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Motorola Sage for AT&T gets some blurrycam love – Update:New Photos

Engadget caught sight of an FCC filing identifying the Sage for AT&T just a few days ago and now we have a (terrible) photo of this mid-range Moto to go along with it. It is painfully blurry, perhaps the photographer was forced to hurry the shot before Moto’s goons caught up to him, but you can certainly get a basic impression of the device.

Motorola Sage for AT&T

The button configuration and form factor bear a strong resemblance to that of the Cliq XT, but they have super-sized the optical trackpad to something closer to the “backpad” found on the oft maligned Backflip.

Details are light on the specs at the moment; beyond the staples of WiFi, Bluetooth, A-GPS and digital compass the only features that are confirmed include a 3.1″ screen of indeterminate resolution (320×480 is probably a good guess), Android 2.1 with a delicious/toxic BLUR coating depending on your personal preference, and finally a full qwerty keyboard.

No word on whether the keyboard is a horizontal slider, portrait slider (like the recently leaked VZW Moto), or a backflipper.

While the varied configurations Motorola is churning out on their low- to mid-range devices may not be enticing to me personally I think that they are interesting and I’m glad to see them not sinking into a RAZR-esque rut with their designs.

The mystery keyboard on the Sage got me wondering what does everyone prefer for their qwerty needs? I know horizontal is certainly the norm, but I’ve seen comments from more than a few portrait slider aficionados and yes even some advocates for the Backflip form factor in past posts. Feel free to go off the board with a keyboard form factor that isn’t currently offered by an Android handset as well. We know Motorola at the very least isn’t afraid to give almost anything a shot so your wish might just be granted.

Update: Sadly all of my fun speculation regarding the keyboard has been spoiled by actual decent pictures of the Sage showing up on Engadget’s doorstep.

Motorola Sage for AT&T Motorola Sage AT&T boot screen Motorola Sage top of the phone Motorola Sage right side of phone Motorola Sage front of phone Motorola Sage back exposed Motorola Sage back

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Source: Ubergizmo

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  • http://Website Kolb

    It seems Motorola is dumping all of their Frankenstein R&D onto AT&T. That phone looks like it fell into a vat of radiation and became mutated.

  • http://Website Steve

    Looks like crap. I’ll stick with my Captivate.

  • http://Website David Reyna Jr.

    I love what Motorola has been doing recently I am getting ready to get a new phone that will be my first online smart phone and I am only interested in Andoid (until someone besides google decides to make a linux based cell phone os option) and I also am tethered to ATT because of friends and family. Of all the options that are currently ATT-Android the captivate certainly has the specs but I was ready to pick up a Backflip based on the fact that it had a keypad and touchpad, I don’t trust touch screens, I hate the amount of care they demand and I love the fact that Motorola is consistently providing new Android phones with more than just a touch screen for input options. All I need to hear is that this new Sage has a 1Ghz processor and enough RAM and my choice will be set!