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Multiple sources show Motorola Droid 2 landing next week

Verizon and Motorola appear ready to unveil The Next Generation of Does, when the Droid 2 goes on sale next week. No official release date has been announced, but multiple sources from Best Buy and Verizon are reporting a hard street date of August 12th.

We have heard August 12 tossed around before, but we were also told August 23rd at one time so it would be nice surprise to see a carrier actually move up the release date.

As we saw in our hands on with the Droid 2, the hardware has been finished for awhile and the design closely mirrors that of the original Droid. The only unknown that could hold up the release is the inclusion of Android 2.2, which has been in testing on the device.

Verizon recently rolled out Android 2.2 to the original Droid, but that was the unmodified stock version of Android. Both the Droid X and Droid 2 feature Motorola’s Motoblur skin, which has traditionally extended the waiting period for Android updates. New reports are suggesting the Droid X will not see Android 2.2 till early September, but the Droid 2 is still slated to launch with it.

The Droid 2 features the same 1 GHz processor (and nearly identical internals) of the Droid X, so expect it to launch for around a similar $199 contract pricing.

Source: Droid Life

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  • Nicko01

    Something tells me this phone will be just as popular as the original Droid and the Droid X.
    I’m not surprised Android phones are selling so much better than the iPhone.
    Keep the competition coming!

  • http://Website nate

    Gid this looks like such a cool phone on a good carrier but unfirtunitelly Motorola just had to be gay and put the fucking efnuse in to kill half of what android is all about.

    • Nicko01

      It’ll be hacked soon enough. As more phones are released with the e-fuse, more people will be trying to hack it. It’s only a matter of time.

  • http://Website Still Waiting

    You know what this means? It means we are almost never going to see the Samsung Fascinate, the one I have been waiting for, and it kind of p!sses me off. They delayed the Fascinate for the Droid X, and now they are launching the Droid 2, no Fascinate in site.

    • http://Website Jon

      The Fascinate is still scheduled for a “late summer” launch and will likely be the last smartphone launched this summer. I’ve heard that it could be delayed longer but there was never any official information on that claim. Hopefully it’s just around the corner, but you never know.

  • http://Website IceCrush

    How about the milestone version?