduled an update in late Q2, early Q3, and now they are saying late Q3 early Q4. If they want to continue to get my business how about they give me one of those new phones and I’ll pay them back early Q3 of next year or late Q3 or maybe early Q4.

  • http://Website LeeK

    LOL @ EmeryLee… I would have to agree!! Put the shoe on the other foot… point well taken!

  • http://Website Chimpaudio

    Motorola discriminates against Europeans when it comes to software upgrades. Don’t buy their defective products!